TSL Episode 137: 2022 in the Stars Highlights

Episode 137: 2022 in the Stars Highlights

by | Dec 8, 2021

In this episode I share the astrology highlights of 2022 to answer that question you’ve been asking yourself, “what does 2022 hold for me?” I share my take on astrology so you can work with the stars strategically in your Work and your business to breakthrough systemic burn out to bring in more ease and flow. In this highlights episode I share 2021 reflections, big cosmic meet ups, energy shifts by ingresses, and the personal planet retrogrades. This episode comes with a freebie 2022 In the Stars Highlights report ready for you to download.

2022 in the Stars Highlights

2022, the year of Spiritual Evolution for Entrepreneurs and Visionary Changemakers

The reason I created these highlights is so you could see the big picture of 2022. A roadmap that focuses from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. A cosmic energetic forecast for the year ahead so you can go with the flow and work easily with the collective energies available to us all.

We look at the big picture, not so that we can predict and control the future.

We look at the big picture to embrace the changes that lay before us so that we can prepare for what’s next.

These highlights are an excerpt of the bigger, more detailed look at 2022 In the Stars – my annual, year-end, strategic planning tool for your business and Work. If you want month-by-month overviews, daily digital Biz StarCasts and more — all from the perspective of Entrepreneurship, leadership and visionary changemaking — there’s still time to get your edition of 2022 In the Stars. Higher touch editions have regular 1:1 AstroBrand™ sessions with me.

Use these highlights to:

  • Reflect back on events of the last few years in your Work and how they are evolving in 2022
  • Make high-level scheduling decisions so you can work with more ease and flow, by working with the current cosic climate
  • Strategize with energetic themes and shifts so you can attune and prepare in your business and Work.

The power of astrology and star wisdom goes beyond personal analysis and relationship guidance. In your business and Work, star powers are strategic tools desired to be harnessed. All living beings on this Planet Earth have co-evolved with the Sun, Moon and Stars for Millenia. They’ve been waiting for you to recognize their power to evolve and grow your business.

In this 2022 in the Stars Highlight Report:

  • Cosmic Meetups
  • Energy Shifts (ingresses)
  • Personal Planet Retrogrades
  • Lunations

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