Episode 131: How to Embrace Uncertainty in Your Business During Eclipse Season with Celeste Brooks

by | Nov 17, 2021

Eclipse season is a powerful leap of faith into the future. Celeste Brooks (Taurus, Aries, Cancer) and I discuss the opportunities that are opened up with our Taurus Lunar Eclipse so you can feel excited about this Eclipse. An eclipse is a wildcard where your energy informs how you will experience the outcomes. There isn’t anything to fear when you consciously choose to be grateful and embrace change. Yes, things may feel uncomfortable at the time, but ultimately where you jump to is for your highest good in your life and business.

Meet Celeste Brooks

Celeste Brooks is the Founder and Principal Astrologer at Astrology by Celeste LLC. Understanding her celestial design unlocked the mysteries of her personality, deepened her relationships with others, and provided a beacon for her life’s purpose. Since living in sync with the celestial cycles, she is happier, healthier, and manifested early retirement from her corporate career.

Celeste feels a calling to guide others on their paths. Her offerings include personal readings, couples readings, cosmic business coaching, group events, and classes. She has completed the advanced training programs of two highly respected astrologers.

Before transitioning into astrology full-time, she had a successful sales and marketing career at Fortune 500 companies spanning over 25 years. She has an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and an M.B.A. from St. Mary’s College.

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Topics we discussed

  • What is eclipse season
  • Why is important (in life and business)
  • 5 Things to know about the Taurus Lunar Eclipse
  • How it’s different than other lunations
  • What’s special about this one and the next
  • How can we harness its power
  • Full Moon in Taurus Personalizations
    Questions from Facebook group

5 Things to know about the Taurus Lunar Eclipse

First Eclipse on the Taurus Scorpio Axis
New themes for the collective. Focus on simple pleasures, releasing materialism, and conversation of natural resources.

Moon Parallel Fixed star Arcturus
The wisdom and vision to be a pathfinder. Invitation to innovation. Pivot from old to new ays.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Mars trine Uranus
Know your worth. Consider the longer-term value of your resource allocation. Energy to make strategic changes.

Fixed t-square. Mars opposite Uranus both square Saturn
Find Solutions to difficult problems, Avoid impulsive actions.

Fixed t-square. Sun and Moon square Jupiter in Aquarius
Amplification of stubbornness, emotional intensity, and obsession.

Astrology of the Full moon Eclipse Taurus

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Taurus 27°14′
12:57 AM PT | 3:57 AM ET

Money Revelations and Resolutions

It’s an eclipse! A wildcard cast for you in the stars.

Let go of what prevents you from feeling loved, valuable or worthy. Celebrate all the ways you have created value in your life and business.

At the root of being able to be profitable in your business is your ability to recognize your value and your worth.

Today, because it is Eclipse day, you are given a wildcard for creating your future. When you draw a wildcard, it can have any value or property you give it. And you, as the holder, will influence that wildcard, although the qualities of it can feel uncertain at the time.

The wildcard stays active over the next 6 months at the degree of the Full Moon (Taurus 27°). Take note of which house in your chart contains that degree as it will be a sensitive point over the next 6 months.

This eclipse wants you to leap into trusting your heart and fall away from the lie that you have to always have to be giving and doing to be worthy.

In fact, this eclipse wants you to use your intuition more (sense a theme in November?) and receive.

When you are able to receive all the love and abundance you deserve – that is the revolution of WORTHINESS.

When you are able to give from your emotions and your intuition, because you have a great relationship with receiving, you have done your part.

It’s a POWERFUL eclipse being maximized by Jupiter. Whatever you are feeling will only be amplified by Jupiter. Fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have to lift your energy. If you sense fear, anger, or distrust, Jupiter will amplify that just as easily.

On the same path with Jupiter, you have to resolve the way you’ve been growing and spending money. If you’ve been overspending without a plan for returns OR if you’ve been too scared to invest in yourself causing your business to keep small, Jupiter has a way of maximizing this inertia. Get clear on how you have to resolve to change your ways over the next 6 months.

Choose your energy wisely.

Worthiness Wildcards – Release and celebrate your money manifestations
Active for the next 6 months
*reveal the house that contains Taurus 27° – you may be the rising sign below

  • 1H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Taurus Rising:
    Reconcile how you feel about yourself and worthiness
    Give thanks to how much you’ve stepped into your leadership
  • 2H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Aries Rising:
    Reconcile scrambledness around your books and accounts
    Give thanks to how much you’ve stepped into your financial wellbeing
  • 3H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Pisces Rising:
    Reconcile overthinking and overwhelm around your money
    Give thanks to all you’ve learned about earning and profitability
  • 4H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Aquarius Rising:
    Release familial and intergenerational money patterns
    Give thanks to your home and what you have that provides security
  • 5H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Capricorn Rising:
    Release the idea of spending as frivolity
    Give thanks for all the pleasure you have invested in your business
  • 6H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Sagittarius Rising:
    Resolve your rigid spending plans and budgets
    Give thanks for the abundance and routines you’ve put into your savings
  • 7H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Scorpio Rising:
    Detox your codependency on what others think to judge your worth
    Give thanks for the resources and value you add to trusted relationships
  • 8H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Libra Rising:
    Reconcile your debts to trust your ability to gain a ROI
    Give thanks for the returns you have gained
  • 9H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Virgo Rising:
    Reconcile your debilitating limiting self beliefs around worthiness
    Give thanks for the growth you’ve seen in your business
  • 10H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Leo Rising:
    Reconcile unfinished business and projects that are leaking profits
    Give thanks for your accomplishments and possible next steps
  • 11H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Cancer Rising:
    Resolve your relationship to giving so you give within your means
    Give thanks for the social impact and change you’ve already made
  • 12H contains Taurus 27° – Maybe Gemini Rising:
    Release your fears around money that create financial self-sabotage
    Give thanks to your ability to heal and turn your wounds into gifts

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