Episode 06: Building Your Stand-Out Brand with Astrology

by | Feb 29, 2020

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Do you struggle to find a way to express your unique gifts and value to the world? Do you wish to be able to stand out, charge more and be seen as an expert? What if I told you that your stars already hold the keys to step out as the Luminary that you are. That you hold the keys to communicating your exact value without trying to compare or copy a colleague or competitor. You have it within you to show up authentically, expertly and visibly in your own power! Your keys are waiting to be recognized. In this episode, I go over the foundational keys that you need to unlock to create a brand that is uniquely you and completely magnetic to your ideal customers.

What a brand really is

  • What happens when you don’t have a crystallized brand
  • 3 Astrology keys that Illuminate your Brand
  • Astrological highlights for entrepreneurs the week of March 1 – 7, 2020

Before we get into today’s episode, I wanted to share a stress-inducing experience that turned into a win! I must say that these are absolutely my favorite things to do.
Ooh but a bit of stress when you give an astrology reading to a fellow astrologer!

Story of Tifin

From a fellow astrologer who I gave business astrology reading to… we looked at her chart, assessed her branding and communication keys and I prescribed her an action plan to improve her website according to her design

This is what she said:

“I love the practicality of my lense into astrology – I think you’re onto something really big” I truly really think it’s fantastic. There are so many entrepreneurs out there who are wanting, you know, they’re saying, find your way of calling your ideal customer. Some people don’t know how to get that but you have a way of getting at the essence of that so easily.

I think it’s fantastic. Fantastic and I love how it brings out your Aquarian innovative. I’m doing this outside of the box. And we’re doing branding from a whole new way.

So, let’s talk about a new way of branding and how I discovered

My story

  • I have had my business for over 15 years
  • I got clientele by referrals
  • When I first started my business, I was definitely pricing too low
  • Never shared portfolio, about 10 of those 15 years I didn’t even have a website that I was proud of
  • I can’t believe I suffered through this for 15 years.
  • Amazing that through all of this I maintained a team and paid my bills in San Francisco, even tho
  • We’d get results – I was extremely proud of the work
  • Gorgeous and functional websites
  • Vibrant visual identities that stood the test of time

Over the last 15 years of business, my clients consisted of

  • Hundreds of women-owned businesses, nonprofits, startups…
  • Friend/Confidant
  • They all had big dreams but also had big struggles, these women-owned businesses, nonprofits, startups that i worked with were so talented but kept hiding and
  • remaining small.

After 16 years, I feel like I’ve seen the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again.

Let me share with you the biggest hits from the broken record of women getting stuck in business:

Women finish their beautiful websites or brands and do absolutely NOTHING with it.
I’ve had several customers that did this unfortunate thing, where they spent all this time, money and effort to build something great, launch, then just sit on their work. They didn’t go out to network, promote or go get business, they just sat on it, doing nothing, going nowhere. Never being seen. Never bringing their offering into the world.


Websites that take years in the making…and still aren’t launched.
Again, this is not one but multiple projects that went this way. Where for whatever reason, the women would not prioritize improving their website, even though they already paid for it, or the project got to a certain phase, but got STUCK. Citing excuses like I don’t have time, I don’t know what to say, I am overwhelmed… Which all lead to doing things the same old way with their clients, never being able to pivot or grow their business.


A beautiful website or brand that never launches because it isn’t yet “perfect.”
And when I say perfect, it’s the unattainable perfect, like size 00 jeans. It is obsessing over a pixel, or a line break, or some other little minute thing that doesn’t matter! One, there is no such thing as perfect, and two, the people that want to become customers don’t care that one photo isn’t exactly like the rest. In fact, the people that would become customers, currently have NO IDEA that of the wonderful offering because the site isn’t launched! They stay unseen.


Putting off till next big move until….
To refresh my website / launch my course / rebrand / be more visible… / fill in the blank for whichever project that will actually grow your business but it keeps getting the backburner. I have a multitude of prospective customers for which I follow up and hear the same excuses. It’s not that they are hiring someone else to do the work… it’s simply that these women can’t commit to themselves to take the next step in their business. They make no impact.

Any of these sound familiar?

Please know, I’m not here to shame anyone, trust me, I was in the SAME STUCK PATTERN for 15 years!

Yes me, doing things the same old way, and like an insane person, thinking that my outcomes in my business would be different. Surviving but not thriving. Creating beautiful websites and brands but not making any IMPACT. This was me for FIFTEEN YEARS!

What it comes down to is that women get stuck because they don’t believe that they have something really IMPORTANT to bring into the world, they don’t believe in their VALUE. They don’t have confidence in their value because they haven’t done the work to clarify their vision, find their voice and open themselves to the opportunities that are waiting for them.

It’s these struggles that keep us stuck and invisible

I mean it’s no wonder – you might have seen a video making the internet rounds BE A LADY THEY SAID by Actress Cynthia Nixon

The messages that women are constantly being fed.

  • Be beautiful, but not too beautiful,
  • Be smart, but not too smart
  • Always telling us to not shine brighter, not be visible, not be heard,
  • UNLESS It’s for the benefit of a man.

Think about that for a minute.

And why we need to honestly look at what keeps us small.

It’s part of the message we’ve been hearing since we were little.

It’s the fear that has been systematically instilled in us as a form of protection or preservation.

But really???

When we don’t finish our branding projects, we keep invisible.

When we don’t contribute to our communities, we fail to share wisdom.

When we don’t do the self-assessment of where our true expertise lay, we lurk in self-doubt:

  • Fear of standing out
  • Told at an early age not to stand out
  • Fear of being copied (power/scarcity)
  • Don’t show up as the expert
  • Keep knowledge all to themselves
  • Fear of not being enough (low confidence)
  • Not good enough, smart enough, valued enough, experienced
  • Fear of not being accepted/understood (shame)
  • Too different

Let’s change this dialog.

I get it!

It’s vulnerable to stand out

But what’s the cost!?


First thing . Your brand is not your logo

  • Way more than looks, the visual identity
  • Mistake to start with looks first (although I get you, the ones that need something solid to manifest)
  • Experience one has with your business
  • The feeling that your business gives off
  • It’s the lasting impression of your business – how you package it and put it all together for your customer and community to experience.

Stand out brands need

  • A brand must have clear and aligned
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Why
  • Soul customer
  • Why you, differentiators
  • What you do
  • How you do what you do
  • I package this into a 3-part framework to crystallize your brand:
  • A clear vision: Integrating your purpose and positioning to differentiate you uniquely
  • A strong voice: Messaging that resonates your brand personality and story and magnetizes your ideal customer
  • An impressive style: Putting your looks and systems together in a seamless way that supports your vision and voice.

This framework is time tested and made way more specific and precise using Astrological insight

  • Astrological Insight based on your 3 foundational pillars
  • That then inform other communication, leadership and value-oriented keys
  • Giving a wholistic package of the entire brand

When my customers go through this process they:

  1. Step into their power knowing their true value
  2. Stand up and become a contributing leader in their communities
  3. Stand out as a Luminary as they build their platform and reach

This process of self-investment, self-knowledge, self-actualization continues as one becomes more clear, confident and courageous.

3 foundational keys to Illuminate in your brand

Just like our astrology, we are more than just our sun sign. We are multifaceted and this unique way of faceting for brilliance, impact and reach can be used for our brands as well. We are not a one-size-fits all package!

  1. Sun: What we radiate and naturally do well. Our innate creative force and superpower. We must be aware of the value of our innate gifts.
  2. Moon: Our M.O. why we do what we do and how we desire to be seen in our field. We must claim and tell others how we want to be seen.
  3. Rising: How others experience us. Our ability to lead in an authentic and likeable way. We must learn to guide others from this energy.

Even when we know just these 3 keys, gives us a strong foundation from which to build the rest of our brand, it informs us:

  • Communication and visual style
  • Who our ideal customers are
  • Their struggles and goals
  • The true gift of our transformational impact
  • How we are supposed to deliver our offerings
  • And way more

If you’re interested in learning more about your unique differentiators and how you can stand out as the luminary that you are, I offer a single session and multi-session AstroBrand reading where we meet 1:1….

In May, I’ll be opening my flagship offering, a year-long emersion where you will learn everything you need to create the vision, voice, and style for your brand so you can stand out as the luminary.

And if you want to get started right now to know what your next step in creating a stand out brand, take my self-assessment and answer 21 yes/no questions to get your number one thing you need to work on before you take any next step in your branding journey.

Again, I best help those who want to stand out in the field and be visible contributing experts in their community.

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of March 1 – March 7

Mercury re-enters Aquarius

Wednesday 3/4/202 | Exact: 6:08am ET | 3:08am PT
Still retrograde stations on the 9th but stays in Aquarius until March 16 when it goes back into Pisces – stay there till April 10 – thats a whole ton of Pisces
In Aquarius Mercury is forward thinking, inquisitive, innovative – observant
Use this time to churn up new ideas for how to implement how to bring ease and flow into your work – the theme of Mercury Retrograde – NEW IDEAS

For me, as I reinvent my flagship program, I’m looking forward to this discovery period in Aquarius. As I bring way more ease and flow AND fun into the program

Venus enters Taurus

Wednesday 3/4/2020 | Exact: 10:07pm ET | 7:07pm PT
Ah, after being away from home in Aries, Venus returns home to Taurus to create some physical comfort and security.

If you’ve been thinking of new ways to bring in more stability in terms of income and cash flow in your business, Venus will support you.

At the time Venus enters Taurus it will be activated by Saturn – really asking you to create structures of sustainability around your cash, saving, stability are the key.

And Uranus’s energies will be blending with Venus asking you to look for innovative ways to build your wealth. Financial freedom? Yes! How will you build it? Make a plan for how to build more freedom in your finances and take an action step towards that plan to utilize this energy.

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