Episode 04: Mercury Retrograde – How to prepare in your biz

by | Feb 14, 2020

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Aloha and welcome to the savvy luminary, and a strong podcast for entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Leslie Tagorda. A grant astrologer, designer and spiritual business owner who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits go from stuck to unstoppable. I am here to inspire you to make confident and focused moves that shine the light on your business through astrological insight, brand strategy and interviews with other spiritual business leaders. I believe you are here to share your magic and shine brightly like the luminary you are meant to be. Okay, let’s dig into this week’s episode.

In this episode, Mercury Retrograde

  • Everyone knows about Mercury Retrogrades now a days – and how fantastic. We need this in our collective consciousness
  • What it is
  • MRx schedule
  • How you can use this time to recalibrate and not freak the F out (ie: what to do and what not to do)
  • House by house retrograde focus
  • Action plan how to use this time in your business
  • Astro weather for the week of Feb 16, 2020 – Feb 22, 2020

In My free Facebook Group The Savvy Luminary
Lindsay Bryan-Podvan asks: How to use it the way you do! As a way to refresh and reframe instead of the way I have which is “oh shit! The sky is falling!”

Mercury Retrograde – What it is

  • From our perspective on earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards
  • Happens 3x a year as Mercury zips around the sun much faster than us – about 88 earth days
  • From our spot on earth, Mercury will at times through it’s cycle look like it’s moving faster, slower, stopping and then going backwards
  • When Mercury, a personal planet goes retrograde, it’s at it’s closest point to Earth.
  • Mercury ruler of Gemini – wants to know everything, Virgo, wants to embody and make efficient that knowledge
  • Personal planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, we feel them on a personal level
  • Generally Mercury transits are quick
  • Fastest and closest, that’s why we feel it so much
  • How we process info
  • Messenger to our soul, never far away from our concious
  • Mercury in it’s cycle at when we were born actually affect how we process things
  • A bit too deep to go into here
  • Mercury moving forward processes info through Gemini and then embodies

MRx schedule

  • 2/2 Mercury Enters Shadow Zone Aquarius 28°
  • 2/16 Mercury Station Retrograde Pisces 12°
  • 2/25 Sun Conjunct Mercury Combust Midway Point Pisces 6°
  • 3/4 Mercury Re-enters Aquarius
  • 3/9 Mercury Station Direction Aquarius 28°
  • 3/16 Mercury Re-enters Pisces
  • 3/29 Mercury Leaves Shadow Zone Pisces 12°

Look up which house Mercury is moving through the 14° that sites between Aquarius 28° and Pisces 12°. This is the area that needs re-examining and Marie Kondo-ing – Does it spark Joy?

Mercury in contrary sign Pisces – gives it an abstract feel, imagination
A time to make art, make music, meditate, be creative to access knowledge

Mutable water:

  • Soaking up unconscious
  • Sensitive
  • Sacrifice
  • Do not avoid or escape – really face those fears
  • Moving into Aquarius – problem solving
  • A time to look at statistics, data
  • Fixed air
  • Self worth through intellect
  • Ideas, innovation, chnage
  • Need for freedom
  • Need to communicate
  • The chart of Mercury Retrograde, Mercury will be dancing with Neptune
  • Disillusionment
  • Imagination
  • Retreat! Restore! Relax!
  • Mars/Uranus trine in Earth Signs – motivation to embody all of this, not just in the mind. But practical, action – oriented progress
  • How you can use this time to recalibrate and not freak the F out (ie: what to do and what not to do)

Not a time to:

  • Sign contracts
  • Launch new projects/products
  • Be rushed
  • Force things to happen
  • Start new projects, businesses
  • If you take action now expect:
  • Mistakes
  • Misunderstandings
  • Missing information

Take Delays and Mis-firings as the GIFTS THEY ARE – this is an area in your life that is asking for some TLC

So what do we do with this time?

  • A time to slow down – avoid overload
  • A time to reorganize
  • A time to re-start, re-launch, re-anything

Retrograde through the Houses

Mercury may transit more than one house for you, for me 10H and 9H. I will combine both of those energies as I use this energy for my business.

Where you need to review
What have you been doing?
Where do you want to go? Is it still aligned? Or need modification

Reimagine your business for innovation, ease and flow
Relax, release and realize this Mercury Retrograde Feb/Mar 2020

In my group

  1. Karen Marzec asks: How can I work with the energy of this Mercury Rx time to improve brand messaging?
  2. Suzy Rosenstein asks: What insight can I get while I’m ramping up for another launch for my new midlife membership?
  3. Tasha Hairston Springs asks: how can I use this energy to bring in more money? I’m working on manifesting money and making connections.

House by House retrograde focus

  • 1H: RE-AFFIRM your brand identity and how your biz is being seen. Time for a logo refresh? Website refresh? New brand strategy?
  • 2H: RE-EVALUATE your self worth and the value you provide in your business. Time to look at your pricing, the way you talk about your offers, and your money stories?
  • 3H: RE-ITERATE your communications, messaging, sales and promotional materials. Time to get clear on your words and story you use in your brand.
  • 4H: RE-ROOT your sanctuary, home office, or family business. Time to look at your family life, is it serving your biz? What about your home office? Family stories getting in the way of success?
  • 5H: RE-IGNITE your ability to shine bright and be seen in your creativity, inspiration and confidence. Time to look at how you are integrating joy and play in showing up in your biz.
  • 6H: RE-FRESH your daily habits, business systems and overall self care/wellness. Time to get efficient and feel great, you’re going to work only as well as you feel.
  • 7H: RE-COMMIT your closest relationships, vendors, partners, contractors, ideal customers. Time to see if partnerships are still working for you and how you want them to look like.
  • 8H: RE-ASSESS your contracts, debts, insurance, loans, taxes. Time to review and be sure these bonds are in your favor. Time to look into re-fi’s and protecting your bottom line.
  • 9H: RE-NEW your purpose and impact for your business. Time to put your big picture, big dreams and big vision of your ideal world into your business and be the visionary.
  • 10H: RE-DEFINE your method of delivering your offerings for maximum visibility. Time to amp up your brand’s reputation and get out there to wider audiences as the expert in your field.
  • 11H: RE-BUILD your communities, platforms and causes. Time to clear out the old to make way and make new. Enlist your friends, associates and allies, call them in to build your platform.
  • 12H: RE-STORE your self, heart and soul. Time to retreat as an act of productivity. Relaxing is just as important and doing. Pay TLC to spirit as it wants to show up in your business.

Action plan how to use this time in your business

First half of Mercury retrograde from Station to Combust (2/25)

  • Complete unfinished business
  • Clear the slate – look at your house that needs attention this will give you clues
  • Where have you over extended yourself?
  • Edit your life – Marie Kondo?
  • Spark joy?
  • Thank and discard

Second half after 2/25

  • Plan for future action
  • Don’t move forward just yet, wait until Mercury goes forward again on 3/9


Astro weather for the week of Feb 16, 2020 – Feb 22, 2020:

  • 2/16 Mars enters Capricorn 6:33am ET / 3:33am PT
    Energy for us all to keep the momentum and motivation to achieve our goals and stay responsible in our biz. Stays there till March 30
  • 2/16 – 3/9 Mercury RETROGRADE 12° Pisces 7:54pm ET/ 4:54pm PT Descend backwards to Aquarius 28° | Enters shadow February 2 |
    Aligned with Neptune, Square Moon in Sagittarius
  • 2/18 Sun enters PISCES 11:56pm ET / 8:57pm PT
    Dreamy time, time to relax, time to restore, time to use our imagination.
    Spring break… Beautiful time right before the Astrological new year starts up.
    Brands that have strong Pisces can do with Retreat, Relaxation, or help people with escapism and additictions
    Sun in Pisces, means that at your soul you are here to guide with spirituality and here to help others rebirth
  • 2/21 Mars trine Uranus exact 3° Capricorn / Taurus
    Sets up the upcoming New Moon – strong willed, eccentric, spiritual in nature

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