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One of our favorite types of projects is #nonprofitwebdesign because in a way when we support a non-profit, we are also supporting their mission & vision. This time around, we worked deeply with the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council from Hawaii. So much of their mission aligns with our own, the love of the rich cultures of the Hawaii & Polynesia, sustainability, moon & tide cycles as well as balancing the needs between native communities & industries at large. ⁠

WP Council wanted to improve its organization’s visibility, creditability & longevity as the primary regional fishery management council supporting 5 Pacific island areas, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Marina, & Pacific Remote Islands.

As an informational site for the Pacific Islands, we created a beautiful & responsive #nonprofitwebsite to reflect their significant work to emphasize public participation & involvement of fishery management at the local & community levels.

In this website redesign we:⁠

✅ Reorganized & streamlined the navigation
✅ Worked with a content manager that provided content report
✅ Analyzed report with Google Analytics to understand and strategize how viewers were using the website
✅ Deep dive analysis of what is working what is working
✅ Integrated a new calendar platform for better and easier user experience⁠ to find meetings
✅ Reorganized landing & internal pages for better scan-ability⁠ for #UX/UI
✅ Streamlined the complex #wordpress dashboard so that all staff members easily access only what they need
✅ Reorganized the fisheries pages to allow users to easily find information about their respective regions

Within 30 days of its initial launch we saw huge improvements:
↗️ 93.8% decrease in bounce rates (people visited then stayed instead of leaving right away)
↗️ 26.8% increase in session duration (people stayed on the site longer)
↗️ 64% increase in page traffic on their homepage

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