Episode 30: 6 Lessons to Celebrate our 6-Month Podcast Anniversary

by | Aug 16, 2020

Happy half birthday to me and six month anniversary of The Savvy Luminary Podcast!

6 months ago when I launched this podcast with a huge birthday, valentines and launch party, who knew that was going to be the last social gather for a V E R Y L O O O N G time?

But all in all – so grateful to have had time to spend creating weekly episodes

  • 32 episodes so far
  • 4280 downloads and counting
  • 700 average monthly listens

In this special celebration episode, I’ll cover all of the wins and lessons we learned over the last six months since our big commitment!

Why do we celebrate wins?

Well, it is like the Law of Abundance and Attraction, whatever you celebrate and how, through ritual, you communicate it into the Universe, it will grow and manifest into more wins for you in the future.

So let me ask you this?

What are you going to celebrate?

Catch this week’s episode where I cover:

  • Why celebrate wins
  • 6 Lessons We Learned about creating a Weekly Podcast
  • 4 Goals for our next 6 months
  • New Moon in Leo
  • Astrology of the week August 16 – August 22

Why do we celebrate our wins

  • Law of Abundance and attraction – whatever you celebrate grows
  • Ritual – the way to get a message to the Universe
  • Heart magnetism
    • Appreciation
    • Gratitude
    • Empathy
    • Love
  • Reflecting and optimizing – growing what works

6 Lessons We Learned about creating a Weekly Podcast

  1. Having a good plan and then go with the flow
    Hired a podcast planner before embarking on this journey
    All the things we needed to get prepared
  2. Making a commitment
    Long haul,
    Overnight success and go viral? Yes AND maybe that’s not me, maybe it’s not the right time
    Still going on
    Each download means that I shared my wisdom
  3. Living our brand values
    Perfectly imperfect
    Understanding and working in own genius
    Branding as you are designed
    Making mistakes and learning from them
    Committing to your goals
  4. Creating a system
    Podcast informs all the posts for that week
    Follows the astrology of the season
    Informs my membership Luminary Rising and the teachings
    Built on the content I have already created
  5. Having a team
  6. Learning and optimizing doesn’t stop

4 Goals for our next 6 months

  1. Getting more guest interview – meeting some amazing spiritual entrepreneurs
  2. Planning out what I want offerings for the next 6 months. offer ahead of time and getting podcast to help drive
  3. Get more reviews and more listeners
  4. Making Time to consciously get on other people’s podcast
  5. BIG GOAL: Investing in some PR

New Moon in Leo

August 18, 2020 | 7:42 PM PT | 10:42 PM ET

New Moon in Leo, today you plant the seeds to be seen and roar! The Moon and Sun meet today, and joining them is Mercury.

Plant your seeds today, the seeds you want to see grow into the way you express yourself, the way you radiate your creativity (whatever that is for you) and how you want to bring more passion and fun into your life.

Harness the power of Mercury to express this passion through words and fire because Mars is flowing with this energy to heat things up. Your words will give structure and add a trellis for your new intention.

Where do you need to bring in more joy in your life?
What creative projects desire to be born?
How can passion add purpose to your work?

How ever you create your own sacred ritual, be sure to use the fire element to forge your intentions into being.

Astrology Highlights for the week of August 16 – 22, 2020


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