Episode 54: Aquarius New Moon + Planting Our Future with The Aquarius Stellium

by | Feb 7, 2021

We are coming up to a hopeful, bright spot in the cosmic weather, the New Moon in Aquarius. On February 11/12 2021 the moon and sun meet at Aquarius 23° joining Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn already in Aquarius.

A big concentration (aka stellium) of future-forward energy meeting in the sky. This is your chance to declare what you want in the future and the community you want to call in over shared values to help build this future — all through your business and brand. You get a chance to be the rainbow.

In this episode:

  • Aquarius Stellium and continuing of the Mercury Retrograde
  • Why you’re still not feeling it
  • New Moon in Aquarius
  • User Questions
  • New Moon in Aquarius House Activations

Aquarius Stellium and Mercury Retrograde

1962 was the last time we had an Aquarius Stellium- 5 years before summer of love, but signifying a major cultural shift

New Moon February 2021 Aquarius 23°

February 11 11:06 AM PT / 2:06 PM ET / 7:08 PM GMT
February 12 5:06 AM AEST / 8:06 AM NZST

Today I plant the seeds to call in my community to create social impact on my business and brand.

Social impact and innovation has a new meaning and feel for you, especially since Mercury Retrograde has been giving you the space to rethink what it all means. As a spiritual business, you have your own version of innovation. Perhaps it’s tapping into ancient wisdom or technologies and making it new for modern practitioners. Or the impact you make is meant to serve less people in more intimate ways vs going big and large like the days of the profittering past. Or even reinventing how you personally take care of Mother Earth and the Environment

However Aquarian ideals show up for you, whether it be community impact, humanitarian ideals, social justice for all, equitable futures, or even your personal hopes and dreams, you get a chance to rewrite your story in the way you do business and how your business impacts the environment. .

You feel this need to innovate. You feel this need to call in your greater community because you can’t do this alone.

Decide today what groundbreaking social impact you want to make in your spiritual business.

I’m Hosting a New Moon in Aquarius Masterclass + Ceremony

February 11, 2021 | 2 PM PT | 5 PM ET

In this conversational workshop we’ll discuss:

  • New Moon intentions ceremony
  • All things New Moon in Aquarius
  • How you can work with this energy in your business

And your favorites:

  • Chart readings for the first 10 people that sign up (Must be present to get live reading)
  • House by house activations and what it means for you
  • Q+A time for more clarity
  • Workbook for reflection

If you can’t make it live, there will be a replay available.

Sliding scale, pay what you can | Recomended Price: $47 – $97.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Today I plant the seeds to call in my larger community and platform through my business’s:

1H: Brand awareness and innovative leadership
2H: Equitable and social justice values
3H: Communications and how I share knowledge
4H: Emotional groundedness and safe communities
5H: Creative joy, pleasure and purpose
6H: Smart automations and ability to delegate with bots
7H: Collaboration with my future forward co-creators
8H: Innovative ways to transform and leverage liabilities
9H: Expansive vision and journeying work
10H: Ultimate mission in my humanitarian work
11H: Greater social impact and community building
12H: Ability to create ease and flow for all

Astrology of the Week

Sun combust Mercury Rx

2/8/2021 | 5:48 AM
Thinking and information overload

There is nothing to “do” at this time besides reflect on what you now know.

What realizations have become clear about how you rethink the future?

We are at the mid point of the Mercury Retrograde cycle (Rethinking Equitable Success), like the Full Moon phase between the Mercury and Sun, the completion of this cycle. Normally you’d feel a surge of info and knowing as your learnings about this reflective cycle become illuminated. And this surge can feel intense like an overload.

At the same time of this info overload we are stacked up in Aquarian energies with Jupiter, Venus and Saturn all joining the Sun and Mercury in a pattern called an assembly. All these planets in tight formation forming an Aquarian assembly to bring in the future.

What realizations have you had about this Mercury cycle? What have you relearned about equitable success? Have you discovered your sweet spot of work to rest ratio? Have you discovered your business values and how to stand up for them to empower others? Or have you had a big insight as to the role you want your business to have in bringing forth an equitable future?

After today you will have a clearer understanding of what you need to be integrated into your business after your re-examination and take action on what you’ve decided to change.

Look to Aquarius 19° in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to notice these changes.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

Mercury Rx square Mars

2/10/2021 | 4:16 AM
Impatience and irritability

What’s the hurry? What’s the annoyance? How will you react?

For the second time Mercury is squaring off with Mars. Maybe it’s time to bring up an unfinished difficult conversation? If you do, be mindful as everyone is as irritable as you are today.

Thoughts and words may err on the prickly side today, especially with rehashing old conversations.

If you are commuting or going for a short drive, be mindful, the impatience of today’s energy could make for a lot of careless drivers.

This is a fleeting energy so tomorrow will be a new day.

New Moon Aquarius 23°

2/11/2021 | 11:06 AM

Today I plant the seeds to call in my community to create social impact with my business and brand.

How will you be the magnet in your community and bring people together to stand up over a shared social cause?

Our second New Moon of 2021 and it’s just as intense as our last New Moon. The Moon and Sun are joined by Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter AND Saturn all in Aquarius. With most of them squaring off with Uranus and Mars. Oh gosh.

What this means is that it is time to take a stand for change.

Not all of this is about fighting, with Venus meeting Jupiter shortly after the New Moon there is a great blessing and expansiveness around values. Know you have support.

And you get to decide today what is this hill that you will stand on. As a peaceful warrior, even you are here to make your values known and call in your communities to bring forth this equitable social change.

In your intention, be sure to plant seeds of resources and people that you may need on your side to take this stand. Venus and Jupiter will help there.

Activism is at the core of this New Moon and your business has a powerful part to play, even if it is leading with love and kindness.

Where does Aquarius 23° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to set your intentions of bringing in equitable change.

2/11/2021 | 7:00 AM
Magnetize yourself in your communities

How will you attract your fans, networks and groups over a shared social cause?

A few minutes after the New Moon, Venus and Jupiter meet exactly. Two of our lucky planets meet in the sky giving us some protective expansive power. The expansive power to connect with the right people and the right resources to support our values that allow us to take a stand.

This is a fleeting time and this expansive feeling adds brightness to some intense times this beginning of the year.

Where does Aquarius 12° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to magnetize your communities.

Mercury Rx conjunct Venus

2/12/2021 | 11:48 PM
Rethink your relationships to friends and community

What does social justice now mean to you and how can you share your resources with others?

Today you may get quick insight as to the partners you need to make the social impact that has been brewing in you. Part of those partnerships could be you sharing your privilege knowledge, or resources for the greater good.

Mercury in its backward progression meets up with Venus. Our need to rethink and reorganize meets up with our need to connect over ideals about the future and values of social impact.

Notice what you recieve around these themes and take note on how you will take action on this in the near future. Things are getting clearer for you.

If you need more insight, look to Aquarius 14° where these two energies meet. The house that contains this point and any natal planets you have around 14° of fixed or air signs want to add their social justice superpowers.

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