Episode 11: Full super moon in Libra: We, me, you, us.

by | Apr 5, 2020

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The full moon in Libra is asking us how we can integrate the needs of me and we. And it’s being amplified by Pluto and Jupiter. We’re still feeling the ripple effect of the huge shift of Pluto and Jupiter and I hope that you are focusing on the opportunities. Pluto the great transformer is being amplified by Jupiter and transformation happens but you can welcome or resist it. With the full moon you’re here to decide on what you need to let go of in order to become the leader you are meant to be. And I announce my new brand immersion program, Luminary Rising. Let’s get this!

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Astrology highlights for the week
  • Libra Super Full Moon (you, me, we, us)
  • Your prescription for what you need to let go of in order to decide who you will become
  • Luminary Rising – A business immersion program where you transform your business to shine brightly

Luminary Rising

Doors opening next week after the full moon

  • I’ve run 4 astrobrand cohorts over the last year and each time I hear my members say that they want more!
  • More astrology, more time to integrate all the things into their brand, more time to be supported as they transform into contributing leaders.
  • So I heard the call and am turning my AstroBrand program into a Year long Immersion
    • More than a mastermind, more than a membership – it’s a loving supportive community of spiritual entrepreneurs looking to how we will create the future together
  • So if you’re ready to
    • Contribute your wisdom to the collective – you have offerings that can really help others right now during this time of uncertainty.
    • Be seen as the expert online! – you know that the future of your business is going to be dependent on you getting set up to deliver online. Maybe you have a website but it’s not working as planned. Or your message isn’t yet there.
    • Prepare your business for the new economy – because you want a leading role, so you need help to get over your doubt in order to show UP!


But you don’t want to do this alone.

You want community, guidance, and mentorship.

Imagine an inclusive space where you get loving support and time to:
✨ expand your brand’s horizons (reach, ease, profit, etc)
✨ get astrological insight on cosmic cycles and direction
✨ get crystal clear on your value in the world
✨ lead from your heart-centered self
✨ transmute limiting self-beliefs and doubts
✨ stand out as the luminary that you are meant to be

Immersion Preview

This is way beyond a membership or a mastermind:

  • Regular personalized astrology for your business
  • Teachings on branding and increasing your reach online
  • Mentorship and coaching for your business
  • New Moon Ceremonies
  • And more!

Waitlist is officially open

When doors open in April, I will have UNBELIEVABLE early bird rates and wait-list only bonuses for this one-of-a-kind program.

Virtual opening circle Friday, May 8, 2020 10a Pacific / 1p Eastern.


Interested in becoming an affiliate partner to earn bonuses and share the wisdom?

We start on May 8 with a virtual welcome party

Sign up to be notified when doors open and contact me for partnerships

We are in this together, and together we will create a better world.

This week so many ups and downs

I had asked the question to my astrolgoy teacher about launching my flagship program, doors are opening in month and I’ve hardly done anything.

I have my excuses:

  • Book proposal is due
  • I have so little work time because everyone is home including my 4yo
  • But what it really boils down to is
  • I’m scared and having a lack of faith
  • I hate launches,
  • I always get this feeling that I’m not good enough,
  • I don’t have what people want
  • I’m not able to communicate well (aka market) what my offer really is
  • Or that it’s so expensive.

My literal question, because the question is SO important in astrology readings:

I haven’t yet launched my flagship immersion program which I intend to kick off on the 8th. Not sure what is holding me back from pulling the trigger and going forward (besides the craziness of what’s happening now and completing a book proposal due on 4/5) I don’t know if I must readjust my pricing to be lower, or stay as intended with extra focus on rebranding for reinventing ones biz to show up in these new times. If this, do I have the knowing to guide people into these uncharted territories. Thank you thank you.

The way we frame our questions tell us what we are ready to learn.

In my question to my astrologer, I asked if I had the knowing to guide people into these uncharted territories

Notice that the way I framed the question gives an indication that I’m ready. I DO know that I’m ready to guide people into uncharted territories – I am a brand navigator!

But all I had to do was decide.

My astrology teacher looked at my chart, and all indications, that I already knew pointed to a go.

  • I am a born astrologer, my creative expressive energy – sun in 9H next to Jupiter
  • When I’m using astrology, and technology for the greater good, to help myself as others expand their minds and visions.
  • I’m doing what my soul was put on earth to do and my light shines brighter.

But even after all of my inner work, I have still to decide.

So my astrology teacher gave me a PERFECT exercise, medicine if you will, that is aligned with this Full Moon that is coming up.

So let’s get into the full moon and I’ll share my prescription with you on what you need to get out of the way in order to decide on the bigger and better you.

Libra Full Super Moon

  • Full Moon – time to let go
  • Me vs we
  • Astrology of the full moon
  • What we need to do

Prescription for Libra Full Super Moon

Decide what you’re done with.
What’s preventing you from following your path?

Write it down and burn it! Throw ashes into the wind. Fire and Air.

I’ve decided to be done with the stories that:

  • I will never create valuable content
  • I will never be a big name
  • I don’t have the knowing
  • Ads don’t work for me
  • I don’t know

I need your help

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Astrology Highlights for Week of April 5 – April 11


Last week all those powerful shifts

  • Venus moved into Gemini
  • Mercury and Neptune merged
  • Mars exact with Saturn in Aquarius
  • Jupiter merged with Pluto

Phew! We are still feeling the HUGE SHIFT of Jupiter/Pluto merge in Capricorn that was exact on 4/4 in the Western Hemisphere. It’s like we just can’t get a breath with these back to back seismic cosmic shifts this year.

We will feel that for a bit as Jupiter moves about a half degree a day, it’ll be a good few weeks till we stop feeling Jupiter amplify what ever Pluto is bringing up.

So remember, Jupiter will amplify whatever it touches. And Pluto is a wildcard transformer. Like the Hindu Goddess of Kali, she can bring wrath or creation, so you get to decide how you will perceive it.

Shadow and Light both are needed to exist. Move in light.

Full Super Moon in Libra

April 7 – 10:35pm ET | 7:35pm PT

I evolve, you evolve, we all evolve together with fairness, justice and balance. Let’s choose to motivate with love.

This full super moon in Libra will be reflecting the light of the Aries sun. We feel the pull of our needs against the needs of the we. How do we create peace and justice for a win-win situation when hope feels scarce? Jupiter is still expanding the purging of Pluto as they dwell in Capricorn. Gladly Venus and Mars join in a harmonious up that Pluto is to Reflecting Aries sun TSquare with Pluto / Jupiter conjunction // Venus Mars trine

Mercury enters Aries

April 10-11 – 12:48am 4/11 ET | 9:48pm 4/10 PT

Your words have power.

Planet of our thoughts, the way we communicate enters Firey, decisive Aries.

Time to make those decisions and tell others your needs and requests.

Time to put those words into gear to talk about your services, talk about how you help others.

And this talk, BOLD AND CONFIDANT.

Harness that excitable energy for good!

Moon opposite Venus

April 11 – 3:28 am 4/11 ET | 12:28 am PT

Feel the love.

Phew, we finally get a bit of an emotional break, I’ll take it.
Planet of connection is tugging with our intuitive/emotional self.

Feel the love, share the love. Tell your people how much you love and appreciate them. They will love it!

I love you!

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