Episode 14: Choosing Joy even in Uncertain times with Kim Strobel

by | Apr 26, 2020

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In today’s episode we will talk with Kim Strobel, happiness coach and nationally recognized speaker. From teacher to education consultant to happiness coach, Kim has expanded her capacity and capabilities by purely chasing JOY! We’re going to talk about her journey from anxiety stricken to motivational speaker and how you too can choose Joy.

What a timely interview as I know even my normally optimistic self has been struggling to find the joys, my shelter in place reality has had the lines of live work balance erased. But with us in Taurus season, we are here to search for and savor in the pleasures of our life – they are there even if things feel uncertain.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • 3 Day Challenge: Astrology for Entrepreneurs Learn how to create, direct and navigate your business chart
  • Kim’s journey from anxiety stricken to motivational speaker and how you too can choose Joy.
  • Luminary Rising – Beyond-branding Immersion by Leslie Tagorda
  • Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs for April 26 – May 4

Kim’s Bio

Kim Strobel is for the joy-seekers. The go-getters. And the real, messy women who want so much MORE from their lives. As a nationally-recognized speaker & happiness coach, Kim is all about empowering others to live bigger, bolder, braver lives.

When she’s not rescuing dogs or downing a McDonald’s Diet Coke, Kim’s contagious, high-energy style has the unique ability to embolden her audiences. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Kim’s “real talk” attitude is a refreshing approach that authentically connects with hearts & humans everywhere.

Tips on how to gain more visibility

  1. Compete with yourself
  2. Don’t give up and be consistent
  3. Make posting fun
  4. Collaborating with like-minded people
  5. Join/create a community
  6. Having a good bio, letting people know what you offer
  7. Have your photos reflect what you offer
  8. Build trust with your followers

Want to learn to read your business chart?

I am creating a 3-day Challenge called Astrology for Entrepreneurs
Learn how to create, direct and navigate your business chart

Day 1: Chart Basics – Get to know your natal chart
Day 2: The Zodiacs – Get familiar with all your energies
Day 3: The Houses – Get your holistic view of your business
Webinar: “Illuminate Your Brand using Astrology” – Masterclass for Entrepreneurs to expand their reach and visibility

Challenge beings May 5, 2020

Want to work with me?

Luminary Rising, doors open. Luminary Rising is an mmersion program, community, mentorship, training, implementation challenge and astrology. In May we will be focusing on our Website Rx. Prescription to get your website working for you here and now. It is annual program but during this time, I am currently offering quarterly commitments.

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of April 26 – May 3

Sun conjunct Uranus

Sunday 4/26 | 5:01am ET | 2:01am PT
Radical self care, radical sustainability, revolutionary income generation.
What new ideals are emerging for you?

Our creative force meets up with our revolutionary ideals. The need to be free and different is in the air even though we are mostly couped up. Because these energies are in the Earth-bound Taurus, you may think up new ways of Radical self care, radical sustainability, radical ways to earn. What’s coming up for you?

Mercury enters Taurus

Monday 4/27 | 3:53pm ET | 12:53pm PT
What does the scent of spring flowers want you to know?

Gentle peaceful talk, learning through the senses and touch. Time to slow down a bit with our thought processes so we can stop and smell the roses. What does the scent of the rose want us to know? What loving words can you share, to yourself and others.

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Thursday 4/30 | 11:41pm ET | 8:41pm PT

Revel in the shake up!
Expect unexpected thoughts to activate your intentions.

First quarter moon and our thought processes getting a charge from Uranus. It’s time to take action. All those seeds you planted last week, now to get your plans activated. You may get so

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