Episode 22: New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

by | Jun 20, 2020

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Can you feel it? The opening, the mid point, of a year that in itself is an opening to a new beginning?

Astrology didn’t need to tell you that 2020 is one big seismic shift and now at the solstice, a time of great release from Mother Earth, a few hours later the 2nd of 3 powerful Eclipses this Summer all the while Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto reversing in the sky asking us to reconsider basically everything.

There are so many Cancerian themes coming to the light right now that are asking to be healed and to be nurtured. We look at the deepest concepts of cancer, our emotional security, it comes from our home. With the New Moon in Cancer and this cancer season during the mid-year solicit, it is asking us to go deep and create space for healing to happen that will make our world a more equitable place.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • The New Moon Eclipse in Cancer
  • Healing our Roots
  • Astro Timing for the New Moon
  • Cancer Season
  • What to do during a New Moon in Cancer
  • House by House prescription
  • Creating your New Moon Eclipse in Cancer Restoration Ritual
  • Astrology Highlights of the week June 21-27,2020

Healing our roots

During our astrology of 2020, this summer solstice time of this video evolution and of this the deep healing that us as a collective as a society need to happen.

We look at the deepest concepts of cancer. Yes, it is our emotional security. But our emotional security comes from our home. It comes from our roots, it comes from our ancestors it goes so deep. If you’re anything like me, you might not even know much about your roots, or you’ve been told that your ancestral roots are not worthy or even savage in some terms, like I’ve heard that all my life growing up as a Filipino, and as a Jewish person, but now that we live in this Western world, and we’re all coming to this collective light of healing, and what can we do to bring more social justice.

Astro Timing for the New Moon

Solstice, Sun Moves into Cancer

June 20 2:44pm PT / 5:44 pm ET
June 21 1:44am BT / 10:44am AET / 12:44pm NZT

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer 0°21’

June 20 11:41pm PT
June 21 2:41am ET / 10:41am BT / 7:41pm AET / 9:41pm NZT

Cancer Season – All about support

  • Emotional security
  • Nurturing
  • Self care
  • Healing (safe space to hold healing, Scorpio takes that safety for transformation, Pisces takes that transformation and connects it to the infinite)

House by house activation

  • 1H: My self + identity by restoring my belief system
  • 2H: My worthiness by activating my achievements
  • 3H: My self expression by energizing my greater community
  • 4H: My emotional security by restorative self care
  • 5H: My creativity by accessing my authentic self
  • 6H: My wellness by igniting my inner peace
  • 7H: My relationships to others by saying how I feel
  • 8H: My ability to change by being vulnerable
  • 9H: My possibilities by accessing deep creative flow
  • 10H: My achievements by sparking daily routines
  • 11H: My place in society by committing to close friendships
  • 12H: My ability to let go by understanding its power to alchemize

Create your New Moon Eclipse in Cancer Restoration Ritual

Notes: This is a little bit different. Yes, we are setting intentions but eclipse intentions are a bit of a wild card, we will feel the powerful ripple effects through the culmination during the Full Moon in Cancer in December.

This intention is much more reflective and internal versus other New Moons. It desires to have the tranquility and safety to support the monumental healing that we are doing personally, in our families and communities and globally.

  1. Clear your space
    Clear the clutter both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Create a sacred space for your ritual.
  2. Get in stillness
    Find peace however you get into the stillness of mind and spirit. This may in fact be moving your body.
  3. Feel what needs nurturing
    Feel into your heart, ask your questions about how you can create safer spaces and support healing for yourself, your community, and your collective. Write your feelings down.
  4. State what needs restoration
    To a cup of freshwater, state these intentions on all three levels, personal, community, and collective. Speak with intention and clarity.
  5. Pour it into the earth
    Find a plot of earth in your garden. Even a potted plant can do in a pinch. Pour your intentions into the Earth.
  6. Give thanks and let go of the outcome
    Thank you Spirit Guides and higher self for their support. Release them and your expectations. During the next few days, you can activate your intentions by planning how you will accomplish your desires. Then as the moon enters the 1Q phase, you can take action on your plans. .

Astrology of the week Sunday, June 21 – June 27, 2020

Neptune Station Retrograde

June 23, 2020
Neptune stops and also goes to retrograde joining in the rest of the planets that are retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus). So this is a time of you know when planets go retrograde. We’re being asked to reconsider the themes of That planet. So Neptune, you know, it’s a universal it’s a collective planet, we’re not going to feel it as deeply as we feel like Mercury and Venus going retrograde right. This is a collective planet it spends like over 40% of its cycle in retrograde from our little perspective here on earth. And so Neptune will be going retrograde all the way through the end of November. And so the concepts of Neptune are more mystical, more imaginative. Neptune is the God of the deep ocean. And it’s really to me this connection to the infinite, this connection to this dreamy, imaginative, imaginative state. So during this retrograde, I doubt you’re gonna really feel anything, you might just have a little bit more of a creative spark.

Venus Direct

June 25, 2020
After it’s 6 weeks going backward, Venus stops in the sky to go forward again. What have you found to be valuable in these past 6 weeks? Have you had any realizations about people you are meant to attract and complement your life?

Venus going retrograde is a little bit different because as I mentioned before, Venus is the one planet that goes retrograde only about 7% of its orbit so it is not retrograde very often and it only stays retrograde for about six weeks.

Every few years or so it’s the rarest planet to go retrograde. And you already know that Venus represents our magnetism and our attraction to both people and resources. Right. So my task to the people that I work with my clients during this Venus retrograde was to really look at their brands, right to their brand values.

Mars in Aries

June 27, 2020
We will be here for 6 months! Mars steps his toes into his home base of Aries. Normally Mars spends about, you know, a couple of months in each sign kind of zipping through. But this, of course, is an unprecedented year. Mars is the motivator, it’s your ability to have physical energy and desire and drive.

This energy has a lot of drive, it can really be used to move the needle forward and you know, take care of all of those tasks. But we’re also going to have to keep in check and make sure that our drives don’t become so hard-headed.

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