Episode 139: Full Moon in Gemini Illuminating and Celebrating 2021 with Natalie Miller

Episode 139: Full Moon in Gemini Illuminating and Celebrating 2021 with Natalie Miller

by | Dec 15, 2021

Our last full moon in 2021 is asking us to illuminate the year past. In our illumination we are casting away all the ways we go at it alone, overthink, and burn out so we can call in the ways we co-create and collaborate for more ease and impact. Natalie Miller joins me with this special episode where we feed two birds with one scone, sharing an episode on both the Mind Witchery and The Savvy Luminary podcast, share our newest collaboration, what we’ve discovered when we each add our gifts and we share the wisdom of the Gemini full moon in this liberating episode.In this episode:

  • Full Moon in Gemini 27°
  • Why we wanted to co-authored
  • Process of co-authored
  • Our shared vision and philosophy
  • Working with Natalie and Leslie

About Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller is a Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach who helps feminists create self-honoring, community-enriching everyday lives. She offers private and group coaching, trains and mentors new coaches, and leads retreats around the world. Natalie lives just outside Washington, DC with her partner, teenage daughters, naughty dogs, and jungle of houseplants. Get more acquainted with her magic via her weekly podcast, Mind Witchery.

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Full Moon Gemini 27°

December 18, 2021 | 8:36 PM Pacific | 11:36 PM Eastern

It’s the last Full Moon of 2021. In a way, a full illumination of the year end and a clean sweep is at play as you get to intentionally release the over-thinking and over-doing of 2021.

Illuminate all the ways you’ve inspired others over 2021.

Let go of over-explaining to make space for sharing your inspired message of love and understanding with the wider world.

Illuminate how you hear your intuition and how she’s led you so well in 2021.

Let go of overthinking to make room for your intuition to speak and guide you along – yes, especially in your business.

Illuminate your impact to see the transformations your business co-creators have accomplished with you in 2021.

Let go of overgiving to feel like you are worthy of the tremendous value you are already creating for your clients and co-creators.

New and Full Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs + Changemakers

Cocreate with lunar cycles to easefully amplify your impact

Co-authored with Natalie Miller

This book will help you create an intention and reflection practice for the most powerful thing you can do each month to manifest the business and life you want. Each month, you get to create space to clarify what you want, then co-create with the natural cycle of the moon and your unique natal astrology to ask specifically for what you want. With the full moon you get to illuminate what you now see and release what no longer serves your business. New Moons are your most optimal times to set intentions. Full Moons are your time to illuminate and release.

  • 13 New Moons intention rituals + astrology keys
  • 13 Full Moon release rituals
  • House activations for each lunation to customize your rituals
  • Instructions how to personalize your Moon rituals according to your astrology

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