Is your brand being ignored? Here’s why

by Aug 27, 2019#crystalclarity, #mantrabrand

Hello Visionary!

Are you finding it hard to get noticed in your brand, communicating your power of serving others?

It’s a challenge for sure! And before we dive into those mistakes you may be making (mistakes I too have been making) let’s first chat a bit about Virgo.

Virgo season upon us and the energy has me analyzing how I serve others and whether or not I’m effectively communicating that service.

I got to thinking about my brand.

Am I communicating clearly:

  • who I serve, my ideal customer?
  • the problem I solve with my offering?
  • the transformation my customer gets as a result?

Working with an amazing copywriter this week, I realize I haven’t been communicating clearly. It’s not because I suck at communication (I’m actually great at it for others), it’s because I’ve been too close and inside my offering to be able to see it from an outsider’s view.

Mistake #1: I haven’t been direct
Meaning I haven’t officially announced that I have a flagship offering. Well I do and it’s called Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle (with an astrology twist) for visionary women business owners to brand who they are and go from unknown to unmatched.

Mistake #2: I haven’t provided important details
Meaning, I’m starting this 4th cohort in October! And that applications are now open with an early bird bonus through August 30. And that doors close September 13.

Now I’d like to correct my mistakes and announce that I’m now officially accepting applications to my Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle.

If you are a visionary woman business owner and dream of having your brand’s vision, voice and style together in January 2020, the time is now to take that leap of faith, invest in yourself and your business and #brandwhoyouare! Take your brand from unknown to unmatched.

Patty, Former Crystallize Member Testimonial

And what perfect timing New Moon in Virgo is coming up late this week!

And to celebrate, for the first time since May, I’ll be holding my Illuminate Your Brand’s Soul Masterclass! I’m so excited to present this masterclass again because I’ve gotten such a great response from participants each time I teach it.

Zoom Chat from Previous Webinars

If you’ve attended before, there are some updates to the 5 Secrets AND you know I focus the conversation to the New Moon energy – this round – Virgo!

Oh Virgo: The perfectionist, nurturing, analyzer of the Zodiac and her desire to serve others and take care of herself.

What a perfect topic for business! Where would our business be if we weren’t serving others!?

And how successful can we be if we don’t take great care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

I’d love to personally invite you to join me for my free Illuminate Your Brand’s Soul Masterclass while we focus on planting the seeds of intention around helping others through our business.

Register for my live masterclass Illuminate Your Brand’s Soul
Thursday, August 29 1p Pacific / 4p Eastern

In addition to setting New Moon intentions, we will also be covering the 5 secrets to brand who you are:

⚡How your astrological natal chart informs your brand
⚡Exactly how your Sun Sign impacts your brand’s core values
⚡Why understanding your Moon Sign is the key to unlocking your financial success
⚡What to look for in your Rising Sign to be able to better connect with the ideal customer
⚡How to create focus and easily make decisions using your star-charted gifts
⚡And so much more

Register for free here:

That’s it for today, I hope you have a lovely start of the week.

Are you communicating your power of serving others in your brand? Where are you with that? Reply back and let me know!



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