Last week, the day that Jupiter went retrograde (4/10/19) I was on a group coaching call with the wonderful women in my spring circle of Crystallize. We open up our weekly sessions by sharing our wins, which is sometimes not easy. And we dig deep in search of gratitude.

I shared my win, a huge a-ha moment, disguised as a silver lining.

My win went like this… during last tax crunch week, I had been knee high in spreadsheets, reimbursements and receipts. And as I was reviewing my reports from my bookkeeper, opening links that had never been opened, I looked at my money in what seemed like eons.

I had once had a practice in recent past of looking at my money daily, as I was living on a shoestring budget. Lately, though, my practice was replaced by unconsciousness.

When I looked at my money, I wish my story went, “wow, I made so much money!”

Instead, my money story went “wow, I made so much more money than I ever have before…and I have only $400 of profit to show for it.”

Not a tear did I shed, this could have easily turned apocalyptic.

I didn’t pass judgement.

I passed curiosity.

Why hadn’t I looked at my money? (I was afraid and didn’t want to see the low balances)

Why hadn’t I been mindful and trimmed the fat? (I didn’t prioritize my value or my income over being busy with busy work)

Were all the heavy investments in my business paying off? (I didn’t strategize and analyze my metrics)

Well truth of it is, for all intents and purposes, I did start a new business in 2018.

And I INVESTED HEAVILY in my brand, my visibility and my clarity through business coaching, digital marketing tools and paid advertising.

AND my visibility has increased 7x across all platforms.

BUT I wasn’t walking my talk.

In Crystallize Brand Coaching, I teach women how to be confident and clear in their businesses.

One of the paths towards confidence and clarity is about changing their relationship to money. Another is to increase the perception of the value that they have of themselves and their offering.

And yet another is about focusing on tasks that bring the biggest impact.

So, I wasn’t walking my talk! This was the a-ha!

And this was a wakeup call for me and the message that Jupiter Retrograde has for me.

Jupiter, the energy of luck, broadening horizons, expansion is now in its annual retrograde motion through August 2019.

Unlike personal Mercury Retrograde which totally screws with your tech and communications, Jupiter Retrogrades are way less intense and really brings the light to where it’s being activated.

Jupiter Retrograde asks you ARE YOU WALKING YOUR TALK?

To leverage this expansive energy, if you’re not walking your talk, you have a chance to re-address this issue and fix it! Jupiter is on your side.

For me, fixing it, means reclaiming my intimacy with my finances.

Looking at my accounts every day. And analyzing my investments for return.

Oh, and Friday, you get another redo energy buzz – your second full moon in Libra at 29 degrees! What were you doing last full moon in Libra at the end of March? What did you work through? Did you just wish it, or intend it by taking action? If you didn’t follow through with action, you get another chance to work on releasing whatever is holding you back in your relationships.

Where are you not walking your talk? How will you redo this to activate its expansion?

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