Episode 01: Who is Leslie Tagorda, Brand Astrologer

by | Jan 31, 2020

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The party is completely free, but you’ll need a ticket to attend. My friend Shammi D from LA is going to help me MC and DJ the event. I’ll be selecting three people for a live Astro brand reading. We’ll have a birthday cake, a bubbly toast and goodie bags all three because well it’s my birthday. Yes, on Valentine’s Day. Go to the SavvyLuminary.com the savvy luminary dot com for your free tickets, invite your astrology loving friends and come celebrate with me this dream come true.

Aloha and welcome to the savvy luminary and astrology podcast for entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Leslie Tagorda a brand astrologer, designer and spiritual business owner who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits go from stuck to unstoppable.

I’m here to inspire you to make competent and focused moves that shine the light on your business through astrological insight, brand strategy and interviews with other spiritual business leaders. I believe you are here to share your magic and shine brightly like the luminary you are meant to be. Okay, let’s dig into this week’s episode.

Hello luminary. It’s Leslie Tagorda, your brand astrologer and designer, and welcome to an intro episode of The Savvy Luminary. So these first few episodes I’m going to be recording are really introductions that are going to lay the foundation for the rest of this podcast. They include foundational information that I really want you to understand that we can build on top of this.

All right. So I figure as these are introductory episodes, and because I am a newb at podcasting, there probably will be a little bit of mistakes a bunch of ums. So please forgive me and have a little bit of fun with me as I record these first few episodes.

Alright, so here we go. So first of all, I wanted to kind of talk a little bit about me, so you knew who I was and my background before you started listening to me, right like, oh, who is this Leslie to think that she’s an expert, right?

So right now I’m calling myself a brand astrologer and a designer, but I really actually prefer to call myself a business navigator. But when I call myself a business or brand navigator, people don’t always seem to quite get exactly what I do. But if you’re a Star Trek nerd, just like Scotty, the navigator on the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek, he guided the way so that Captain Kirk get to where he wanted to go. And in this instance, you are the captain, you’re Captain Kirk steering your business starship through the universe and I am your guide illuminating your way.

So, let’s be transparent. I have not always been so clear on my mission and for being super honest – and I am Yes, super honest – I’m not one of those people that can focus on one discipline. Thank you Gemini rising. I am a multidisciplinary, multi-passionate type of person. But one thing that has been very constant in my life is the love of astrology and the love of design.

Alright, so I started my own business Actually, I’ve always been kind of an entrepreneur. In my entire work career, I’ve only had a corporate job for five years. And I’m you know, I’m over 40, alright, just to be honest again, here – I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve been in the workforce for a very long time and even my very first job, when I was in college, I was already an entrepreneur. And I’ll get back to that a little bit later.

But in this kind of formation, my post-Saturn return in 2004, I opened up a web design business, which I essentially still run today. And back in 2004, this is right after the first dot com crash and everybody would say, You’re crazy to open up a web design business. Nobody needs web design and being the true Aquarian sun that I am, I was like, I’m going to do things my own way. So to this day, my business New Moon creative, that’s the LLC that’s underneath this podcast, the savvy luminary. New Moon creative, we build websites, we design marketing materials, we do all of the do for your identity and marketing, design, all right.

But in 2018 so about a year and a half ago or so, I had a crisis. Like, oh my gosh, what am I doing with my life? My business is boring. It’s not bringing me joy. I’m only attracting clients that seem stuck as well. You know, they’re making ends meet, but they’re not getting great results, even though they are so talented.

There was something wrong, okay. Like, I was ready to throw in the towel and work at Starbucks. And I’m not saying that working at Starbucks is anything bad, in fact, of all the corporate jobs, they’re really good, but I am not somebody can actually work for somebody else, right?

I was just seeing like, just all of this muck and mire. My clients are getting stuck. And I said earlier, I was reflecting, I was attracting these types of clients because I was stuck too. My business – I wasn’t doing really anything in my business. It was really kind of amazing that we were getting clients all through word of mouth, of course, because I never updated my portfolio online. I never showed up on social media. I didn’t go to networking events. I was just sitting in my little cubby hole, working away, and I was attracting other business owners that were stuck just like me, right. And one of the favorite things that you know, me and these other business owners would talk, we would always talk about their big dreams, right. And as this business owner as this person that was holding the space for all of the big dreams to create brands to create websites I heard everyone’s far off desires. To build their businesses. To be seen in the fullest light. Because the people that I was working with, it wasn’t that they were stuck because they weren’t good. They were stuck because they weren’t putting himself out there, right. They weren’t confident in the true value that they had.

And so even though I was the holder of all of these dreams, often how things unraveled as the projects went on, as I kept on seeing the same patterns happening over and over and over again. Websites would take years to finish. Design decisions would take months to happen, and people were just not showing up and not contributing their talents. They were just hiding and not promoting themselves.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what I was doing. Right?

None of us were doing the work that was really going to move the needle forward. Instead, we were all busying ourselves with things that didn’t really matter. Like answering every single email that didn’t matter, right? We were all making choices based on fear and lack and basically just feeling crappy and not confident that we were out making a difference. And again, the women and myself, we were talented we had so much to offer, right?

So I was just like, what am I going to do with this? Let’s throw in the towel. I had kind of a vision. I was like, Okay, I’m not going to throw in the towel just yet. Let me do some soul searching, right? So, probably like a lot of you I started searching outside. I started going online, looking at all like the branding gurus and the online business gurus taking their quizzes and their assessments and their workshops on branding to see if I can find myself. And every time I took somebody else’s quiz, I always came back with finding a flat one-dimensional answer that never fit me. I was like, What is this? And then something kind of pinged in me, and it said, hey, let’s take a look at your natal chart. I was like, ah, my natal chart.

I’ll get back to my love of astrology. But let’s just say, for now, I’ve always loved astrology. I’ve known astrology long enough and well enough to know that we are so much more than just our sun signs right? Our sun sign is really the sign that we often tell people when they say, Hey, what’s your sign? Oh, I’m an Aquarius, right? We’re more than just our sun sign.

So I took a deep dive in my natal chart and I probably hadn’t looked at it for about six months or so, and as I was looking at my natal chart I was like oh my gosh, look at this. Look at all of the dimensions of who I am. My sun sign – like what I am here to like creatively express. My moon sign – what are my like inner fears and like inner hopes and desires. How I really, really want to be seen in the world. Oh, and look at my rising sign. Look, this is how people see me. This is the leader that I’m supposed to be. Oh look mercury – this is the way I’m supposed to communicate. Oh and Venus – my values. And I was like, Oh my God, this is a branding framework! What?

I had this a massive like, aha that just like slapped me upside the head and said, Leslie, where have you been? We have been waiting for you to discover us this whole time. And really this pivot point, change the trajectory of my life and business. And let me just tell you in six short months, I was a completely different person. I was completely different. I had a completely different business. I changed my business name. I found a business coach that I invested a shoot I will not say that word because I’m on a podcast beep – I like cut myself there – I invested a whole ton of money in a business coach that if you had asked me just six months before would I have spent that type of money on a business coach, I would have thought you were nuts.

From this business coach. I learned how to create a framework that really put all of my ideas for this new branding based on astrology together. I launched a course for entrepreneurs and got four people to sign up for my beta. And I experimented, experimented, experimented.

Okay, this was in July of 2018. And I’m recording this in January of 2020. And so in a nutshell what I discovered was at the insight of astrology – through the insight of astrology – business owners like me and you could tap into our innate gifts, and discover, uncover, recover, reclaim our specific communication and branding energies and assess the challenges that we need to work through in order to move forward.

When I discovered the value of all of this astrological insight to align myself, align others, oh my gosh, everything was now so clear. And I had such confidence, I will be talking about confidence and clarity in the next episode because that is just this huge ball of love that I also want to give to you. All right.

So when I had this new aha of this astrology and integrating it with my 15 years of practical business and branding strategies, well guess what, I have an amazing framework for all of us to use to find our inner truth and show up. Show up by aligning to our cosmic design and becoming unstoppable so that we can now radiate the fire that’s already burning in us and to clear away all of those clouds of self doubt and worry, and so that we can really truly be seen as the luminaries that we are and attract our soul customers.

Yes? I mean, YES. Right?

So I don’t really like to use the word mistakes because I prefer to use the word experiment, right? Because all our life is built upon mistakes. And the only time it’s a mistake is when we don’t get up and move forward. Right? And so while yes, it took me 15 years to discover a system that I can own, that I can call mine, that I love. And yes, it took me 15 years to combine all of my passions, astrology, and music – I’ll go back into that later – and design, into one amazing freedom, business, and life. Right?

It took me over 15 years of running my business to get to this realization. But if you had asked me right now, if I could change anything over those last 15 years, I would say no, because I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be here to share with you all of the struggles and the triumphs that I have gone through. So maybe you won’t have to experiment like I did in the last 15 years. You can learn from my mistakes and just jump in and go straight to the astrological insight.

Now astrology, we’re going to be talking about more later on how astrology is really an amazing tool for entrepreneurs and for business. And astrology isn’t your entire answer, right? And I’ll go into that in another episode. But when you have the insight to live the life of who you are really supposed to be right? To make the impact that you are put on this earth to do, right? How far Could you go? Right?

So again with me, I’m an Aquarius son in the ninth house. My son is conjunct Jupiter, right? So, if in traditional astrology the ninth house is the temple. I am the temple priestess here to challenge your beliefs about what you can create and how to create it in your most unique and innovative way. Yes, I love being an Aquarius sun conjunct Jupiter ninth house. I will expand that for you.

Now, throw in a little bit more Sagittarius here because if you know the ninth house is ruled by Jupiter, it’s ruled by Sagittarius, and guess where my moon is? My Moon is in the sixth house also in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. So, throw in a bit of spirituality and mysticism in my daily routine. You got it right? And because my moon is in Sagittarius, I know that I have to feel free in everything that I do in my life, right? That is my motivation, what drives me every day – routines that set me free. And I am a Gemini rising with Saturn right there on my Ascendant. So yes, even though I’m in my 40s I might have white hair don’t care. But I have a very youthful appearance of very youthful ambiance and I am here to teach you all the things. I am a Gemini Rising, I love variation. I cannot get my hands and my mind on enough information. So I’m here to teach and share those things with you through stories and through love. Right?

So I am so excited to be here and to be your host of The Savvy Luminary. And I hope that you found the story about me a little bit enlightening. So you know who’s guiding you and the filters that are coming through me as I serve you, right? I want you to all know that you all have a story that is waiting to be heard and that through these stories, you’re going to be able to connect with your soul customers.

All right. So that’s all I have for this episode today. Just know I’m here shining as brightly as I can, because I am here to serve you. No matter where you are on your business journey, your branding journey, whether you’re just starting out or starting the seventh time over. Let’s add some spirituality and astrology to our brands and businesses so that we can align to our cosmic design and shine brightly like the luminary that we are.

Thank you so much for joining me in one of the very first episodes of The Savvy Luminary. If you enjoy this astrology and business heart to heart, be sure to subscribe so you can catch all the future episodes.

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Please pass forward the love. I thank you in advance for helping me spread the word about The Savvy Luminary Astrology For Entrepreneurs. And remember your vision and voice matters. It’s time for you to shine bright, like the luminary you are meant to be.

Catch you next week.

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