Episode 77: Creating an Aligned Visual Brand Using Astrology

by | May 12, 2021

You’ve heard the business gurus say you need a stand-out logo and others say don’t waste your money on getting the perfect look. How do you know what to do? And then when you decide you need a logo, you guess and choose colors you like and symbols that make you comfortable — but really, how do you know how to create an aligned visual identity!? In this episode, I go over all the secrets about how to stop guessing about your logo and visual brand — when you use astrology. No more second-guessing, copying, or deciding on whether to invest – ahhh! You have a unique energetic signature represented in astrology that wants to be visible and amplified through your visual brand. And there are certain signatures that NEED a beautiful brand to get started. Learn my astrology and brand design secrets – all here.

Results in branding

When not using astrology vs when using astrology

  • Not using astrology
    • Guessing
    • Getting ok results
    • Long cycle of experimenting
    • Not confident in knowing when something was it
  • Using astrology
    • No guessing, clear energies to capture
    • Everything is energy, planets, luminaries, colors, symbols, aspects/harmonies
    • Stretching into energies that are the most visible and aligned vs the colors that are safe and comfortable to create an impactful brand
    • Astrology gives us the substance and foundation of the brand archetypes and energies that need to capture
    • Astrology gives us the specific energies to capture visually through aligned colors that best represent the person and business, not just guessing, going with trends, or feeling comfortable which is a sign of not
      visual brand

My Design Tips

So you can create an aligned visual identity on your own or with a trusted designer who gets you.

1. Mistake of starting with your visual brand

  • The visual brand is only the tip of the iceberg – an important visible part
  • You’ll hear all kinds of business experts say
    • You need a memorable visual brand
    • You don’t need one, don’t spend the money on an expensive visual brand
    • How do you know if you’re making the right move and creating a memorable yet energetically attractive visual brand?

In our business, this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg known as the

  • But if you don’t have your foundation done it means NOTHING – pretty face with no substance
  • Foundation – your brand position and strategy
  • Next level – brand values – your results, purpose, social impact and equity
  • Build up – core messaging and personality – what you say, your voice, how you say it, the big message that is based on your position and values
  • Then we have your visuals

2. The exception to the rule: the signs and astrological energies that need a beautiful brand

  • How to know if you need one vs want one
  • Strong Venus
  • Libra or Taurus Rising
  • Look good, feel good
  • Venus near the rising or midheaven

3. Design Mistakes around creating your visual brand or logo

  • Starting there first (unless exception – mentioned above)
  • Putting too many expectations into your logo design as the symbol for everything
    • Gets too detailed
    • Lacks integrity
  • Thinking having your logo defines your brand (emotional expectations that will solve everything)
    • This leads to unrealistic expectations
    • Can’t view the visual brand with perspective
    • Have so many expectations you can’t discern if you love it or if you’re scared it doesn’t communicate something
  • Being too trendy
  • Having a logo/visual that satisfies your past karmic patterns (based on moon) vs your stretch potentials (that you may not
  • initially like)
  • Continually changing your visual brand without there being an actual shift in your business
    • A rebrand isn’t a new visual design

4. The two astrological keys to your visual design

  • Rising
  • Midheaven
  • Any energies in the 1 or 10H
  • Colors – canva, color palettes
  • Symbols – aligned with the archetypes of the signs sitting there
  • Gemini / Pisces
    • Yellow looks good on me/ orange
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Black and white – New Moon LLC – it is a circle!

5. Brand Visuals You Need

  • Font families and pairings
  • Professional (or really good) Photos – spend money here
    • Headshots
    • Lifestyle shots
    • Stockphotos
  • Symbols and elements
    • Patterns
    • Textures
  • Color palette
  • Logo (optional – unless you have strong Venus)

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