I was so scared

by Sep 12, 2019#brandwhoyouare

I was so scared

Last July, I applied for a call with a business coach I found online. When my call came up I was excited yet scared. Would she like me? Would I qualify for her program?

I got on the phone with a lovely coach who took the lead by asking questions. By the end she asked if I wanted to join their program. I said yes, but how much was it?? She proceeded to tell me the biggest number I had ever heard!

I was shocked. Mortified even. I had never spent that kind of money on myself or my business since undergrad, but that was over 20 years ago!

I told her I had to discuss it with my husband, I needed some time to process. She gave me 24 hours to make a decision.

The next day I signed the dotted line.

I was scared 💩-less!!

Scared that I was going to waste the money instead of earn it back.

Scared that I was going to be a failure in the program.

Scared that I wasn’t going to live up to the other successful members.

But I did it anyway.

And guess what, I made mistakes, I hid at times, I got burnt out, I let people down.

AND I increased my revenue 20% month over month, rebranded my entire business, created a new business model, put together a framework for branding that was 100% my own, put together an entire new program and delivered it 3x, served way more people, applied for a book writing scholarship with a well known publisher and won a spot, 4x my social media platform and more.


Was the HUGE amount I spent worth it? Heck yes!

How I kicked myself for not investing sooner. But divine timing 😂

I know you’re scared.

You may be scared of failure

… scared of spending a huge sum of money
… scared of making a mistake
… scared of stepping up to be known
… scared of sharing your expertise or creativity
… scared of taking responsibility as a leader
… scared that no one will understand your vision
… scared to contribute and participate

I of all people get it! I grapple with fear and self doubt EVERYDAY even if it seems I beam with confidence.

But I’m here to tell you that I believe in you.

I believe you can do anything you want, even if you’re scared.

I believe you have the capacity to implement everything I have to teach you.

I believe you have the ability to turn mistakes into learning lessons for growth along your path.

I believe you can show up even when you want to hide.

I believe you have a unique vision that you owe it to the world to share.

I believe you have the ability to evolve your business into more than what you even thought was possible.

I believe that you will earn back your investment in experience, impact and income if you commit to doing the work even when you want to hide.

I’m here to hold your hand while you take that scary leap.

To guide you with personalized feedback about your business and brand.

To lead by example, that I too am scared, but I do it anyway.

Each time I have taken a scary leap to invest in something that I know will GROW my business, I have always gained in some way.

ROI – return on investment.

It means that what you put out will come back to you amplified. When you invest in yourself you are telling the Universe that you value yourself. That you have a budding belief that success is nearer than it is far. And that you trust the Universe has your back.

You can get results in elevating your brand to be seen.

You can have those lasting transformations of confidence and clarity.

You can take and implement your learnings with me on all your future ventures.

You can decide you are ready to believe in your greatest potential.

You can #brandwhoyouare.

I believe in you.

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