Episode 48: Jupiter + Saturn conjunction at Aquarius 0° on Solstice

by | Dec 20, 2020

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

What it is:

  • Jupiter expansiveness
    • Saturn contraction, discipline, responsibility
    • Every 20 years, cycle in an element for 200 years (earth) / 1981 in Libra
  • Then move onto another element – Aquarius – last time was 1405
    • UK Astrologer Pam Gregory noticed how we had a flowering of ideas in the Rennaisance
  • The start of a new area of flowering in Air
    • Technology
    • Uranus in Taurus – ruler of Aquarius
    • How we are moving into a more equitable future
  • We still have work to do
    • Breaking down old systems (pluto in Cap until 2024)
    • Maybe we’ll see reparations?
    • You can see the evolution beginning
  • We are at a new beginning

Why it’s so important

  • All of the astrology of the year and the week are opening this area of expansiveness for us
  • Solstice
  • A week after the Total Eclipse
  • At the end of a big bang of a year – a new beginning

What does it mean for us collectively? – Something New is Born

  • If you’re a mom, you know
    • The excitement
    • The grief
    • The transition
    • The awakening
  • Collectively, we are entering a new Earth – a new baby is being born
    • Rise of the spiritual entrepreneur
    • Rise of feminine or soft power leadership
    • Rise of equality and nonbinary
    • Rise of shared resources
  • In your business
    • Evolution of success – what does it mean to you
    • Evolution of understanding your purpose in society – yes service to others
    • Evolution of seeing yourself as successful
    • Evolution of recognizing your unique powers
    • Evolution of devoting yourself to this collective evolution
  • Personally
    • Trust – trust that all the experience
    • Patience
    • Curiosity Meaning
    • Commitment
    • Optimism and Faith

What to do with this energy in your business and work

  • Where are you asked to evolve, into the future?
  • Expand your capacity for sustainable, equitable growth?
  • New technologies
  • Belonging to groups, and the intersectionality of those groups
  • Your commitment to social justice
    • Learning your biases
    • Understanding your privileges
    • Sharing your power
    • Empowering others

Personalize this activation to gain insight into your business’s evolution

  • You’re already feeling it
  • And if you’ve been consistently putting in the work (Saturn) things are sure to expand (Jupiter) – EVEN GREATNESS
    • Notice that there were people that had epic years
    • People that have been doing the shadow work, understanding their own challenges
    • Or doing the social and equitable work
      • Sharing their wisdom
      • Doing their work of understanding
      • Empowering others
  • Activations by Planets
    • Aquarius
    • Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)
    • Air (Gemini, Libra)
    • JUPITER over 2021
    • SATURN through 2023
      • Sustainability
      • Commitment
      • Responsibility
  • Activations by Angles
    • Met so many people with 0° on fixed signs on the angles!!
    • Rising/Descendant – relationships
    • Midheaven/Imum Coleil – purpose and status
  • Activations by House
    • Where in your business you are meant to expand your capacity for sustainable and equitable growth
    • Growth needs a structure, a trellis if you will (Saturn)
    • Growth needs nourishment (rest, consistency, commitment, ease)
    • Growth needs light (faith, optimism)
    • Growth needs water (emotional security)

House by house activation

I create space to allow support and healing of:

1H: My self + identity by restoring my belief system
2H: My worthiness by activating my achievements
3H: My self-expression by energizing my greater community
4H: My emotional security by restorative self-care
5H: My creativity by accessing my authentic self
6H: My wellness by igniting my inner peace
7H: My relationships to others by saying how I feel
8H: My ability to change by being vulnerable
9H: My possibilities by accessing deep creative flow
10H: My achievements by sparking daily routines
11H: My place in society by committing to close friendships
12H: My ability to let go by understanding its power to alchemize

Repeat + expand at these healing levels:

  1. Self
  2. Community/Business 
  3. Society

Astrology of the Week

Week of December 20 – 26

This is the week we’ve been waiting all year for. The beginning of a new era. On the powerful Solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn, bringing in light in the Northern Hemisphere, the timelords, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sky at the critical 0° of Aquarius. Any meeting on 0° is exponentially powerful, the beginning of a zodiac sign, it is ripe and new with that energy. Hope, dreams, future thinking, humanitarian, innovative. Yes, this is what we need.

And yes, spiritual entrepreneur, you’ve chosen this path, to pioneer this evolution through your work. What will uplevel in your business and in your world?

12/20 Our thoughts build our reality – Mercury our thoughts and the way we express ourselves enters trustworthy Capricorn. With this, our thoughts turn from loft aspirations and now want to ground into reality to build out these aspirations. Ground your thoughts so we can build our future reality. How are your business models and brand message shifting?

12/21 Take self-directed action on your dreams – 2Q Moon in Aries – It’s time to take action and initiate the New Moon intentions you planted! What will be your first action step to reach your big vision?

12/21 Magical Solstice, the return to light – Sun enters Capricorn 2:02 am PT / 5:02am ET – This year’s Solstice is like no other. The MOST powerful day of the most powerful year (and when I say powerful 2020, star gazers for thousands of years have been looking to 2020 with awe – there hasn’t been a year like this in millenia) December 21, when the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Capricorn we welcome in Solstice, where in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome in the light and in the Southern Hemisphere, we welcome in the dark. This integration is necessary so our magic and wisdom can come forward. How will you celebrate the Solstice?

12/21 An expanded spiritual social consciousness is born – Jupiter conjunct/meets Saturn at Aquarius 0° 10:21am PT / 1:21p ET – A few hours after solstice, the meeting we’ve been waiting for ALL year happens. The meeting of the great time lords of Jupiter and Saturn invoking a spiritual evolution that will inform the next 20 years with the hopefulness, future thinking, and humanitarian Aquarius energy. Any meeting at 0° is exponentially powerful, the beginning of a zodiac sign, the energy is heightened and ripe with new energy. Hope, dreams, future thinking, humanitarian, innovative. This is the sign and the power we need to create this new social structure, based on equity for ALL. What will you build with your vision in your work that will benefit all?

12/23 External forces urge transformation – Mars in Aries creates friction with Pluto in Capricorn – For a few days you’ll be feeling a bit of tension. This tension is needed, it is the fuel that is needed to burn so that we can distill. What inconveniences do you notice that impact you but in reality are gifts that set you on your true path of leadership?

12/24 Innovative evocations for breakthrough – Mercury in Capricorn flow with Uranus in Taurus – it’s time to give thanks to the Earth. For all the resources that have supported you and made your life more merry. How can you help restore the Earth and make a promise to make a difference with renewable resources for all?

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