Epiosode 38: Calling In Your Co Creators with the Libra New Moon and Your Venus

by | Oct 11, 2020

Our businesses and brands are built on relationships. And the upcoming potent Libra New Moon lets you plant the seeds for your soul collaborations that will help you expand more than you could ever on your own. In this episode we’ll go deep into setting your intention around the Libra New Moon astrology and your natal Venus to call in your soul co-creators so that you can shine brighter together.

In today’s episode, we will cover

  • Libra New Moon and the power to call in your co-creators [[9:58]]
  • The astrology of the New Moon [17:25]]
  • Your Natal Venus [[25:55]]
  • New Moon House Activations [[32:55]]
  • Astrology of the week of October 11 – October 17 [[38:26]]

Libra Meaning and Libra New Moon

This New Moon we get to reset our intentions and get really clear with

  • Who we want to partner with
  • What projects we want to create in collaboration
  • Call in our committed soul partners
  • Customers
  • Vendors/contractors
  • Alliances/affiliates
  • Any other type of committed partnerships

For this New Moon, I’ll get specific about

  • Call in partners and co-creators to deepen my astrology and spiritual entrepreneurship
  • What partners do you need in your business?
  • What projects do you want to create in a partnership?

When you are getting clear and setting your intention this Libra New Moon, ask yourself these 5 questions (In your business and brand)

  • Who do you want to be by your side?
  • Who do you want to support?
  • What do you want to create in a partnership?
  • What does this partnership feel like?
  • What is the result of this partnership?

Astrology of the New Moon

Opposite Mars Rx

  • How can you use your energy wisely? Be in your own energy?
  • How can you work with your unique motivation?
  • Not giving in to collabs where you aren’t honoring your unique drive/energy
  • “Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself (in business)” – Oprah Winfrey

Squaring Capricorn Stellium Expansion/Potency/Structure

  • How can you expand the good for all involved? Win win win scenarios?
  • How can you intensify the results and outcomes of collaborations?
  • How can you define the boundaries and structures of the collaborations to protect all involved?

Venus in Virgo

  • How to work together in an organized fashion
  • In a way that discerning?
  • Analyze and diagnose what needs to be done in an orderly fashion

Mercury Rx opposite Uranus

  • How can your intuition help you breakthrough?
  • How can you use your intuition to tap into what wants to come through
  • How can you be open to unexpected surprises and innovations

Venus trine Jupiter

  • Connecting being auspicious and expansive

Venus opposite Neptune

  • Connecting through spiritual means

Neptune sextile Jupiter

  • Opportunities for expansion when you bring in spirituality and inspiration

Calling In Your Venus – how we connect and co-create

Venus represents what we value

And in traditional astrology how we love

In business astrology the same is true and we can take it a next step future

In business and brand astrology, our Venus is how we add value AND the way we connect with others.

And Venus’s house placement shows us where in our businesses this connection energy is available. I won’t have time to go into houses in today’s episode. But remember I have a low cost training, how to read your natal chart for business where you can learn all about the houses at TheSavvyLuminary.com/read

Short cut remember – Venus in Elements

  • Fire – energizing/inspiring
  • Earth – building
  • Air – connecting/socializing
  • Water – healing/nurturing

Venus by Modality

  • Cardinal
  • Fixed
  • Mutable

Venus by sign:
You value, add value, and love connecting by:

  • Aries – doing risky things, leading, taking chances
  • Taurus – material comforts, food, gardening
  • Gemini – Intellectual pursuits, writing, speaking, sharing ideas
  • Cancer – nurturing, family, healing
  • Leo – performing, playing, following your passions
  • Virgo – healthy, organization,
  • Libra – Art, beauty, music making, peace and meeting people
  • Scorpio – Magic, transformation, therapeutics, detoxifying
  • Capricorn – Building things, projects, business
  • Sagittarius – Exploring new cultures, experiences, eating around the globe
  • Aquarius – thinking about the future, humanitarian efforts
  • Pisces – Anything retreat or spiritual

New Moon House Activations

Libra New Moon 23°53”
Look for the house with Virgo 23°53” in your chart to get specific intention-setting insight.

Today I plant the seeds to partner, cocreate and call in my soul customers in my business’s:

  • 1H: Brand and leadership ability
  • 2H: Values and how I add value to my customers
  • 3H: Communications and how I promote my brand
    4H: Emotional groundedness and home base
  • 5H: Creative joy, play and purpose
  • 6H: Day to day operations, automations and ability to delegate
  • 7H: Collaboration with my ideal customers and co-creators
  • 8H: Ability to transform and heal
  • 9H: Expansion and ideal vision
  • 10H: Ultimate mission in my work
  • 11H: Social impact and community building
  • 12H: Ability to restore, retreat and surrender

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