Episode 65: Embracing Your Leadership With Your Rising Sign

by | Mar 31, 2021

In Aries season it’s definitely time to talk about leadership and your Rising (aka Ascendant). What I love most about our Rising sign (aka Ascendant) is that it shows us the power we need to step into to be an authentic leader. In this episode I’ll share the ways you can embrace your leadership style, whether you are a reluctant leader, you don’t see yourself as a leader, or you simply want to feel more aligned and embodied in your authentic leadership style. Tune in for this powerful episode as we explore your Rising sign in your business.

In this episode:

  • What is leadership
  • Your rising sign and why it’s so important
  • What happens when you’re not aligning to your authentic leadership style
  • Why a rising sign feels like a stretch
  • How to illuminate and amplify your authentic leadership style.

What is leadership?

Leadership is self-directed. If you are not a leader, you are a follower.

Now leadership looks like many different things

  • Advocate
  • Guide
  • Contributor
  • Inspirer
  • Influencer
  • Teacher
  • Caretaker
  • Activist

What happens when you don’t harness it correctly

  • We don’t take lead
  • We don’t contribute
  • We seem fake or inauthentic
  • We hide and don’t show up

How are people going to know about your brilliance if you’re not leading in your own way

Leadership isn’t about having tons of followers on social, or

It’s about knowing what you have to offer, how you offer it, and making an impact by sharing your why.

Why it feel is like a stretch

  • Why does it feel like a stretch?
  • We don’t see ourselves as a leader
  • We don’t know ourselves enough to know our aligned style
  • We are scared of the power we hold.
  • We only focus on the shadows of the rising sign

How to illuminate and amplify it

Rising Sign Leadership Process

1. Illuminate
Recognize the star-power you get to lead with in your business.
Get curious: what does it mean to you in your business to lead from this energy?

2. Resonate
Feel into this star-power and try it on for size
Get comfortable: what it feels like, what stories come up, what inner truths come up?

3. Amplify
Shine brightly and step into you star-powered leadership. B

4.Get confident
What does initiating and activating from this energy look and feel like? What are you doing from this energy?

5.Repeat and elevate

Steps to Illuminating your Leadership Star Power

  • Find out your Rising sign sign
    • Sign
    • Element
    • Modality
    • Strengths to focus on
    • Weaknesses to delegate
  • Know the archetype both light and shadow
    • What do you love about it
    • What do you not like about it
  • Decide which parts of the Rising sign you want to step into?

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