Did you know I’ve been designing websites since 1999?

AND 5 years later, escaped corporate America, went rogue and started my own web design business? Since 2004, me and my business have built hundreds of websites, logos and other marketing pieces.

I’ve collaborated with amazing women owned businesses, nonprofits/foundations and startups over the years, building hundreds of websites and visual identities.

Why do I mention this?

Well this experience gives me a unique and GRAND perspective on the things that hold entrepreneurs, specifically women business owners back.

When collaborating, I often become a confidant….

…I get to hear their big dreams. That they want to change their worlds by bringing their offering to more people. Their goals of making more money, making a difference, and finally being seen heard and known in their field.

…I get to celebrate wins and console losses.

….And often I get to witness how these dreams get stuck in murkiness of an unclear vision and stopped by the fear of failure (aka success).

After 15 years, I feel like I’ve seen the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again.

Let me share with you the biggest hits from the broken record of women getting stuck in business:

Women finish their beautiful websites or brands and do absolutely NOTHING with it. I’ve had several customers that did this unfortunate thing, where they spent all this time, money and effort to build something great, launch, then just sit on their work. They didn’t go out to network, promote or go get business, they just sat on it, doing nothing, going nowhere. Never being seen. Never bringing their offering into the world.


Websites that take years in the making…and still aren’t launched. Again, this is not one but multiple projects that went this way. Where for whatever reason, the women would not prioritize improving their website, even though they already paid for it, or the project got to a certain phase, but got STUCK. Citing excuses like I don’t have time, I don’t know what to say, I am overwhelmed… Which all lead to doing things the same old way with their clients, never being able to pivot or grow their business.


A beautiful website or brand that never launches because it isn’t yet “perfect.” And when I say perfect, it’s the unattainable perfect, like size 00 jeans. It is obsessing over a pixel, or a line break, or some other little minute thing that doesn’t matter! One, there is no such thing as perfect, and two, the people that want to become customers don’t care that one photo isn’t exactly like the rest. In fact, the people that would become customers, currently have NO IDEA that of the wonderful offering because the site isn’t launched! They stay unseen.


Putting off till next _____ to refresh my website / launch my course / rebrand / be more visible… / fill in the blank for whichever project that will actually grow your business but it keeps getting the back-burner. I have a multitude of prospective customers for which I follow up and hear the same excuses. It’s not that they are hiring someone else to do the work… it’s simply that these women can’t commit to themselves to take the next step in their business. They make no impact.

Any of these sound familiar?

Please know, I’m not here to shame anyone, trust me, I was in the SAME STUCK PATTERN for 15 years!

Yes me, doing things the same old way, and like an insane person, thinking that my outcomes in my business would be different. Surviving but not thriving. Creating beautiful websites and brands but not making any IMPACT. This was me for FIFTEEN YEARS!

What it comes down to is that women get stuck because they don’t believe that they have something really IMPORTANT to bring into the world, they don’t believe in their VALUE. They don’t have confidence in their value because they haven’t done the work to clarify their vision, find their voice and open themselves to the opportunities that are waiting for them.

But don’t despair, there is a solution to create confidence and clarity in business!

In a couple of days I’ll send another email and fill you in on the solution that I discovered that helped me get unstuck!

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