Bye bye toxic beliefs 👋 Welcome 💗 creative expression!

by Aug 16, 2019Astrology

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius. We’re still in the full moon phase although the full moon was exact in the wee hours on 8/15.

This climax of the lunar cycle is about manifestation and harvesting the fruits we planted and worked so hard to tend.

And for feeling grateful for the hints that we are on the right path as well as the celebrations for our intentions that have come into fruition.

But what if your intentions haven’t fruited yet?

The full moon is a time of releasing.

Letting go of our attachments to our intentions as well as forgiving ourselves and others gives us a clean slate to create the vacuum in the Universe for which it now must fill!

What does this have to do with business?

In our brands and businesses, we can sometimes get stuck in analytics, strategies, and systems.

So much practicality, where’s the fun and light!?

Where’s the magic?

Where’s honoring spirit that supports us?

This is where creating ceremonies for manifestation comes in – YES – in a biz context!

Yesterday in my FB Group The Savvy Luminary I hosted a full moon in Aquarius ceremony.

The moon in Aquarius is about big ideas, originality, innovation, gathering lots of people in groups.

And the full moon is reflecting the light of the sun in Leo, a polar opposite energy that craves personal heartfelt creative expression.

Big ideas vs big inspiration.

This calls us to let go of limiting beliefs and toxic thoughts around originality in our brand so we can make space to bring in more heartfelt creative expression.

We shared our limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t know enough
  • I can’t be successful
  • I don’t belong
  • My gifts are too unique, I doubt them
  • I fear judgement of people not getting me
  • I don’t have all the things to be visible
  • I’m not good enough
  • I will never make money from my art/biz
  • I’m too scared

The reason we shared all of our toxic thoughts was to bring them into the light so they didn’t have such a grip on us.

And to show that we are not alone.

In fact, we all have these self-limiting beliefs and fears in some form or another.

What makes us women business owners so freaking powerful, is that despite our doubts and fears, we still go out and do the courageous work around building our own businesses!

And together in a circle of women from all over the world, energetically brought together via a LIVE video stream, we released these thoughts.

Now, I’m not saying these thoughts will be gone forever, they won’t. But now we’ve elevated our experience with them.

We then shared what we wanted to bring in to replace the energy that we were letting go that would help manifest our creative expression.

It was so beautiful to be part of this circle.

To witness the intersection between spirit and business.

To let go and release in order to manifest.

After our ceremony (you can watch the replay on The Savvy Luminary) I burned the sheet of paper that contained all of our limiting beliefs. It was so powerful!

Believe. Embrace. Become.

You, yes you. Are you ready to take on your brand journey that is both practical and magical?

What do you have to let go of in order to bring in more creative expression in your brand?

Tell me, I’d love to know!

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