Episode 17: Gemini New Moon: Empowering Your Brand Voice

by | May 17, 2020

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Gemini season starts this week! With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and the North Node all in Gemini, it’s time to really empower our brand voice and messaging. I chat about the powerful New Moon astrology that sets up the entire week and how to activate your brand voice using this powerful New Moon in Gemini.

In this week’s episode we go over:

  • Astrology of New Moon in Gemini
  • New Moon in Gemini Questions
  • New Moon in Gemini Ritual – Get those communication intentions for your brand
  • New Moon in Gemini – activation through the houses

New Moon in Gemini

Elevate Your Brand Messaging and Communications

Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house of communication and its archetype is the storyteller. Geminis are not only there to engage but to also teach. Now some people have some projections about Gemini because they focus so much on the shadow expression of Gemini.

At its lowest vibration Geminis can get stuck in overthinking and overwhelmed in decisiveness. But at its highest vibrations, Geminis can be curious, it loves to think and learn and engage.

So when the New Moon in Gemini occurs, we we will setting our new moon intentions around communication.

When setting your New Moon Intentions, ask your self the following questions
How do you want to communicate effectively?
Who needs to hear your communications?
Who do you want to start up a dialog with?
How do you want your brand message to be heard?
What about your core messaging needs to evolve?
What does it mean to be engaging on social media for your brand?
How is your voice being heard? Is it clear?
Where are you speaking up and expressing your truth?
Are you courageous enough to speak up? Ask for what you want?

Amazing 4-day challenge

Last week I capped off my first ever challenge. The challenge was to teach you how to read your natal chart. for business, and let’s just say I was absolutely stunned at the positivity and the engagement. We had over 400 people signed up for this challenge.

I met so many people from all over the world. I met people from New Zealand and France and the UK and then of course, Australia, and I’m in the United States in San Francisco. So all these people came out to learn about how to understand their own Natal charts so that they could be more effective in business

Lumianry Rising

n my flagship immersion program, Luminary Rising for spiritual business As owners, we have a special New Moon in Gemini ritual created. We’ll be creating our group intention and ritual so we can collectively plant our seeds on how we want our brand voice and messaging to grow. .

I’m so excited to have this wonderful circle of business owners together, all doing the same thing, supporting each other with their brand, learning about themselves and empowering themselves to grow their brand visibility using astrology, as well as practical business strategies. We do this together because we are more powerful as a community than we are alone.

If you’d like to learn more about luminary rising, it’s an open enrollment immersion program.

If you want to learn more about Luminary Rising, please schedule a call with me

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