Episode 57: March 2021 Biz StarCast – Flowing Easily Forward

by | Feb 28, 2021

Flowing Easily Forward

Welcome to 2021, it’s finally starting to feel like we are moving forward!! We are done with our first Mercury Retrograde, the Aquarius pile up is loosening and this month we have two planetary (Venus in Pisces before March 21 and Sun in Aries after March 21 ) energies moving into signs for where they are exalted, meaning they are welcome guests in those signs.

Yay, it finally feels like we have wind under our wings to easily take flight.

In February, you were able to rethink what the future meant for you and your business and what social values for which you were going to take a stand to call in your larger communities. You may have even got a glimmer what exactly you want to do. In March, expect this glimmer to get so much brighter and clearer – woo hoo!

You’re also starting to understand what needs upleveling in your business and how sustainability and equity are at a core to what you do and who you call in to co-create. You don’t have all the answers yet but you are moving in the right direction.

As March unfolds we see all planets moving forward and quickly through the sky. This is the only full month all of 2021 where we have all direct motion, meaning no planets appear to be moving backwards in retrograde. Normally this is a great thing, however, Mars, Venus (after March 21) and Mercury, our personal planets, spend their time in signs that do not feel like home.

Because they are personal planets, we feel these intimately and things won’t feel a bit wonky:

  • Mars moves into scattered Gemini where he can’t focus on his priorities.
  • Venus spends time in assertive Aries where she can’t luxuriate.
  • Mercury is in illogical Pisces where communication is reflected and refracted until it looks like an abstract painting.

With all this contrarian energy, it’s like moving into your in-laws that you don’t particularly get along with while your home is getting remodeled. Things are moving forward but you’re certainly not in your comfort zone.

The show must go on and while things don’t feel super comfortable, this is the break to make gains you’ve been waiting for!

March’s star powers support the energy to:

  • Connect to our Divine to understand our highest purpose in our work
  • Use our imagination and beyond-word ways to communicate
  • Heighten our frequency to connect and create with ease and flow
  • Find our perfect balance of leadership and partnership

This month we see:

  • All planets are direct!
  • Mars enters Gemini March 3 – April 22
  • Mercury enters Pisces March 15 – April 3
  • Venus and Sun enters Aries on Equinox March 21


  • New Moon Pisces 23° March 13
  • Full Moon Libra 8° March 28

Astrology of the Week

Mars enters Gemini

3/3/2021 | 7:30 PM PT | 10:30 PM ETM

Motivation can be scattered

What is your true motivation and are you prioritizing the right things?

Mars enters airy chatty Gemini through April 22 and during this time it may feel like everything is urgent. Mars isn’t super comfortable in Gemini as he has no clear way to focus his energy. While things may feel scattered, you can really dig into this energy by prioritizing sharing information and engaging with others. Mars loves initiating and gaining momentum, and at the highest expression Gemini loves creating dialog and getting curious. With this season, see how you can prioritize gaining info, sharing info, and taking the lead by opening up a conversation – be sure to do as much listening as chatting!

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

3/4/2021 | 7:27 PM PT | 10:27 PM ET

Your innovative message expands

What vision is now clear that you have to express?

A fantastic day to get your big message out further or create a new message for impact.

Mercury, our communications and Jupiter, our expansive meet up exactly today in innovative, social impact making, Aquarius. Your thoughts, ideas, and what you say (Mercury) has a chance to go further, be optimistic, and change beliefs (Jupiter).

Because of this expansive energy, take today to write down your thoughts, share them on social media, send out that press release.

And if you don’t yet have your big message honed in, today would be a great day to spend some time with pen to paper and exploring your ideas to fine tune your message for impact.

Look to the meeting point of Mercury and Jupiter at Aquarius 17°33′ in your chart. Any planets in fixed signs near this point (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will add some creative tension and any air signs near this point (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be in flow with getting your big message out further!

4Q Moon Sagittarius

3/5/2021 | 5:30 PM PT | 8:30 PM ET

Relax + give thanks

What simple offering of gratitude can you offer that will change your entire vibration today?

A great day to relax and create space to feel free.

You’ve been working so hard, giving it your all. Resist the urge to hustle and achieve at all costs, that’s a past pattern that is serving no one, especially you.

Your creativity is desiring connection, connection to Spirit and connection to your closest loved ones. Make the space to do this today and tell both Spirit and your loved ones how much you appreciate them. The Sun (our creativity) sits mid point between Neptune (spirit) and Venus (connection) wanting to bring in all of this interconnectivity.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

With the Sagittarius 4Q moon, spend some integration time relaxing and feeling free. Visit somewhere with a vast landscape or view so you can stretch your soul and feel the expanse. Freedom, gratitude, and optimism are your keys.

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