Episode 13: New Moon in Taurus: Self-worth, value and profits in your brand

by | Apr 19, 2020

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Manifesting, prosperity, financial security – maybe I’m being overly optimistic to be talking about making money in uncertain times. But with flexibility and meeting our customers where they are now, there are ways to continue to work, pay the bills, and have enough to share with others. It’s Taurus season and its time to talk prosperity and how our self-worth determines how we are able to earn money – even in this new economy.

In today’s episode we will cover

  • Taurus season all about Taurus [ Timestamp: 8:34 ]
  • New Moon in Taurus to set your intentions around financial security and earning money [ Timestamp: 30:25 ]
  • Taurus through the planets and their energies around our money [ Timestamp: 35:24 ]
  • Astrology for the week 3/19 – 3/25 [ Timestamp: 44:50 ]

♉ All About Taurus Season

Meaning of Taurus

  • Earthy and patient
  • Fixed
  • Ruled by Venus: attraction, connection, beauty
  • Peace, comfort, pleasure, money, material resources, building wealth, value, worthiness, pleasure seeker
  • Mantra “I MANIFEST”

Meaning of Taurus in our Business and brands

  • Sales
  • Profits
  • Earned Resources

Rules the 2H in Business

  • Your value and worthiness
  • The value of your offering (the true reason people buy from you)
  • Your ability to earn and prosper
  • Your material possessions

When we are not prospering, we are not delighting and embodying our Taurus energies

  • We don’t feel pleasure (there is a reason why tantric teachings link pleasure to creative force and prosperity)
  • We don’t appreciate what we have, including being able to see the value in our talents and offerings
  • We don’t feel worthy, deserving or loveable
  • We don’t have a sense of physical security

Questions from members of TSL

Lindsay good timing to take advantage of the Taurus New Moon in launching her flagship – Financial coaching for couples! Yes!! Taurus themes are all about financial security and using the energy to open up conversations for her clients to talk about their money stories so they can build a financial future together.

Lindsays 6H Taurus – she needs to really showcase the system that she has that makes it easy and a daily process for her clients to be able to build their relationships through coming to a common ground around money.

Joanna wants to know about Pricing. She has Virgo at 2H. Venus in the 1H by being a leader that promotes inner peace ,so one can love themselves. But you have to lead by example. Show up and show up full heartedly. Your ultimate mission of peace and prosperity. So depending on who your ideal customer is, they’re going to also have a different price point in mind or ability, right to pay for things.

Patricia has North Node, Mid Heaven and Venus all in Taurus!! – Her ultimate mission of peace and prosperity. Delivering on your visibility and business profitability. For her NN – stretching yourself to see that you can be a business luminary, being seen by more people as a one that helps others build prosperity

Myra says she has Jupiter in Taurus and wants to know what that means! Jupiter expands what ever it touches. Being in earthy Taurus you generally attract your material needs. Be generous yet watch for over indulgence. Practical, see results in order to achieve them – so visuallize! You need clear direction, clear goals, strong plans

When the Sun is in earthy Taurus, this is to realize your goals! Visualize, and get it.

New Moon Masterclass

Wednesday Earth Day 4/22/2020
2pm Pacific / 5p Eastern

What we’ll be doing:

  • Looking at how our self worth is directly related to our ability to make a profit
  • Learning about the transformational impact and the value you bring to the world though your business
  • Understanding what the Taurus New Moon is and how it’s the perfect time to recreate our financial projections
  • Create our New Moon intentions around money, manifesting, and value in our self and business
  • Get specific with customized New Moon intentions that match your personal chart

When you register and add your birth date, time and place, I will GIFT 5 AstroBrand readings during the MasterClass.

You will need to be attending LIVE in order to get your AstroBrand reading. Astrology reading from a visibility and business perspective –

In the live AstroBrand readings I’ll focus on:

  • The value of your offer as seen in your chart
  • Any big things I see to do with the New Moon activation
  • How lead and gain more brand visibility

Taurus through the planets (business focus)

  • Sun: I am an embodiment of worthiness and value
  • Moon: I desire to heal my money issues and stories
  • Rising: I lead by enjoying what I have and earned
  • Mercury: I communicate how to build income and wealth
  • Venus: I connect, attract and appreciate valuable resources
  • Mars: I overcome money obstacles to achieve prosperity
  • Jupiter: I expand my personal finances with a focus on practicality
  • Saturn: I sustain and preserve my wealth with a focus on saving
  • Uranus: I evolve to create financial freedom
  • Neptune: I rise above the noise and build my own financial flow
  • Chiron: I heal deep money wounds
  • North Node: I grow into prosperity and building wealth
  • South Node: I can fall back on what I know about being secure

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of April 19 – 25

Sun enters TAURUS

Sunday 4/19 | 10:45seconds am ET | 7:45am PT
You are deserving of the best. Spring is in the air, time to manifest! No wonder Taurus is associated with land, bounty and the farm

New Moon in Taurus

Wednesday 2/22 | 10:26pm ET | 7:26pm PT

Today you plant the seeds to expand your self worth and value in your business.

Pluto station retrograde

Saturday, 4/25 | 2:54pm ET | 11:54am PT
Transformation happens whether by choice or force. How will you integrate the learnings of this global pivot so we can build a sustainable future.

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