Episode 27: Be The Sunflower with Adrianna Locke

by | Jul 26, 2020

I am on top of the world!

Since the last time we talked (last week), a lot has happened for me and my business.

In my biz mastermind, I was challenged to make #10kin10days.

If you know me, I love challenges.

Perform in a telecast Puccini Opera with the SF Opera with no rehearsal while sight reading – ✅

Do a 40-day yoga challenge and attend an intense class every day – ✅

Show up LIVE on FB daily for a week – ✅

I commit and RISE when asked to do the hard stuff.

It must be the Saturn in my 1H.

But money challenges, I run the opposite way.

This time was different. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

Prove to myself that I could easily make money doing something I loved.

I did the deep inner work about why this was important to me:

  • What did this challenge represent?
  • What I was going to offer that was truly aligned to my zone of genius?
  • What I was going to do with the money once I reached the goal?

I’ll fill you in, what I did accomplish that goal in 5 days, not 10.

Want to hear 5 stretches that allowed me to move mountains?

AND the self care that I instilled in myself inspired by fellow masterminder, Adrianna Locke of Zocalo Wellness.

In this week’s episode, I talk about:

  • 5 Stretches that earned me 10k+ in 10 days
  • Conversation with Adrianna Locke of Zocalo Wellness
  • Astrology Highlights of the week of July 26 – August 2, 2020

5 Stretches That Earned Me $10k+ in 10 Days

  1. Called in my next level dream clients
    I wrote to my dream clients, not the clients I have now. Was I scared, did I have doubts that who am I to call in these overachievers? YES. AND I did it anyway because I know who I shine with… people who understand my wisdom takes my advice and runs with it versus just sits on it. I heard what my dream customer wanted. They don’t want another course, program, or membership, they don’t have time! They want access to instant star-powered insight customized for them. I knew that my dream customers would pay a premium for this kind of 1:1 service. I listened. I created.
  2. Created an offer intentionally around my zone of genius (vs zone of excellence)
    Using brand astrology, human design, and strengths finder (thank you LaTondra Murray Chandler), like our worksheet suggested, I honed in on my zone of genius and stripped everything else away. I wrote down the things I adore delivering and created an offer specifically around those few elements. It felt aligned AF. It was palpable. I workshopped and fine-tuned the copy with other MDB baddies (Megan Hale Adrianna Locke Sarah Dobson), Jacqueline Paumier and literally let the goodness pour out of me, because I got really clear with what I excelled at.
  3. Understood my needs for freedom and expansiveness
    I need lots of flexibility in my schedule and I hate homework. But I love writing. I crafted the deliverability so that I could still be available to my customers during the workweek, created boundaries that would serve me, yet accessibility to my dream customers. Wow! No deadlines, no project timelines, no crushing weight of it all!
  4. Pivoted quickly after experimenting with everything over the last 2 years
    In the last 2 years, I created a program, a cohort, a membership, a group, training, podcast, everything under the freaking sun! I love what I’ve created but I listened and collected data about what felt like a drain vs what was exciting. Each pivot was based on excitement, how could I make this more fun, more easy. What could I repurpose. Always pivoting and polishing. Learning from each and every experiment. I’ll still offer my membership and create free content. But I know that I want to focus on working with 10 – 20 high achieving 1:1 clients. This is where I shine, it’s where I have always shined. And I can get to my $1M but it will look different for me.
  5.  Focused on how excited I am about this new offer
    Energy is everything! I worked on Worthy just before this offer and discovered what holds me back and my motivations. I got this really dialed in, created a new affirmation for myself that I have been repeating to replace the old narrative.Also because I created an offer that was perfectly aligned to ME vs aligned to a misfit client telling me how they wanted to work with me, I was SO excited to talk about my zones of genius, how I was going to bring that into the world to up level and shift my dream customer’s Luminary status with my amazing framework.I have never done so LITTLE promoting then I have done for this. My promotion strategy was just talking about my work and how excited I was about it. Then things just caught fire and took off. Energy is everything!

Adrianna Locke of Zocalo Wellness

Hi I’m Adrianna Lock and I use Ancient Medicine with a modern approach to treat many ailments that conventional Western medicine can’t touch. I holds space for women and gender diverse to rest and recover their health and wholeness. Because I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by your own body when you feel off.

When I was a teenager I had periods that wouldn’t come for months and then would show up so heavy I almost needed a blood transfusion. Doctors didn’t know what was going on. My symptoms, age and body type didn’t fit into their boxes and so they gave me hormones to control the bleeding and iron to rebuild my blood, and very little else.

I’ve spent the next 20 years trying to get answers. And learning how to ask the right questions. It has been a continual journey of self-exploration with natural and alternative medicine consistently being the thing that helps me the most. I had to become my own doctor along the way, and in that process became a guide to others.

This is why I do this work and why I choose to practice natural medicine.

Astrology Highlights for the Week of July 26 – August 2, 2020

Mercury Leaves Shadow Cancer

Sunday, July 26, 2020
Mercury finally leaves the shadow zone from our last retrograde season. And while Mercury is still in Cancer, and it will be heading into Leo on August 4, so we still have a few remnants of Cancer season, so we’re not fully into that Leo vibe just yet. But i know that you can make it, we’ve already gotten out of the shadow and now Mercury starts to put its’ foot on the gas and we are starting moving out of the feeling zone into the vibrancy zone.

1Q Moon Scorpio

Monday, July 27, 2020 // 5:33a PT // 8:33a ET / 12:33a +1 NZST
There’s going to be an interesting start to our work week because it’s first quarter moon right we’re officially out of the new moon season on and first quarter moon means it is time to act.

Don’t let this energy pass you by, you’ve done the thinking, you’ve done the intending , you’ve done the planning, so let us act and take action.

What is one step forward that you can make towards total transformation for your brand and biz?

Venus Square Neptune

Monday, July 27, 2020 // 10:48a PT // 1:48p ET
We have so many energies on this day, Venus will be squaring Neptune both soft energies. Venus in Gemini is our ability to connect over intellectual means and squaring Neptune in Pisces. So it has a little bit of mystical energy but because these are two really soft planets, the square is going to feel maybe more imaginative.

This energy is going to be really good for artistic and creative endeavors. if you’re creative or even if you have a more traditional job and you want to get really creative, or calling on your spirit guides to help you communicate, you know, that will be a wonderful energy to use.

Mercury Square Mars

Monday, July 27, 2020 // 2:46p PT // 5:46p ET 
Although this goes exact today, you have been already feeling this energy. So your thought processes, the way you express yourself is going to be in conflict. You could have feelings of frustration, feelings of anger, depending on how you express your frustration.

So, be really mindful of those energies because, we’re going to be feeling that for a few days before, and a few days after So, choose your words wisely, choose your thoughts wisely, especially if you’re one of those people that tends to be the hardest on themselves.

Mercury opposite Jupiter

Thursday, July 30, 2020 // 7:17a PT // 10:17a ET //
Today we have some really harmonious aspects between Mercury being opposite of Jupiter. You should be feeling really optimistic and open. Now sometimes people don’t think of opposition’s as these great energies, but Jupiter is another one of those lovely blessed planets that anything it touches, it expands.

So your communications, your thought processes, if you focus the correct energy of Jupiter of gratitude and abundance, you’re gonna be able to express those big ideas and express those big visions.

Mercury trine Neptune

Thursday, July 30, 2020 // 11:45a PT // 2:45p ET//
When Mercury is in flow with Neptune, again, this is just that dreamy energy. You can use this energy for writing poetry, to express those big ideas and big visions.

But I want you to really pay attention and get curious with this energy to really reap the benefits and use that time to communicate and express yourself.

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