How to know if your brand is crystallized 💎

by Sep 9, 2019#brandwhoyouare

How to know if your brand is Crystallized?!

I’ve admired crystals and gemstones for as long as I can remember. And as I explored and learned that crystals have scientific/practical uses as well as spiritual/energetic uses, I was forever a devotee.

If you look up the definition of crystals you will find:

đź’Ž the quality of being coherent and intelligible.
đź’Ž the quality of transparency or purity.
đź’Ž the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.

And when I think of branding, a brand that is differentiated has these exact qualities!
A crystallized brand is one that energetically aligned to its inherent gifts and is able to amplify its message clearly!

And a crystal can continue to EVOLVE!

Have you ever heard about phantom crystals??
A single phantom crystal taught me to continually evolve and exceed my expectations.

Download Transcribed Document of Video

In this introduction video to my Crystallize program, hear the story of how a single crystal shaped my business philosophy and the promise I make to all the members of Crystallize.

So it’s no wonder why I call my flagship branding program Crystallized.

When you Crystallize your brand and #brandwhoyouare you have:

đź’Ž(Astrological) Insight into your true purpose, strengths and challenges (aka gifts in disguise)
đź’ŽEnergetic alignment to attract your ideal customer
đź’ŽBelief in the value you offer and the courage to charge your worth
💎Intimate feedback on your brand so you know you are headed in the right direction, I’m gonna get in your business!
đź’ŽSystems for telling your brand story and expertise that grows your community
đź’ŽFocus on how to share your vision with your world
đź’ŽStrategies to package and present your offerings so it shines bright like a diamond
💎Tips to implement your brand’s shiny new vision, voice and style
đź’ŽSupport to step into and claim the inspirational visionary you are meant to be

What would it mean if your brand was crystallized?

Is your brand positioned where you want it to be?

Where are you in your brand journey?

Crystallize is a 16 week coaching circle where your brand will go from unnoticed to unmatched! The next round is starting up in October and will end in January. Imagine kicking off an entire new decade in 2020 with a Crystallized Brand!

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