Episode 63: Leaping into Equinox Eagle Medicine with Asha Interview

by | Mar 21, 2021

The equinox is a special time of year based on an astronomical event where the earth is the midway point between the two solstices.⁠ No matter where are you live on earth, this is a time of taking flight and of starting over of planting new seeds. ⁠

In today’s episode, the beautiful Asha Frost (@asha.frost,) an indigenous medicine woman returns as a special guest to teach us of eagle medicine and how we are meant to use this eagle medicine after a long extended time in bear medicine with our ongoing pandemic. ⁠

We will talk about the significance of this equinox, and the significance of stepping into your own eagle powers in your life and your business so that you can take flight. Then I will end the episode with the astrological highlights for the week of March 21-27⁠.

Photo by Asha Frost

Meet Asha Frost

As a child, I was called a seer by my ancestors. They would visit me nightly through my dreams and visions. I was a sensitive soul who was awakening to this Medicine Person within.

In my late teens, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Lupus. This illness became my gateway to an incredible spiritual journey. Due to colonization, marginalization and oppression, I had been disconnected from my roots. My journey has been about reconnecting to my rich heritage of being an Ojibway woman and all of the brilliant teachings and medicines that surround me. Lupus opened me up to remembering who I truly am. Medicine Woman, Healer, Mentor, Soul Seer. These are my original instructions.

As I remembered who I was, I began to feel my spirit soar. Constantly connecting to my truth and honouring myself, my body began to heal and I ultimately knew that the divine healing that shows up for me, is possible for everyone.

I have worked as a Medicine Person for almost 2 decades and have facilitated thousands of ceremonies through individual appointments, healing circles, retreats and workshops.

My journey continues to lead me to my original instructions as Healing Rainbow Woman. My name informs me to be the bridge between worlds and people. To honour the essence, beauty and light in each person that crosses my path. Every single day, I am grateful to witness miracles, healing, and a return to love in myself and those around me.

I truly believe that the journey never ends, it simply evolves and illuminates. I would love to be of service to you in your life as you root down into your own way, heal through your wounds and connect to your most authentic path.

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Astrology of the Week of 3/21-3/27


Sun enters Aries | Equinox

2:37 AM PT | 5:37 AM ET

Creativity rises, the season of new beginnings

Where are you putting yourself first in your business?

Happy Equinox everyone! This astronomical event is celebrated and symbolized all across the world. Equinox symbolizes the balance of light. Today, no matter where you are on the Earth, day equals night. Ancient societies across the globe saw this event and placed meaning on the equinox.

At Angkor Wat, Cambodia a grand Hindu (now Budhist) temple’s central tower is crowned with the Sun on the morning of the spring equinox.

At Chichen Itza, Mexico a Mayan pyramid casts shadows of a serpent god Kukulkan at the precise moment of the equinox.

Now, for us spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s the beginning of the astrological year, the new, the start, the need to put ourselves first and initiate.

Although we are starting Aries season, normally all about the “me” versus the “we,” shortly after equinox, Venus (our ability to connect) also enters Aries (although Venus and the Sun don’t meet exactly for a few days), our vision of me is only in relationship to we.

Aries season you get a fresh start. A rise of taking initiative on your priorities. Feel into this newness and see where you are now meant to take lead.

Venus enters Aries

7:16 AM PT | 10:16 AM ET

Connect by taking lead

With what pioneers and leaders are you meant to connect?

Venus joins the Sun already in Aries. While in Aries, Venus loves connecting with other leaders, risk and action takers and those that desire to be the best and the first. A bit of competition is fun for Venus in Aries as she knows that it pushes her to be even better than before. Venus in Aries loves all things edgy and risky.

How can you use this energy to connect with those other spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, who are really ready to leap to their goals because there’s no time like now to get a jump start!

Venus stays in Aries for just a few weeks (and that’s great for her, because taking lead isn’t normally her M.O.) until she returns to her cozy Taurus home on April 14.

2Q Moon Cancer 1°12′

7:40 AM PT | 10:40 AM ET

Act + nourish

What practice of self care helps move the needle forward?

It’s time to take action on your intentions! You had some big visions you planted during the New Moon in Pisces, now, it’s time to hold space for those intentions to sprout. Our Cancer first quarter moon is about taking action in the form of self care. Yes, naps to make money, massages for effectiveness, Netflix for impact. Self care and holding space on the outside may not seem like productivity. But if these acts of nourishing replenish your ability to be more energized and effective, can you see the value of that power nap!? Be aware that selfcare isn’t avoidance, be sure to notice when you are filling your cup vs ignoring your inbox. Make space in your schedule for self care so you can energetically, in alignment, act on your intentions.


Mercury square Mars

8:26 PM PT | 11:26 PM ET

Be patient and gain understanding

What is your intuition or higher self wanting you to know right now?

Today Mercury in Pisces (abstract thoughts) squares off with Mars in Gemini (scattered motivation) and you just can’t figure out which way is up! It’s all good if you take it for what it is, a fleeting opportunity to throw your ideas to the wind and go with the flow. In the midst of it all, if you can quiet your mind a bit, brilliance can shine through. For now, go make a mess, scatter some paint, sing in the shower, meditate in a noisy playground and see what comes up.


Sun conjunct Venus

11:58 PM PT | 2:58 AM + 1 ET

Shine brightly confidently and beautifully

With whom will you share your brilliance and leadership?

The Sun (our vibrant creation) and Venus (our connection to others) meet in fiery Aries today. When these two luminaries meet everything is affectionate and warm and uber creative. In Aries, this likeability can be self-directed, yay! And outwardly directed by gaining all the followers with charming leadership. At the same time, Mars, the ruler of Aries is connecting with the North Node saying, this is our collective new direction and purpose, self-directed leadership in partnership with our best co-creators. We all create beautiful outcomes and win when we lead together.

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