Gieselle Allen

Visual Brand Case Study

A few months ago, Gieselle reached out to me asking who did our branding and design. She was searching for a designer to rebrand her business and brand her new podcast, Revolutionary Rising.

I proclaimed, we do all our design in house, and have a design agency!⁠

I don’t often share that my brand astrology work started from this place of creating a beautiful and timeless logo and web designs.

It was a done deal, she loved that I have a WOC-owned design agency…

So we got started first with an in-depth AstroBrand™ reading to design her visual identity.

We started with her Scorpio ♏ Rising and the magnetic power that comes with it.

We looked at her core energies (Sun in Sagittarius♐, Moon in Virgo♍) and her highest visibility with her Midheaven in Leo♌.

And we created a visual identity 💯 aligned to her cosmic design.

Blending the rich warm colors of her Scorpio and Leo energies and imprinting the symbolism of her visionary radiance and holistic soft powers.

Logo Concepts

Final Logotype + Logo Mark

There are two version of the Gieselle Allen logotype. When using the logo type at the smallest size of 180px or 2.5in, please use the reduced logotype to ensure sunburst does not lose integrity.

Color Palette

The core Gieselle Allen palette using 2 core colors and 5 supporting colors. The following colors combinations are set forth and should not be altered in any way. These combinations were thought out to ensure the integrity of the brand is portrayed.


Wavehaus designed and shared by Graham Paterson. This typeface is used as the logomark, heading and body font for the Gieselle Allen brand.

Social Media + Design Elements

We took Gieselle new visual brand identity and created other design collateral to ensure a cohesive brand across her social channels.

Revolutionary Rising Podcast

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