2019 a Nine of Wands Year

by Dec 30, 2019#crystalclarity

As I sit to write this, I pulled a tarot: ⚔️The Nine of Wands ⚔️ (from the beautiful deck of @goldenthreadtarot)

@biddytarot tells me: The Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You may be on the edge of exhaustion, but you are resilient, persistent, and ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line.

Um, spot on! 🎯

While this year had many wins in life and business, I can’t say that I’ve accomplished all that I set out.

My favorite year-end ritual is to reflect back on the year to see the evolutions, areas of growth and learning lessons (no such thing as failures in my opinion).

While I’m not a numbers person, I do believe in the power of what numbers have to tell us and every month we collect an assortment of metrics for my biz that paint a dazzling honest picture.

Here’s my masterpiece of 2019 in numbers.

The Nine of Wands ⚔🎴reminds me to stand firm in the face of your challenges, and you will achieve your goal.

9 significant numbers of 2019

The lessons I learned in 2019 as a brand and business astrologer

No. 1:

One of New Beginnings

While I’ve run a biz since 2004, 2019 was in all ways a completely new beginning, if you’re into Numerology, 2019 is a personal year 1 for me. This year, my business was run primarily as a brand astrologer and business strategist. Starting new is exhilarating because there is so much to be discovered. Many doors closed, many customers who were no longer right fits left. Replaced with many new faces and opportunities!

No. 2:

2x List Build

We worked diligently to build our email list in 2019 and did a good job of doubling our list. It’s our most valuable asset because we own it, not Facebook or Google. We created webinars, a quiz, and free trainings to grow our list. I wasn’t easy and it’s a work in progress as we constantly figure out ways to improve our opt-in offer, sequence, and quality of engagement to our fans that want to be there. In addition to creating valuable weekly astrology and business branding inspiration. Are you on my list? Be in the astro-know and sign up here.

No. 3:

3500% ↗️Visibility

WOW! I based this number on the amount of live videos and other brodcasts I did across Facebook, Instagram, Webinars and other platforms as compared to 2018. Through these videos, I reached thousands of viewers who in turn learned valuable tips in brand awareness and how to magnetize their brands to their unique cosmic design using astrology. 35 live videos, 6 live webinars, 4 podcast guest appearances… This is just the beginning as I aim for 2020 Vision of reaching a MILLION people internationally.

No. 4:

4 Crystallize Cohorts

Crystallize is my signature branding program that teaches people to align their brand for clarity, brilliance, impact and value using their cosmic design. It’s an intimate and transformational program that uplevels people’s brands and businesses. This year, I offered the program 4 times and worked with 16 women-owned businesses from across the country. Wow! In 2020, this program will become an annual membership so more brands can shine brighter.

No. 5:

555 Luminaries

The Savvy Luminary is my free Facebook group for visionary business owners who want to increase their brand visibility. We’re actually now at 563 but a week ago when I collected my metrics we were at the angel number 555. In the group we discuss branding, business and astrology-related material. We also meet for moon rituals during the powerful full and new moon phases. Want to join this amazing group of thought leaders? Join The Savvy Luminary and help me fulfil my vision of growing this group so we can rise and shine together!

No. 6:

45 AstroBrand readings

My all-time favorite offering are 1:1 AstroBrand readings. AstroBrand readings are part astrology reading, part biz coaching, and all INSIGHTFUL! I’ve done readings for lawyers, accountants, mediums, designers, doulas, creators, makers and visionary leaders. And each person has left with specific aha’s on how to align their brand better to their cosmic design, making them magnets for what they are meant to create in their business. Want specific branding and communication insight for your biz? Schedule an AstroBrand reading and get 2020 Vision.

No. 7:

29%⬇️ decrease in revenue

Ah… so here’s truth looking at me in the face. A dramatic drop in revenue. Now, maybe this is the optimistic Sagittarius moon me, but I don’t see this as a failure. I see this as an opportunity. Going back to lesson No. 1, for all intents and purposes, this is a brand new business. And I didn’t start from zero. I have learned so many things that the ascent up this new biz ladder is going to be more efficient, quicker and profitable in a shorter amount of time. 2020 Vision = $444K in revenue. Let’s get it!

No. 8:

9 design projects

2019 Projects in Review
Here’s another area where our metrics decreased. This year we completed 9 full design projects, from big website launches for nonprofits to rebrands for legacy organizations to a gift of a community-centered festival logo. We still love doing design and will continue to do design projects. BUT remember, that design is nothing without a clear brand vision or a strong brand voice. Check out our design work.

No. 9:

Infinite ♾️gratitude

And the last number for 2019 is INFINITE gratitude. I am a firm believer in the thank and grow rich philosophy. I am so rich in experiences, rich in relationships, rich in knowledge, rich in opportunity. And I am so grateful for you! For reading this far, for being part of my life and business, for allowing me to shine my vision into your world even if for just a twinkle. When I can look back and be so grateful for all the experiences of this year – both challenges and triumphs, I see how this year is setting the foundation for the next decade. My vision for us all is to embrace our worth and value so we can create visionary brands that are brilliant, impactful and clearly make the world a better place for everyone.

A big thank you, to you.


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