Episode 40: Giving Thanks to our Ancestors + Taurus Full Moon

by | Oct 25, 2020

Our well ancestors and spiritual guides want to support us in our life purpose and success. In today’s episode we honor our guides and decide to acknowledge them to help guide us in our business. We also honor the Blue Full Moon on All Hallow’s Eve, releasing all that hold us back from our financial abundance. Lastly, I answer listener questions about how to integrate astrology into their businesses and brands.

In today’s episode, we will cover

  • Acknowledging our ancestors this week [[6:48]]
  • Full Moon in Taurus [[15:10]]
  • Astrology of the week [[20:13]]
  • Q+A [[24:40]]

Honoring my Grandma

In 2014, the night my grandma passed away in hospice, she came to me in a dream. A young woman, maybe a teenager, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, came to me to say goodbye.

She didn’t say anything but with the warmth emanating from her I understood that she was saying goodbye and that she loved me. She was dressed in a beautiful yellow dress and so happy and young.

I know in her final months as her dementia set in, she often was talking from the time that she was a teenager. Reliving the stories of her youth, of all the boys that showed her interest and the kindness in my grandfather’s eyes that made her choose him.

Before she left, she handed me a gift. It was something that I couldn’t imagine she knew in life that I desperately needed. Nor could I even imagine how I could obtain what I needed.

I woke up to a phone call from the hospice nurses saying my grandma passed in the middle or the night. I had already known.

A few months later, the gift my grandmother gave me in my dream arrived! I couldn’t believe my luck how I came to obtain that gift but I knew it was from my grandma.

In honor of Day of the Dead 💀 I want to honor my beautiful grandma in the state that she always felt circa 1944. Love you so much, grandma.

Honoring our Ancestors

Whether you are celebrating, All Hallows Eve / Halloween , Day of the Dead – Latin American festival, All Saints Day . All Souls Day, Samhain (sauin) – Gaelic festival, humans have seen this season where the veil between the physical and the spiritual soften.

Before there was the modern world or organized religions, we all have ancestors from traditional and indigenous cultures.

How will you honor the dead? How will you honor your deceased relatives and forgotten ancestors?

Thank them!

Full Moon in Taurus

The Blue Full Moon happens on October 31, 2020 at 7:49AM PT | 10:49AM ET

This full moon is at the axes between Scorpio and Taurus 8°. During this full moon we are still in Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, Neptune and Uranus Retrograde and also the moon ins conjunct with Uranus.

Full moon rituals usually focus on giving thanks and letting go so that you can make more room for more of our intentions to come through.

With the Scorpio sun shining its full light onto the Taurus moon, we’re looking at elements of abundance. Both Taurus and Scorpio represent the financial axis.

Taurus – our own money, our own physical resources, everything about abundance, sensation and real earthiness

Scorpio – shared resources, its about money that you may have with a partner, or the bet that you borrow so that you can invest and leverage somebody else money to help you grow and to help them grow.

So think about these things and what is blocking you from receiving abundance, maybe its old stories, old family stories? Thank them for that and let it go so that you can create space to receive abundance.

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