Episode 02: Why I want you to be seen, shake it up and share your magic

by | Feb 7, 2020

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Aloha and welcome to The Savvy Luminary™, and astrology podcast for entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Leslie Tagorda. A grant astrologer, designer and spiritual business owner who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits go from stuck to unstoppable. I’m here to inspire you to make confident and focus moves that shine the light on your business through astrological insight, brand strategy and interviews with other spiritual business leaders. I believe you are here to share your magic and shine brightly like the luminary you are meant to be. Okay, let’s dig into this week’s episode.

Hey, it’s me, your brand astrologer and designer and I am back for another introductory episode. And this episode I really want to lay more groundwork about, you know why I started this podcast who This podcast is for why I believe so strongly that it is your time to be seen and heard. I also want to kind of go over the power of building a brand and your own platform, the power of inclusion, and the power of astrology to give us insight to what’s already in us.

Okay, so again, some foundational work that I’m going to be building on for the rest of our journey, the rest of our weekly journeys, okay. So, you know, if you’re an entrepreneur, and I hope you are, you don’t have to be you could also be a business leader, but you’re looking to shake things up, right? You’re looking to gain recognition to be seen, right? If you’re ready for this, this podcast is for you, right, because you’re visionary, meaning you have an ideal vision of your world, or your community or society at a whole right and through your business. You Want society to benefit in a way that uplifts us all? Not just a select few. How’s that for Aquarian ideals, right? You’re ready to amplify 10 times your visibility, visibility online and off and maybe even, you’re ready to get some major PR, right, some major publicity, I’m going to call it primetime publicity. And you want this visibility because you are ready to share and contribute your inmate unique, unparalleled gifts with the world. Right.

Can you see how important all of this is, especially for us that want to affect transformational impact, right? It doesn’t matter what industry we’re in. We can always help with this transformational change, right? And I know that you can see that transformational impact can happen regardless of your industry. It can happen in any industry, right? Where the change is ready to be made, where change is ready for us to lead the way. Because if we don’t lead the way, then who will? Right?

I believe that the key to being seen is an act of vulnerability and confidence, right? vulnerability because we’re putting ourselves out there. While we may or may not be naked, we’re putting ourselves out there to be seen. Right. And in order for us to be seen, we, of course, I would hope to want to be operating from a place of confidence, right, so that we are confident of what we have to present. I believe that we also need to see more diverse faces and perspectives.

I recently learned through some equity training, that diversity of faces is just a complexion change and it’s not enough. We Need Diversity on so many different levels. But I’m going to come back to that more because you’re going to hear me talking about this over and over again. And this is the way that I want to affect social change, right? I want to bring, I want to bring confidence and clarity to all of us, right? And that is exactly why I wanted to create this podcast to get my vision to get my voice out to more people across the world, to inspire and help others. Right?

When I help amplify the visibility and the voice of others, especially those who’ve ever felt marginalized or different or other, right, I’m talking about the people like me, who have felt that their voice wasn’t good enough, or their views are too different, or that they themselves are too different. Right? All these things that we were and specifically me like I’m talking from my point of view that I was taught from a young age to not stand out to blend in, right? When we’re expected to blend in, then all we can do is compare, right?

That’s why until just recently, even just the media we only saw like one standard of beauty, one standard of what it was to be accepted. And, you know, let’s face it, most of us do not fit in that tiny little box of standards. But honestly, there’s never been a better time to be us, right? Let’s face it as an evolutionary entrepreneur. That’s what I like to call ourselves an evolutionary entrepreneur, looking to make social change. We are on the front lines of changing the guard. Right? You might have heard about the recent Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that happened on January 12. Right, I’m recording this episode right now on January 29, although it won’t get released until maybe another week. We’re still in that conjunction right? And that this Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn really represents the unraveling of the consumeristic unsustainable patriarchy that is bound to come down, right? It’s not sustainable. It’s not responsible. It only benefits the very few. It is now time to shift our collective values. And I know that if you’re still listening with me, you are I’m already preaching to the choir, right? Like you are here with me, right? Our shifting collective values are focusing on collaboration, experience, healing, transformation, right. And I believe that if you are listening to this, in a way, the work that you do promotes this right. And the only way we can do this is if we are all brave enough to share the right to share our ideal visions of the world to share our unique perspectives, especially if you’ve ever felt undervalued or marginalized in any way. Right?

The guests that I’ll have on this podcast, I am looking to include so many different points of view so that we can pop all of the bubbles that we live in and expand our horizons, right? what I said earlier, I learned about diversity, equity, and inclusion. This isn’t just about, okay, I want things to be more diverse. So I’m going to invite a person of color onto my podcast, right? That doesn’t do enough diversity and equity and inclusion. It goes deeper than color. It’s not just a collection. It’s not just about race. It could be about sexual orientation. It could be about gender, it could be about age, it could be about your religion or spiritual path. It could. There are so many different things.

If you honestly look at your circle, and you’re only seeing the same of anything I’m going to ask you to please consider to widen your circle. This is now not just talking to somebody who’s different, but this is actually inviting somebody who may be different from you into your circle. All right. I’ll read it in a bit. I know I was kind of like talking out there and mice. my soapbox, but I’m so passionate about this. And I really want this to be understood that this is where I am coming from.

So let’s go back to our brands. Now, you already know that our clarity, right, and our work comes through persistent practice, right? It’s through the inspired actions that we find to everything that we’re doing, right. And you might already know that there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Right? Well, let me take that back. Maybe there are overnight successes, but those are mostly the outliers reserved for just a small few. Most of the success that I’ve talked to with other women, business owners and nonprofits, these successful ones that reach visibility that grow their communities and platforms, the ones that get to be in prime time, when I call primetime media, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that never gave up on their vision, right? They’ve been working for years, 10 years, 15 years, keeping their eye on their prize, not so that they could just have fame like they’re not there just for the visibility. They’re there for visibility because they know that they have a message a vision of an ideal world, they want to get out, right.

So if you’re just starting out to build that Your brand, it’s okay. It doesn’t really matter where you’re starting out. Because no matter where you are in the process, the first important step is to get clear on your message, right? How you want to express your vision, your voice, you’re going to be hearing you talk about your vision and your voice a lot. I didn’t even go into what I believe is in a brand and I’ll save that for another episode. Okay.

But once we, you know, kind of clarify our vision and our voice, like, we can’t just like wait until it’s clear until we start going out there and expressing this. The act of expressing this expressing your vision and your voice helps you gain clarity, right? As you gain your clarity, then this is when you start building your community and your platform, right? This is when you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Now, we talked earlier about our bubbles, right but of course we have to have this platform where our We’re bringing in people that are similar to us that are going to help spread the word right? How lucky are we that we live in a time that any of us can create our own community and platform, whether you know you’re on Instagram growing your Instagram following, or you have a Facebook community, or you have your own platform like YouTube, or this podcast like this is accessible to anybody? Well, not everybody, like the privileged few that have to access to technology and the internet. All right, let’s just acknowledge our privilege there for a minute, right. And then, once they build our platform, then for a select few of us, we’re going to hit primetime.

Now, I haven’t hit prime time. I don’t know if I’ll ever hit prime time. But notice that the people that hit primetime, these are the ones that we see on TV or get mentioned. In big publications, right? They always have some extreme story, some huge triumph, or some exceptional view or expertise of the world in their industry, right. And so these are just a small percentage of us that are ever going to hit prime time. And there are lots of different levels there. But ultimately, this cycle of getting clear on our message, building our community and platform and getting the word out there. This is a cycle, a process that we continually chip away at reaching new heights, until we decide that it’s time to then reach other heights and impact more people. That’s what I’m doing here. So in the last episode, I shared my story about how it took me about 15 years to get clear on what I wanted to do what my purpose and mission were in life, right. I wasn’t always clear. It took me 15 years. And that was about I would say, like I can really pinpoint my aha moment till about July 2018. Right. And now it’s January 2020, when I’m recording this. So it’s been a good 18 months. And so in that 18 months, even when I decided that I wanted to serve business owners with astrology based branding, I am still chipping away and refining my message.

I am still calling in my community, and I’m still sharing my beliefs, right? This is going to be something that I am going to get so good at. I don’t think I’m there yet. But I am practicing. And I am here and I’m doing it even though I am not perfect. And that’s what I want to inspire you to do. Right? So this podcast that I’m here on is a way to further build my platform. Right.

So like I was saying, I may never get primetime coverage I mean, is astrology for business and ever going to be mainstream? Maybe? Maybe not. But I am doing my best here to shine brightly despite my challenges because I know that I can serve you, right? I want to inspire you because I feel like I’m a perfect example of someone who has overcome marginalization.

Overcome massive self doubt. I think I mentioned that I had Saturn in my first house, right? And Saturn and its lowest expression in the first house. This is like something that people see, like any planets that you have in the first house. People are going to see it. There’s no hiding from it. Right. So Saturn and its lowest expression is about self doubt. Right? It’s about a lack of confidence, a lack of like inner trust, but at its highest vibration. Saturn is about discipline. It is about chipping away and working with responsibility. Let’s see, right? So I’m learning to transform my self crippling, literally crippling self doubt into this learning tool that I can share with you. So that I can have this very step by step process on how to present ourselves right? I had to overcome so many beliefs and stories growing up about not even meeting my maternal grandfather until I was five because he didn’t want anything to do with me being mixed race, right?

I had to deal with like my own family members. You know, the on my Filipino side calling me the whitey to deal with you know, my what white relatives like my like my grandfather not wanting to see me and growing up in this kind of place of nothingness of not good enough, right. And then of course choosing careers that have been very Very, very, how do I say it? Like, I don’t think I mentioned that I went to school as a classical clarinetist. And then going into a discipline that was so perfection oriented, so competitive. I mean, it really kind of messed me up for years, right. But I’m not sharing these stories, because I want you to feel sorry for me. I’m sharing this because I want you to know all of these things that I’ve kind of overcome, to be vulnerable to stand up and to be seen, because I know that you can do it too, right? And so it’s going to take some work.

It’s probably going to take some burnout. I’ve burned out a few times. But it’s really going to take a dedication to your vision, right. And the right guidance, a mentor, a guide at any age, it doesn’t matter how old you are always having a guide by your side. You will get there faster. And believe me, you You two are meant to share your vision. So where does astrology come in with this? I believe in astrology, one of the quotes that you’ve probably already seen, there’s a quote by a person named Allison Noel, I don’t actually know who this person is, I just saw their name credited on the inner interwebs. You know, there’s a quote that says, “As above, so below, as within, so without” I believe that astrology captures this, I believe that astrology shines a light on our own path.

And I believe that there are many paths, no path better than another, right? We need to find our own path. And astrology is the map that’s already in us that can light our way. Right. I said earlier that there’s different expressions of all the archetypes. In our chart. We are already expressing our charts, but sometimes we’re actually stressing the lowest vibrations of all of these archetypal energies versus the highest vibrations, right? And so with my framework of branding that helps people align to their innate vision, voice and style, I’m helping you discover and claim your highest expression of all of these energies, right? I believe that we all must stand up for what’s right and make space from many different perspectives. I believe that the world is a better place and we can come together across our differences to find our shared experiences. I believe that through our businesses we can provide for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our society.

So I have to ask, Are you ready to believe with me? Are you ready to shine brighter to be more visible and gain the recognition that will enable you to impact your vision upon the world. I hope you are. So let’s go. Thank you so much for joining me in one of the very first episodes of the savvy luminary. If you enjoy this astrology and business heart to heart, be sure to subscribe so you can catch all the future episodes.

As a new podcast host. The biggest gift you can give to me is your rating and review. Every subscription rating and review matters because each of these gestures helps raise the new podcasts ranking. Please pass for the love. I thank you in advance for helping me spread the word about the savvy luminary astrology for entrepreneurs. And remember your vision and voice matters. It’s time for you to shine bright, like the luminary you are meant to be.

Catch you next week.

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