Episode 07: Virgo Full Moon + Mercury Retrograde Ends – The Completion of a Cycle

by | Mar 8, 2020

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This week 2 powerful cycles are coming to a close. These cycles are woven around are emotional expressive needs with the Full Moon in Virgo and Mercury ending it’s retrograde cycle to move forward. This moon cycle is deeply intertwined with Mercury and it’s showing up in our brands and businesses in terms of how we are or (aren’t) efficiently serving our clients as well as ourselves. Sometimes things don’t go our way, believe me, I know all about that. So what do you do when it feels like when you’ve made no progress? In today’s episode, we’ll be honestly looking at gratitude, forgiveness and letting go and how this Virgo Full Moon and Mercury Station Direct will support us.

All about the Virgo Full Moon and Mercury Station Direct.

  1. What is a full moon
  2. The Virgo Full Supermoon
  3. Virgo / Pisces meaning
  4. Mercury Retrograde lessons
  5. Letting it all go with a cleansing Full moons RITUAL for forgiving and letting go of expectations

Before we get started

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What is a full moon

  • Moon is exactly opposite the sun reflecting it’s full light (the zodiacs will always be their polar opposites)
  • Supermoon is when the moon is the closest to Earth in its monthly orbit and it appears to be brighter and larger in the sky.
  • Virgo / Pisces polarity

This Full Supermoon in Virgo

  • Moon opposite the Pisces Sun conjunct ruler of Pisces/Neptune
  • Earth-Moon in flow with all those planets still in Capricorn Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars
  • Moon also in flow with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  • Earth focused
  • Supported by Mercury Station Direct!

Virgo Lessons / Pisces

  • Working efficiently
  • Being organized
  • Service to others
  • A need to be whole, healthy and maybe a bit of a perfectionist
  • Worried that everything isn’t yet perfect
  • Ruled by Mercury – isn’t this interesting how Mercury Retrograde supported this months moon cycle of New to Full moon

Mercury Retrograde Lessons

  • March 9 stations direct, done with our first
  • How was it for you?
  • My stories
  • Client stories
  • Did you clean up? Did you bring in ease and flow
  • Expectations? Wins? Realizations?
  • Honestly, a big drop in energy for me
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Not wanting to show up – but how do you do that when you’ve committed?
  • Book Proposal

Full Moon Rituals

Time to celebrate wins, forgive and let go of obstacles

  • Virgo New Moon back in September
    • Set intentions around service to others
    • My intentions: to reach more visionary women-owned businesses.
      • To be a service to them to let them know there is a better way to brand
      • I wanted to reach 10k followers on instagram so I could get those links and serve even more
      • I wanted my message to reach father and help THOUSANDS of women establish their expertise and brand in their unique way
  • What happened? What didn’t happen
  • Ritual – mentioned in Episode 5 all about New Moon in Pisces and how to create a new moon ritual
  • Steps are the same
  • But your intention instead of creating a new intention
    • Celebrate and give thanks for winds
    • Acknowledge and release obstacles that are holding you back
    • In my instance…

Celebrate, Forgive and Release during Virgo Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

  • Celebrate the successes
    • you’ve had around organization, efficiency and service to others
  • Forgive the things that didn’t go your way?
    • Forgive yourself
    • Forgive others you may be blaming
  • Let go and release
    • Worry
    • Need to be perfect
    • Idea that you didn’t achieve your goals exactly the way you planned them
  • Need help? Questions to ask yourself:
    • Are there any fruits of my work that I must celebrate and give thanks?
    • Who needs forgiveness? Myself? Vendors? Clients? Partners?
    • What expectations need releasing?

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Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of March 8 – March 9

Super Full Moon in Virgo 19°

Monday 3/9/2020 | Exact 1:48pm ET | 10:48am PT
Full moon in Virgo.
We’ll celebrate our wins around creating organization and efficiency in our business, look at how far you’ve come. If no wins, what do you need to let go of to bring in more org into your daily routine that will support you.

Super Full Moon
Moon opposite the Pisces Sun conjunct ruler of Pisces/Neptune Earth Moon in flow with all those planets still in Capricorn Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars Moon also in flow with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Earth focused

Mercury Stations Direct

Monday 3/9/2020 | Exact: 11:49pm ET | 8:49pm PT
We’re moving forward but have some backtracking to do, as I mentioned, Mercury will track back and be in Pisces until April 10!

Astrology Coming Up

The rest of March promises to be action-packed!
Heavy hitters this week but it’s setting us up for more action in later March
If you’ve been consistently doing the DAILY work in your business, you may begin to get recognition for all that hard work you’ve been putting in.

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