On Friday, I was listing to my favorite online-marketing podcast and the 2 hosts of the 5 min show were talking about rebranding. Check it out here: Should You Rebrand Your Logo? by Marketing School

I was super excited to hear what they were going to talk about because branding is my jam…

Then they dropped the worst episode I have ever heard the two of them spit out.

Instead of talking business strategy and how businesses can elevate the whole experience of their brand, they talked for the entire episode about the redesign of logos! What they liked or didn’t like about logo changes but nothing about what the design changes really MEANT about a business needing to rebrand.

Let’s get this myth cleared away… a rebrand is not meerly a logo change!!!

A rebrand is a strategy to change the vision, voice and style of a brand when a business pivots their EXPERIENCE with a customer based on business model changes.

Remember, a brand is the experience one has with your business. (Think every touchpoint from how you respond to emails, customer service, how someone pays, social media, etc.)

I often have customers come to me saying they need a rebrand, when they are looking for a new logo.

And honestly, ok, I understand, semantics, shemantics but this bugs the bejezuss out of me.

A rebrand is about strategy.
A new logo is about redesign.

So here’s a handy dandy check list if to know if you need a rebrand:

  • You have or want a new business model
  • You have or want to update systems within your business
  • You have or want a new mission or vision for the business
  • You have or want to position your business differently in the marketplace
  • You have outgrown your current business and want to pivot in a new direction

So what does a rebrand actually entail?

  1. A clear vision of how you want to position your business
  2. An irresistible and impactful voice about your business offerings
  3. A cohesive and emotionally engaging visual style, which may include a logo refresh
  4. A strategy and system to get from where you are now to where you want to be

If your business and the experience someone has with your business is pretty much the same all you need is a logo refresh.

A logo refresh could include:

  • An updated look with a nod to legacy issues
  • A new color palette
  • Integrity issue fixes so your logo looks good in all sizes and mediums

Gladly, me and my firm can help you with both rebrands and logo refreshes.

Is it time for you to go through any of these transformations?

Leave it to me and your sun, moon and stars, to navigate you through this transformation!

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