In our brands, Venus represents what you love and value in your work as well as your self worth.

This shows us where you can best invest your time, effort and money.

The reason we need to pay attention to what we value and like to spend money on in our business is so that we can prioritize what makes us feel great in our businesses.

And when we feel good, we do good.

A fellow mastermind colleague reminded me that last week, instead of tackling her to-do list, she instead went to buy a couple of nice new outfits and get a manicure. She felt so great after her little splurge that when she got back to work, she got her to-do list done in a fraction of time – all because she FELT GREAT!

Maybe you value a great a beautiful workspace so you invest in a nice home office, or a luxe co working space.

Maybe you value partnerships and community so you invest in a mastermind or membership program

Maybe you value self-improvement and you hire a coach to help you

Maybe you value your time and you hire out vendors and assistants to help you

Maybe you value great design so you spend money on excellent photos and design.

The point is we all have different values, and there is no right or wrong thing… but we need to know what it is that we value so we can prioritize and feel good about spending money there to invest in ourselves and our businesses.

Where does your Venus fall in your chart? What sign? What house? And what kind of aspects does She have to other planets? This will give you a key to understanding where you invest will have the greatest meaning.

Venus moves through each zodiac pretty quickly, only spending 23 days to 2 months in a sign (depending on if it goes retrograde). Venus just entered Pisces yesterday (March 26) and will be there through April 20th.

With Venus in Pisces, we get to explore what we love and desire in terms of creativity, artistry and spiritual connection to the work we do.

Questions to ask yourself:

In your brand, what do you love to create? Can you clearly define it?

In your brand, how can you bring a higher level of artistry, level up your offering?

In your business, is it spiritually fulfilling? If it is, how can you cultivate more of that feeling for longer durations of time. If it isn’t, what do you need to commit to to change so that it is?

Use this time of Venus in Pisces to explore our capacity to express and enjoy the beauty we bring in the world through our work.

So how is Venus expressing herself in your business right now?

Are you following your bliss and sharing your creativity and offering with the world?

Are you treating yourself? Are you loving what you do? AND Doing what you love?

March 26: Venus into Pisces from Aquarius. Venus loves being in Pisces. In our businesses, Venus represents our values and self worth. During this time what we deem important in our offerings will become lighter, brighter, and more harmonious. And you know, when you exalt your creativity and the value you bring to the world, this creates confidence, which then creates empowerment. Ultimately this means you love what you do and understand your worth! Go flaunt it!

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