Episode 21: Mercury Retrograde Sur(re)vival Guide – Change your fear and heal during Mercury Retrograde

by | Jun 14, 2020

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You know that Mercury Retrograde is coming. And I get a sense that people get really fearful. But what I really want you to feel as I want you to feel empowered by this time of year, because you know what? You get to decide how you use this Mercury Retrograde energy for you and your business. So if you understand what Mercury Retrograde has to share with us how we can lead with curiosity, you’ll be able to use this energy effectively in your life and business instead of freaking the EFF out.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Recap of what Mercury Retrograde is and the astrology of this summer
  • What Mercury Retrograde in Cancer wants us to consider
  • Dos and Don’ts of MRx
  • Answering questions from the community
  • What Mercury Retrograde wants you to reconsider
  • No astrology highlights of the week

Mercury Retrograde is happening in the sign of the watery sign of cancer, this time last year, Mercury was also retrograding in cancer, there’s been this theme of mercury retrogrades going through the water signs for the last couple of years.

So we are really identifying, amplifying the themes of cancer on a personal level in our communities as well as on a global level.

You can see how this Mercury Retrograde right in the middle of our year is really asking us to rethink and reconsider and reintegrate Cancerian themes in our personal lives, in our communities, as well as in our world.

On Monday, June 15, at 2pm Pacific, I’ll be hosting a Mercury Retrograde Sur(re)vival Guide. I actually would like to call this eight revival guide, because we don’t have to think about Mercury Retrograde as this time where we’re just trying to keep our head above water.

6 Things to Do During Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

  • Reflect
  • Replenish
  • Reconnect / to our heart’s desires, higher self
  • Re-acceptance / rethink our emotions
  • Re-intuit / listen to your gut/intuition/spidy sense
  • Restore (Home)

What Mercury Retrograde wants you to reconsider House by house

Restore, Replenish and Realign your sense of:

  • 1H: Self and brand identity
  • 2H: Values and finances
  • 3H: Connection and messaging
  • 4H: Emotional security and community
  • 5H: Creativity and passion
  • 6H: Order, wellness, and routine
  • 7H: Relationships and collaborations
  • 8H: Self-trust and true transformation
  • 9H: Beliefs and promoting yourself
  • 10H: Accomplishment and ultimate mission
  • 11H: Humanity and your social impact
  • 12H: Releasing and reconnecting to highest self

Register for the Mercury Retrograde Sur(Re)vival Guide Workshop

In this workshop you will:

  • Get curious with what Mercury Retrograde (MRx) in Cancer wants you to know
  • Learn why you don’t need to freak the “F” out
  • Find out what NOT to do in your biz
  • Discover what to DO and optimize in your biz
  • Uncover what you need to reexamine and recommit
  • Create a 6-week action plan for each point of the retrograde cycle
  • Understand exactly how the MRx will impact you based on your house activation

You will have access to the beautiful slides and worksheets that accompany this class.


I will do as many speed readings as time permits, looking at your MRx season.

Pay what you can
Sugessted Price: $47 – $97.

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