Freaking out? What to do instead in your biz.

by Mar 12, 2020#crystalclarity

Phew, what a week.

My anxiety is at an all time high.

Things are not NORMAL right now.

But we as business owners have a unique opportunity to serve our communities and discover new ways of doing business.

The upcoming podcast that I’m recording later today won’t drop until Sunday but I wanted to get you this info NOW and not wait till Sunday.

In a nutshell, the upcoming podcast will cover what to do for yourself and in your business to stay centered and optimize your business.

What to do for yourself to feel centered

  1. Stay in the present (past / future)
    We don’t know what’s going to happen. Stay in the now. Breathe!
  2. Practice radical self care
    What do you need to do to stay calm?
    We won’t make good decisions as we are anxious!
  3. Be considerate, we are all in this together
    Make decisions for not only you but with others in mind
  4. Make decisions from the heart (not fear)
    Do everything with love – every little thing you do add a piece of joy into what ever you are doing now
  5. Create fun
    How can you have fun?
    Catch up on your favorite shows
    Catch up on all those back burner
    Get fresh air
    Move your energy and body…Yoga / meditate
  6. Transform fear into gratefulness
    Be grateful for what you have in the moment, now.
  7. Get help
    Economic help? – SBA announced Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
    Emotional help? Online therapy and reach out to friends

How to make the most of uncertain times in your business

  • How can you serve your community in a new way?
    • Meet online
      • Haven’t done this before, or dreamed of it
      • Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Live, Instagram Live
    • Offer a service online
      • Exercise class online
      • Meditation
  • Have fun in what you are doing
    • Work and act from your heart
  • Communicate with your community
    • Share your story and contribute your wisdom
    • Go live
    • Send emails and messages
  • Create the content you never have time for!
    • Courses
    • Training
    • Blog posts
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Books
    • Website content
  • Be imaginative
    • Plan for future opportunities
    • Plan for the long game
    • Create your own future
  • Get a Mini offering out now
    • Everyone is online right now
    • Small lower priced offer – not big investments

I hope that these 2 lists serve. We are all in this together.

Let’s choose to use this time productively and with abundance.

The full podcast episode where I’ll go into depth with all of this will drop on Sunday.

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