Episode 19: Shift your beliefs with the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

by | May 31, 2020

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I have a truth bomb to share with you this episode about what is holding you back from living your purpose. But thanks to the cosmic shifts happening this week with the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse coinciding with the midpoint of Venus Retrograde, you get to really re-examine what you now value and release all the bull that has been holding you back! Get excited to quantum leap into the new possibilities you know to be true for you. The time is now.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • The truth of what’s really holding you back
  • How to release that bull with the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar eclipse
  • Astrology highlights for entrepreneurs for the week of May 31 thru June 6

Before we get started

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I had a truth bomb explode in my face this week. Even though I’ve been working on my “stuff,” this journey continues… I completely overwrote all the things I knew to be true about my expertise all because of one thing.

Earlier this week I had a day of AstroBrand readings (my 1:1 astrology based brand strategy sessions) and had my best and worst sessions ever.

Session 1: A lovely new spiritual entrepreneur wanted to know how to get over her fears and launch.

We have a delightful conversation about all her super powers being a bit locked up and what she needed to do and trust to access those powers.

She left with her face lit up and so many a-has!

Session 2: A powerhouse sought-after speaker and educator living in Asia wanted to know specific communication tools to attract her audience.

We chatted in the evening to accommodate her schedule, everything I was saying did not resonate, my higher self was begging me to stop.

Yet I continued through fatigue, not listening to my higher self, not getting the downloads that I normally get, trying to prove I have the answers she needed.

And WHY!?

I share the rest of the story, how I shifted my belief system as a result, and the promise I have now made to myself so I never have to suffer this again in this episode.

Full Moon Eclipse

  • What is an Eclipse? It’s a wild card, a time when the unexpected can happen in the months following
  • Like a wormhole or portal opening where the outcome is a quantum leap, not a linear line
  • A time that if you bring mindfulness, awareness and intention, you can feel a sense of woo hoo instead of a whoa (I wish you more by Amy Krouse Rosenthal)
  • We get three in a row! This full moon, our next New Moon in Cancer June 21 and Full Moon in Cap July 4/5
  • Partial eclipse, 14 degrees away from the lunar nodes
  • Venus retrograde blending with the sun
  • ½ point of the retrograde of Venus
    • Values
    • Relationships
    • Money

Want to overcome your fears and see your fullest potential? Invest in an AstroBrand session or two.

Want to create your future faster? Surround yourself with motivated spiritually inclined entrepreneurs and join Luminary Rising.

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of May 31 – June 6

Mercury enters Shadow 5° Cancer

Tuesday 6/1-2/2020 | Exact 12:51am ET | 9:51am PT
Time to slow down to re-examine what you know needs to be healed so you can show up as a luminary in your business.

Venus conjunct Sun | 13° Gemini

Thursday, June 4, 2020 | 1:44pm ET / 10:44am PT
What have you realized about what you now value in relationships in your business? What has shifted?

Full Moon Sagittarius Eclipse 15°

Friday, June 5, 2020 | 12:12 PM PST | 3:12 PM EST
Get curious about what outdated belief is holding you back from living your purpose. Write it down and burn it

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