Bonus Episode: Astrology Forecast for Week of Feb. 03, 2020

by | Feb 4, 2020

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Aloha and welcome to the Savvy Luminary™, aN astrology podcast for entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Leslie Tagorda. A brand astrologer, designer and spiritual business owner who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits go from stuck to unstoppable. I’m here to inspire you to make confident and focus moves that shine the light on your business through astrological insight, brand strategy and interviews with other spiritual business leaders. I believe you are here to share your magic and shine brightly like the luminary you are meant to be. Okay, let’s dig into this week’s episode.

Hey, y’all, newbie mistake in this bonus episode. I was wearing my mala necklace. Here it is and it’s tapping on the mic. So please forgive me for my newbie mistake, but the episode is so good, and I just didn’t want to repeat report it. So please excuse the little taps if you hear them.

Hello Luminaries!. It’s Leslie Tagorda, your brand astrologer and designer. And I wanted to come on for a bonus episode in our early episodes of the savvy luminary. I was going to start to these Astro weather business forecasts after the launch party on February 14, but this week, there has there is so many things going on in the sky, many cosmic shifts that we can really use in our brands and our businesses.

So I wanted to give you a little bit of insight and ask you questions that will prompt you to utilize this energy. All right. So what we’re going to be talking about today are some of the cosmic shifts that are happening. This week of February 3 through February 8, and recording this on Monday, February 3, and so hopefully it will drop tomorrow on Tuesday, February 4, but all of this energy is still going to be relevant to you for this week, no matter when you hear it.

Alright, so let’s start with yesterday, Sunday on groundhogs day, February 2, also Super Bowl. I’m not much of a Super Bowl fan, but I did go to a party because there were snacks. Yes, I went to a party because of the snacks and the commercials and the halftime. I didn’t really care about the football game. That’s just not me. Even though my city’s team was playing. Sorry, we didn’t win.

But anyway, yesterday on February 2, the planet Mercury entered the retrograde zone. It hit Aquarius at 28 degrees and this officially starts the retrograde period. All right. So now I love that everybody knows about Mercury Retrograde nowadays, right? It’s come into our collective conscious. This just means that the energy that it’s, it’s giving us our energetic medicine for our businesses and our lives is needed now, right? You’re going to hear astrologers or just people like talking about Mercury Retrograde, like the sky is falling, but Mercury Retrograde are amazing times of year. I’m going to be talking in depth about Mercury Retrograde, but just kind of in a nutshell, right now, Mercury Retrograde, they happen three times a year and think of it as a time where we get to do spring cleaning in our life, right?

So this particular Mercury Retrograde it hasn’t gone retrograde yet, but it’s in the shadow zone. And what this means is that when mercury hit 28 degrees Aquarius yesterday, that’s the degree to which it will go backwards. So everything that mercury spanning right now, it’s going to revisit when it goes retrograde, it’s not going to go retrograde until for a couple more weeks it goes retrograde officially on February 16. Right. But the progress where Mercury is going over right now, we are going to have a chance to read visit fat, right? So I think that’s really beautiful.

So if you look at your chart, and look at where you have planets you or your business’s chart look at where you have planets or even angles like your Ascendant or your descendant midheaven. Look at where between Aquarius 28 degrees and Pisces 12 degrees. Okay, again, Aquarius 28 degrees and Pisces 12 degrees. This is the area of your life that Mercury is asking for you to re examine, to re explore so that you can recalibrate and reorganize this part of your life. Right.

I think that’s So amazing that our planet that oversees kind of our thought processes like the way that we interpret information that comes into us, as well as the information that we then transmit the information that we output, right? Not just in speaking or writing, but just like our energetic output. Mercury is the messenger, and is the archetype of all of this input and output of knowledge, right? And especially in today’s age, where we are inundated with information, it’s really important for us to reorganize and reprioritize what’s important, right,

So I’ll probably I will have an entire episode about this specific Mercury Retrograde to give us really insight as to what wants to be re examined in our businesses, right. All the mercury retrograde that are going to be happening this year are going to be in water signs, just like in 20 19 almost all of our all of our Mercury Retrograde were in water science. This year, we’re combining a little bit of water, our emotional and intuitive selves, which is really important in business.

We can’t just say, oh, our business is just about task mastery. It’s actually our emotions are what motivate us to do or do not right. And it’s going to be trans, transcending also the air part of us our intellectual parts of us, right? And so, when we look at what needs coming up and reexamining and our emotional, intuitive selves, as well as our intellectual pursuits in our businesses, then we’re going to get a lot of insight as how to where we just need to clean up our businesses, right.

So if you want specific insight and impact for your business, I’d love to give you an Astrobrand meeting so we can really pinpoint what’s happening for you between 28 degrees Aquarius and Pisces 12 degrees. But if you’re already an astrology professional or even like a really savvy astrology, amateur, passionate person, lover of astrology look between Aquarius 28 degrees and Pisces 12 degrees for some insight as to where mercury would like to you to clean up house. Alright,

so again I’ll be talking way more on this upcoming Mercury Retrograde what to do what not to do, so that you can really utilize this energy to your advantage. It is a beautiful time of the year that happens three times.

Alright. So today as I am recording this I just looked at the my Astro charts and Mercury’s at zero degrees Pisces so meaning mercury just left Aquarius and is into Pisces. So Pisces a water sign right? This is still in the theme of mercury retrograde. But mercury will be spending quite a bit of time in Pisces this year. Right? Because it’s going back and forth over Pisces, and Pisces, some traditional astrologers would talk about Pisces as being, you know, disillusionment and this place of escapism and all of these kind of bad things about Pisces but again I am a very optimistic very Jupiter kind of person. And I love Pisces because Pisces is about our emotional depth, but it’s also a place of where we need to bring imagination and softness and retreat, not in retreat, like you’re escaping things but retreat as in a time to reflect and recollect it’s a very mystical and spiritual place.

So, you know, mercury, if you know the energies of mercury, it’s very analytical, right? Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini because it wants to gain all of the information and Virgo because it wants to organize All of that information right? Now Pisces is directly opposite of Virgo. So there is a paradox here, right?

So when Mercury is in Pisces, it is kind of opposing where it’s where it likes to be naturally and Virgo. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. So while Mercury’s in Pisces, it’s a little bit of a paradox because it’s not in its home. It’s not where Mercury is like really wanting to organize itself and organize all of the information, right?

Instead, Mercury is being asked to process information in a way that is abstract, right? in a way that is imaginative in a way that it’s a mystical, right? Pisces and mercury. You’ll find like people that have Pisces and Mercury are quite imaginative. They probably have an artistic streak. There are many musicians poets are Artists, they have really strong mercury and Pisces placements.

Guess what? I have mercury in Pisces in my 10th house, the 10th house of like my public of my reputation of how I’m supposed to deliver. And so it’s no surprise that I make a living as both a professional classical clarinetist Yes, I still play the the clarinet and symphonies and orchestras and chamber ensembles, as well as a spiritual business advisor, hello, astrologist, right. So the way that I’m supposed to be delivering my content is through a lens of spirituality and artistry, right. And so I actually I feel very comfortable when Mercury is in this watery Pisces state because, for me, processing information is not just step by step by step by step.

Yeah, I can get into that. I appreciate that kind of strategy. But then I also bring this, this connection to my inner landscape when I am processing information, right? So when Mercury’s in Pisces for you, I would love for all of you to use this time to stop overthinking and start using art, music, imagination and your intuition to process all of the information coming at to you and your business. Right? When we’re able to utilize this energy to stop overthinking what happens is trust. Right? Trust that your intuition that your imagination that as you tap into art or some other creative pursuits, trust that you are being led in the right direction.

Okay, so the next thing I want to talk about is on February 7, Venus enters Aries at three 2pm Eastern 12:02pm Pacific, right. And if you look at the chart for Venus entering Aries as soon as Venus enters Aries, it is making a beautiful, harmonious trine to the moon. What this just means is that the lovely Venus energy who wants to relate who wants to connect to want to make things more beautiful, is connecting at this really connecting in a way that we’re able to access our emotions in a lovely way.

So regardless if your emotions are up or down, we’re going to be able to connect our emotions in our harmonious way versus kind of a way that is conflict producing right? And so this is what we need just what we need to process all of these passionate energies that are about to arise. Okay, so Venus again like earlier, I was talking about how Mercury when it’s in Pisces, it’s not really in it’s like, in its home territory. And Venus, of course, is not in its home territory of Aries, right? Venus loves being in Libra and Taurus, right? Because Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and you can feel like the Libra energy about, about artistry and balance and the Taurus energy about pleasure, right? But when Venus is an Aries Aries is about confidence. It’s about more so than confidence is actually about courage. It’s about putting up the good fight, standing up for what you really want areas and itself is the warrior energy. It’s about the me that I like what’s in it for me, right? And so when Venus is there, Venus is all about connecting what’s in it for me, not just what’s in it for me. So Venus is kind of like oh, what what Aries I have I have a lot of things to learn here, right? Because it’s not familiar.

So when Venus isn’t terribly comfortable in Aries, she has a ton to learn, which is great for us, right? Venus in Aries is our divine feminine looking to express our warrior goddess, looking for the things that we need to fight for. Where do you need to bring soft power into your business right now? Where do you need to bring in the power to receive the power to freaking stop taking sh it from undeserving people. I want to make this podcast accessible and non explicit, even though I’m not to swear up a storm and the power just show her courage and beauty to stand up and be seen. Right?

So Venus is going to be in Aries until March 4. And if you want more specific insight as to where in your business, Venus is asking you to stand up, asking you to use soft power in your business to receive, where are you looking to draw the line with undeserving people, whether they be clients, whether they be family members who are asking you too much when you’re trying to build up your dream and your business, right? So looking to that kind of energy. Venus is really going to help us stand in our power stand in our beauty, right stand up in our soft power. We’re going to be hearing a lot about soft power coming up. And I believe that everybody here are people that want to bring in more soft power into our lives into our businesses and have that ripple out from us. All right, so Venus will be in Aries from February 7 until March 4. She marches right through Aries.

Alright, so now the big kicker of this week is the full moon in Leo, which is happening on February 8, if you’re on pacific time or February 9 if you are on eastern time, I don’t yet have my Australian and UK calculations so please look that up for yourself and eastern time it will be happening at 2:33am on February 9 and Pacific it will be happening at 11:33pm Pacific on February 8, all right. Full Moon in Leo at exactly 20 degrees. So, full moon in Leo is it is reflecting of the Aquarius sun light, right so we have the Leo Aquarius paradox. It’s Aquarius about innovation and hopes and dreams.

But Leo about courage and joy and performing and creativity right. So We’re balancing here the energies of our heart and joy, and how we can help others shine brighter, right? We’re not just going to keep this energy for ourselves we’re going to illuminate and share and radiate this energy. And because it’s about Leo about you know, Leo wants to shine Leo wants to be the star, right? We all have Leo and I parked somewhere, right? But because we’re doing dealing with the full moon, I want this energy about how we can help others right? And how we it’s all about how we can show love and connection to our heart in order to reach a higher state of being. And let me just say, I know this feels maybe a little bit very loving and playful, but this has everything to do with your business, right?

If you are not feeling love and joy in your business and doing everything through your heart with a Passion, people they can smell that they can smell when you’re not radiating joy and what you do, right? And guess what, even though they won’t be able to really pinpoint, because they’ll feel that you’re not operating from a place of joy, they’re probably going to go on to the next person. Right? So what I want you really to understand from the full moon and Leo is that we need to be radiating and working from a place of joy in everything that we do so that we can become magnetic and irresistible.

Okay, so if you’ve been working with full moon rituals, or you know about working with full moon phases, I’m probably just going to be repeating things that you already know. But for those of you who haven’t yet tapped into working with the moon cycles, I want you to know that this can work for any business. It is such a beautiful way to schedule our lives because the full moon is a time of completion and the moon cycle, whether you are, I know I’m I know people here believe in astrology because otherwise why would you be listening? But the moon has a profound effect on us mere humans on the earth that are made up of what 75% water right we see with the moon cycle does to the tides on the earth. So how can we not also be affected by the moon cycle? The full moon in the eight moon or sometimes people work with 16 phases of the moon cycles. I know the ancient Hawaiians actually every single day there are 29 days, so they have a 29. Every moon has a specific name.

But here I’m going to be working with an eight phase moon cycle where the completion of the cycle is the full moon. And this is where we get to harvest the work that we’ve done to cultivate courage and joy in our work, right? Because again, I’m talking about Leo, right. So if you look back to the Leo new That I think that was July 31 2019, was when the Leo New Moon occurred. So six months ago, right? What intentions Did you plant on that day to bring more joy, more passion, more courage into your work? This has all everything to do with visibility, right?

Because we have to be courageous to show up. We have to show up expressing joy in our work. So if you haven’t yet, you know, if you didn’t do a new moon ritual back in July, it’s okay. We still get to harvest everything that we’ve cultivated thus far, and a full moon ritual is perfect for that. So if you don’t yet have anything to harvest, like if you haven’t yet seen the fruits of your labor, then what needs to let be let go right. So if you think about a tree, I have an apple tree in our backyard and every other year It would have this really bumper crop of apples, right.

And the bumper crop of apples every other year also had different phases. If I didn’t do my due diligence and prune off the tree to make it you know, to, to make it grow, actually grow more downwards, we wanted the apple branches to go downward so that we could easily pick the apples if we didn’t like prune all the straight branches and when, like in the spring time, didn’t prune all of the the all the bunching up. We didn’t have a good harvest of apples that here. So if we don’t have anything to harvest in our business like for the fruits of our labors, then what do we need to prune and let go What is holding us back from that joy in our business, what is holding us back from showing up to have more courage to show up, right?

So when you do your ritual for the full moon, some of the things that you Want to be working on is if you have things to harvest, give thanks, right celebrate your win. That is the hugest way to the path of abundance and manifestation is giving thanks, it puts you in the right mind and heart set. But it also acknowledges all of the spiritual entities that are supporting you. Give thanks to whatever spirit you work with, whether it’s God or nature spirits or angels or spirits in your business. Give them thanks for all that has already come to fruition. And then really be frank with yourself and look at what needs to let go. Okay, what you need to change.

Now Mars will be in a lovely flowing aspect of trying to the full moon at that time. And it’s going to be really activating us to really take the leap of faith to lead with our hearts desires and to lead with courage, even if you haven’t been so previously in your business or your brand. Remember, we need to show up and be we seen in our business so that we can affect the change that we want to see in our communities. This Full Moon is a daring you just daring you to have fun with it.

Alright, so I know that’s a lot of big things this week. I hope you found this helpful. Remember, this is a bonus episode and in future episodes, I will be having the Astro forecast of the week along with some learning tips and interviews going forward, but I really wanted to get you this information.

Now I, of course, have to plug this because it’s my party coming up soon. On Valentine’s Day, February 14 in San Francisco. I’m having a huge launch party for the savvy luminary. I want to bring in 100 of my closest friends, acquaintances and new friends. So if you have any friends in San Francisco or if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join me on the savvy luminary calm. I have links to get your tickets. I also have links to subscribe rate and review this new podcast, right? Because this is a new podcast, I could reuse your help.

Please share this tell your friends about this podcast so I can really elevate this. And so that you know, all the algorithms and all of these podcasting tools really show my podcast to others because it’s trending and doing well. So thank you so much for spending this time with me today. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I have a free Facebook group, also called the savvy luminary. Please come and join us. We’ll go deeper into some of these things. I would love to hear if you have questions of where I can help you really apply in your business for visibility. Alright, have a fantastic week.

Thank you so much.

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