Episode 15: Full Moon in Scorpio: Are you giving your power away

by | May 3, 2020

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We have a potpourri this week, a little bit of planetary energy in our business, The Full Moon in Scorpio and the astrology of the week of May 3 – May 9, with a huge lunar node shift! The energy of the week has us looking at our own power and whether or not we are stepping into our power or giving it away, And if you’re giving away your power, it’s often not at the fault of another. The full moon energy in Scorpio will help us look at our own relationship to power so we can step up in a balanced way.

In today’s episode we will cover

  • Planetary overview from a business perspective
  • Scorpio Full Moon and your prescription for what you need to let go of in order to step into your power
  • Astrology for the week of May 3 – 9

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Challenge beings May 5, 2020

Preview from the challenge

During our challenge, we will be going over the Planetary Overview in our natal charts. We go planet by planet look at the energies they represent in our business. When we know our powers, we can step into them.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Thursday May 7 6:45am ET / 3:45am PT

Scorpio is all about trust and power. Reflecting the full light of the Taurus sun – physical security. Shines the light on how money, resources can control us. Where we give our power away to jealousy and lack. Where we hoard our power over others due to unbalanced of resources

Prescription for Scorpio Full Moon

Ask yourself:

Are you making money decisions around fear?
Are you jealous of others that seem more (monetarily) successful than you?
Have you been focusing too much on distrust, fear, or lack?
Have you been overpowering others or vs letting others over power you?

Full moons are when you decide to let go, forgive and give thanks for what is no longer needed.
Ritual – go to Episode 5 where I cover 6 steps to create a business ritual
Remember full moons are about letting go… forgiveness, release, and giving thanks

Make a list of the stories and beliefs you are done with.
Say these stories out loud to a glass of water
Thank these stories for protecting you thus far
Release these stories by pouring them into the earth during the full moon phase

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs:

Week of May 3 – May 9

Big shifts nodal axis change Retrogrades, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter join Pluto already in retrograde!

Venus Square Neptune

Sunday 5/3 | exact 11:52pm ET | 8:52pm PT
Feeling it a week prior and a week after/ Gemini / Pisces, then as goes Rx again on 5/20.

Sun conjunct Mercury

Monday 5/4
Mid point between retrograde cycles, the dance between Mercury and sun from our perspective on Earth. Mercury moving quickly, Taurus, Gets to Gemini on 5/11 then quickly gets to Cancer on 5/28.

Full Moon Scorpio

Thursday 5/7 6:45am ET | 3:45am PT
Sun/Mercury conjunction, trine neptune, square venus.I empower myself by releasing jealousy.

Mercury trines Pluto

Saturday 5/9 9:17am ET | 6:17am PT
Quick transit but know. My words have the power to transform.

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