I am Sagittarius ♐️ ⁠

by Nov 22, 2019Astrology

I am Sagittarius

I am Sagittarius ♐️ ⁠
I am a visionary 💡 ⁠
I believe 💜 ⁠
I am optimistic ✨ ⁠
I am fiery 🔥 ⁠
I am adaptable 😊 ⁠
I see my own Truth 👆 ⁠
I am free 🦅 ⁠
I am lucky 🍀 ⁠
I am wise 🦉 ⁠
I am idealistic ⚡️ ⁠

What a perfect season to do your big dreaming about 2020, the next decade and beyond. And your vision of how your brand is meant to expand its reach and awareness. ⁠

There are no such thing as limits for Sagittarius. Only big dreams, big visions, big beliefs and big philosophies. ⁠

If you have strong Sagittarius in your brand such as your Sun, Moon, Rising or Midheaven in Sagittarius, alternatively, Jupiter in your 1, 7 or 10th houses, you are a transformational visionary. To call you a creative is actually too small of a label for you. ⁠

Your job is to be able to clearly and eloquently explain your vision of the world to everyone that will listen. Which that is the challenge, right? To be able to put into words your lofty and intangible vision.⁠

You can do it, because you are Sagittarius. ⁠

Me, I’m a Sagittarius 🌙 moon! Deep down in my heart I want to be understood, seen and I want to be an inspiration to others so they too can lead with their vision of a better world. ⁠

Am I being too lofty? Perhaps, but I imagine you catch my drift. ⁠

Do you have strong Sagittarius in your brand? I’m dying to know your vision! ⁠




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