Episode 69: Human Design + Astrology in Your Business with Aime Miyamoto

by | Apr 14, 2021

Astrology is a specific and practical tool for self-actualization in your business AND it is just one of many star-wisdom systems that help you step into your fullest potential. Aime Miyamoto, Human Design expert and business astrologer to changemaking CEOs (and one of my advisors) is going to share with you the intersection between Human Design and astrology when to use one vs the other and give us a peek into Gene Keys for prosperity! Listen to us geek out in this conversation talking about the things we love the most and get inspired with how to use these tools in your business journey!

In this episode:

  • What is Human Design
  • Human Design Types
  • How Human Design + Astrology Intersect
  • Understanding your Human Design in making decisions
  • Gene Keys + Prosperity

Meet Aime Miyamoto

Aime Miyamoto is a Human Design for Business Consultant, Business Astrologer, and Energetic Leadership Mentor to Creative Changermaker CEOs who are creating big impact in the world with their transformational business missions and by living and leading with more ease and flow on their own terms.

Astrologically, she also considers herself to be a Pioneering Aries Sun / an Original Aquarius Moon / and Creative Leo Rising

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Human Design and astrology

The connection between Human Design + Astrology is to create:

  • Map/vehicle
  • conscious/mind/personality
  • Unconscious design/body – 88 days prior
  • Ultimate aligned prosperity business path!
    • Business astrologer, Human design + Gene Keys
    • Unlocking Highest Prosperous Potential
  • Sun
    • Astrology: Zodiac, House Placement
    • Human Design: Gate theme, 6 different themes based on total 64 gates
    • Gene Keys: Brand theme, life’s work

Get your Human Design Chart

Human Design Types

  1. Manifestor
  2. Generator (consistent energy)
  3. Manifesting Generator (consistent energy)
  4. Projector
  5. Reflector

When to use Human Design vs Astrology


  • divine timing – new creative cycle, and
    • Timing, progressions, transits
    • Growth gain that changes over time
  • Unique relationships to planets
    • Aspects
    • Opportunities

Human Design

  • Business leader
  • Specificity – unique genius of the business leader
    • Not only gifts and offering,messaging
    • HD: 2, 3 layers deeper
      • All the unique genius
      • Knowing design strengths are
      • 2 gates to create a channel
      • High-value super power – profit potential

Multi systems – Gene Keys

  • Prosperity sequence
    • Conscious sun (core)
    • Vocation energy (unconscious mars – core wound – awareness and take action on that theme in a healthy way – gate 14 – Aime – highest competence ) NO COMPROMISE – big why
    • Unconscious Jupiter – culture placement – the theme what you’re aligned biz model dynamic
      • 34.2 (34 – power / strength, .2 – partnerships)
    • Pearl – Energetic power spot – tuning fork – inviting
      • power/strength
  • Type / Decision making strategy
    • Manifestor vs projector
    • Transits
    • Energy centers and channeled gifts

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