Biz StarCast – October 2020 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

October is yet a HUGE month of cosmic shifts, ah, thank you 2020. We got the message, change is here.

October is giving us the energies to make space so we bring in the new in your business.

October is giving us the energies to dig deeper so we can step into our authentic power based on our true motivations.

And October is giving us the energies to call in and co-create with our soul people so that we don’t have to go at it alone.

Yes, all this energy packed into this potent month of star power.

Planetary shifts, we are here for them in October. Both Mercury and Venus head into Libra putting emphasis on relationships. Social media, ideal customers, partners and co creators – it’s all about relationships.

But the big news is that while we are in the midst of Mars, still in retrograde throughout October, two tiny yet mighty planets, Mercury and Pluto will change directions in the sky.

Yes, that’s right, our third Mercury Retrograde is upon us starting on October 13 at the midway point of Mars Retrograde. Wow!

And the collective energy Pluto who’s been going backwards in the sky for months, moves forward again on October 4.

These are nothing to fear, but wonderful opportunities to reset.

The stars are asking us to harness this energy and continue on this inward journey.

Gratefully we also are blessed with two beautiful Full Moons, bookending October. We start the month with the Harvest Moon in Aries and get a chance to let go and release the things that hold us back from being visible as the leader..

We must embrace our leadership in our business before we can effectively serve others. And at the end of October, on All Hallow’s Eve the blue moon asks us to release judgements on our self worth so we can make space to embody our authentic power and ability to regenerate in our lives and business. .

It feels abundant to receive two opportunities to release and make space this month. The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum so the more we can let go of heavy energies, the more room we have to receive new.

October Resources

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Thurs, Oct 08, 2pm PT, 5pm ET | Pay what you can | Register now

New Moon in Libra Ceremony – Calling In Your Collaborators
Fri, Oct 16, 2pm PT / 5pm ET | Pay what you can | Register now

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Oct 1/ We open the month of October with a bright Harvest Moon, the full moon that is closest to the Equinox. We get such a treat in October to have not one but two full moons, to illuminate our abundance.

This full moon in Aries 9° reflects the light of Libra Sun and radiates our desires in the sense of the collective we. The Aries moon desires to be the leader, the pioneer yet what is holding you back from showing your light as the confidant leader in your business and community?

At the time of the full moon, Chiron the wounded healer is at play. Chiron is showing you the old hurts, the wounds that have never healed around how you may have tried showing up as a leader in the past but things didn’t go your way.

Chiron, this time is asking you to notice those old wounds and to release them as they no longer serve you. Yes, you can still be the light and guide others even if you feel wounded. As you transmute this energy from shadow to light, thank the shadow, forgive the experience, and let go. Can you? Yes you can. Write it down, speak it out loud, and burn the paper (safely). Disperse the cooled ashes into the wind.

This makes space so you can be the visible leader you are meant to be.

Also on this day, Pluto, the great transformer, puts on the brakes before moving forward again after a 6-month reverse. Pluto as an outer planet serves as collective energy, we don’t feel this shift personally. Instead, we ALL feel the intensity of Pluto, in Capricorn, and will feel the systematic societal changes that have been distilled, and broken down. Notice these next 48 hours as Pluto comes to a standstill, along with the Full Moon, what is now fully illuminated, that we now need to alchemize and rebuild?

Pluto will intensify what comes up, so raise your vibration as you surrender.

Truly let go and rise. Let this be the reminder.

Oct 2/ Venus, our energy of values and connection, enters Virgo the sign of service and health. When Venus is in Virgo, our collective wants shifts to the purity of clean living and nourishment, mind, body, and soul. And in our business, organization, analysis and being of service. Notice the subtle shifts of your desires. What does your body crave? What does your mind want? What does your soul desire? How will you make space in your life to the ground in and nourish your being with Virgoness?

Week of October 4 – 10

This is a relatively quiet week in the sky all things considered in October 2020.

Oct 4/ Pluto, the great transformer, has completed its annual retrograde motion and is now moving forward again. As a collective planet, we are all feeling the inner need to regenerate and tear down the old. What we will find in the rubble is pure essence. We needed this alchemical process, even if intense, to redirect us on our new path. For those of us born 1978 – 1982 we are feeling this most intensely, go into the discomfort, this distillation is necessary. Notice what has transformed.

Oct 9/ Relax and retreat, the moon is in its last quarter phase in Pisces. It’s time to collect your energies and conserve. It’s time to assess what you have, retreat with the guidance of your emotional self. It’s been a lot and it’s time to replenish. Get cozy.

Week of October 11 – 17

A big big cosmic week, buckle in.

This week Mercury stops in the sky to appear to move backwards in its third and final retrograde of 2020! While it backtracks through Scorpio it will land in Libra before it moves forward again in early November.

Ah, I personally love the reflective time of Mercury Retrogrades as we get to rethink and reorganize the way we want to do things.

At the same time, Mercury stops in the sky, Mars and the Sun face-to-face at the halfway point of the Mars Retrograde. It’s this midpoint of the retrograde cycle that feels like a full moon, a full illumination of Mars, our activation and the Sun, our vitality. Recall that this Mars Retrograde is asking us to reprioritize and reaffirm what really motivates us, you have gained awareness of what really matters to you.

Now with Mercury joining in, you are being asked to rethink how you will recognize your business and surrendering to transformation to live out this new initiative.

You got this!

Gratefully at the end of the week, we get a beautiful New Moon in Libra which allows us to connect and co-create. Yes, we’ve been asked to do a lot, but we are not meant to do this alone. Our New Moon will allow us to call in those relationship energies that will best serve us.

While things may feel intense this week, you have the choice to hide from the creative forces that present itself or to actively use this energy as fuel to make changes that will chart the course for you for the rest of the year and beyond. It’s a crucial time and you have the power within yourself to make these necessary adjustments. Trust yourself.

Oct 11/ Mercury comes to a standstill at 11° of Scorpio. Mercury, our thought process in the sign of Scorpio, our energy to trust and do the deep transformations is going to feel rather intense. Maybe you can’t find the words to express your deep emotions. Or maybe you don’t yet trust yourself to mention the things that matter the most. Feel into the intensity.

Oct 13/ Mercury shifts gears and goes backwards from our perspective on Mother Earth where it will appear to reverse for the next 3 weeks. Mercury Retrogrades are not a time to fear. It’s a time to reset our thought processes, especially as it relates to all things Scorpio, regeneration, deep healing and transformation.

As a personal planet, you will feel Mercury in your daily life. Mercury is our thought processes, the way we understand and take in information, and the way we express and communicate information.

Generally, this is not a time to sign new contracts, negotiate or do anything that could cause mis-communications. However, life can’t just stop. So use this time to re-examine, relearn, reorganize, and recommunicate what truly matters in your world. To be able to clearly express your needs is part of healing.

This Mercury Retrograde is a time to think of communicating in a different way, especially with psychic and intuitive Scorpio. Maybe you relearn to communicate with your ancestors, or maybe you remember an ancient ritual from deep within your bones.

Whatever it is, remember that Scorpio is a water sign, our emotions, intuition, and healing. What do you need to rethink and reorganize in the thoughts that will allow you to express these most intimate parts of your being.

This is a time to tap into your intuition and begin trusting and hearing it to guide you along your business journey.

Also on this day, Mars and the Sun face each other in the sky illuminating each other. Think of this as the full moon phase of these two energies, our energy to activate/initiate, and our soul energy to create. This face to face is the midway point of the Mars retrograde cycle and it’s a burst of these two energies that want to integrate.

With the first half of Mars retrograde behind you, what have you noticed in terms of your priorities and motivations in your business?

What drives have shifted? What motivations have you deemed inauthentic?

With these two cosmic pulses happening in one short day, notice now, what in your life is being asked for realignment. It is shining brightly for you to notice now.

Oct 15/ The sun radiating in the sky is moving forward and forming an intense relationship to Pluto that just started to go forward in the sky. There is intensity in the air and creative forces pushing you to make the changes necessary for your vitality. If you don’t actively choose to use this energy, the energy will push you around. This is tremendous energy to transform. And you will have access to this energy a few days prior and a few days forward. Trust yourself to handle this energy.

Oct 16/ New Moon in Libra, one of our most potent New Moons of 2020 happening at exactly 3:31PM Eastern / 12:31 PM Pacific. The New Moon in Libra today is being triggered by the transformative forces of Pluto AND the forces of responsibility of Saturn. You are being asked to look at your ability to connect with others. To be diplomatic, to be peaceful.

But how can we have peace when personally we don’t feel peace within ourselves? How can we be responsible when not everyone’s needs are met? These energies are playing out in the collective.

So today, as you plant your seeds to connect with your people, your partners, your co-creators. In your business, this looks like your soul customers, your promotional partners, and collaborators.

  • Who do you want to call in? Ideal customers? Business partners? Co-creators?
  • How do you want to feel when you connect with them?
  • How potent will you be when co-creating with them?
  • Together what will you build that will help transform the world and bring responsible peace to us all?

Yes, it’s a big task and you have your part.

Week of October 18 – 24

Yay, you survived the intense cosmic energies of this week and we get to relax into Scorpio season!

There are quite a few planetary energies pinging and activating each other but no huge shifts besides the Sun moving into powerful Scorpio. Scorpio is THE most powerful of zodiacs as long as it learns to trust.

Elevated Scorpios trust themselves, trust others, and share their power. Scorpio, the regenerative transformation is a deep well of emotion. It gains its power from being authentic and sharing its power with others versus manipulating others with its power. As a rather private and secretive energy, it has the ability to dive into the emotional depths where hurt lives to bring it up into the light and heal it.

For us all, it’s a powerful time to dive in and get intimate with our shadows to bring them to light.

Oct 18/ An active day with Sun and Saturn, Venus and Neptune, and Mars and Jupiter all dancing together. Your vitality may feel like it’s being restricted, but note that there is freedom here when you can get creative with doing less.

Venus and Neptune soften the restriction by providing you the creative inspiration to find new ways of doing something routine and you get a burst of “can-do” optimism and motivation with the help of Mars and Jupiter.

Use this day in your business to creatively and intuitively approach an old problem in a new way.

Oct 19/ You’ll be feeling lovely and expansive with Venus and Jupiter, feel pretty today? Most likely! And you’ll be sure to have a surprising change of heart and mind, seeing something in a new way that is oh so lovely and unexpected thanks to Mercury and Uranus. Enjoy!

Be sure to use this day in your business to share your message and connect with your people.

Oct 21/ Your desires have an intensity to them today. Bring pleasure into the mix to get what you really want in your business.

Oct 22/ Sun enters Scorpio kicking off Scorpio season! As a fixed water sign, Scorpio season is a deep investigation into emotional truth. It’s a season to connect with the past, a season to connect with your deep intuitive self, and a season to distill. We all have the power of Scorpio within us where we learn to trust ourselves and our power to regenerate.

For us business owners, it’s time to tap into and trust our intuition to make transformational decisions aligned with our highest good.

Oct 23/ It’s time to take innovative action. The moon moves into its first-quarter phase at a powerful 0° Aquarius. It’s time to fertilize and activate those New Moon intentions. This is the most fertile time to root your plans into action in an innovative and futuristic way.

Week of October 25 – 31

We close October with a second full moon, a blue moon in the beautiful and abundant sign of Taurus.

This last week of October, Mercury is busy with its retrograde motion, what realizations have come up?

Any new thoughts trickle forward?

Any new rethinking and reorganizing of your deepest emotional truths?

This is the week where it will all be illuminated, like an overload of information.

Oct 25/ The overload of information happens at the midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde that happens today as the Mercury and the Sun meet together in the sky. Your emotions and mind chatter will possibly be running high today bringing to light all that has been reprocessed during the first half of this cosmic cycle. Are you expressing your emotional truths? Are you being authentically you? Are you harnessing your deep wisdom and power for good? What is being illuminated in full light?

Oct 27/ In Mercury’s backwards progression, it re-enters Libra for a touch. In Libra, Mercury is now able to take all the Scorpio learnings and share it with others to deepen relationships. How is this showing up in your life now?

And Mercury loves the company of Venus who also enters Libra, her home sweet home. Relationships are on everyone’s minds. And in your business, relationships are everything! All those New Moon intentions you set about calling in your co-creators, what have you been doing to bring in your people?

Oct 31/ Happy Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and Day of The Dead. During this powerful time, we have a Full Moon, the second in October and at the time of the full moon, the moon and Uranus meet exactly and reflect the light of the Scorpio Sun. Expect the unexpected when Uranus is involved, especially when it comes to how you feel.

Full moons are a time to release, a time to let go, and a time to give thanks. You are being asked to let go of fears and distrust. The emotional judgments that hold you back from experiencing your full power and capacity to heal. You are infinitely powerful and if there’s anything that comes up when you declare “I am powerful” that tells you that you are not good enough to be powerful, that is exactly what needs to be recognized, acknowledged, thanked, and released this full moon.

You have power, and the world needs it!

This is also a powerful time to let go of hurts from past partnerships, past betrayals, and past wounds regarding being seen.

What space is left from releasing is now open for a breakthrough in your worthiness and prosperity to show up.

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