Mars in Scorpio asks…

by Nov 20, 2019Astrology

Mars in Scorpio

Are you using passion to motivate and activate your powerful purpose? ⁠

We definitely aren’t out of Scorpio season yet! Mars just joined Mercury and the Sun 🌞 already in the depths of Scorpio. Mars will be spending time in Scorpio 11/19 – Jan 3.⁠

Mars is your ⚡ motivation, ⚡activation and ⚡physical passion to make a move. Scorpio is your control, power, and ability to transform at the deepest level.⁠

And Mars loves being in Scorpio, its traditional ruler before Pluto was discovered. And some say that Mars holds more weight than Pluto just because it’s physically closer to us and soooo much larger in mass than tiny yet mighty Pluto. ⁠

Where ever you have Mars in your chart represents where you are motivated to act. No surprises that even though I’m slow in taking action, when it comes to spirituality or decorating my spaces, I’m all in. Thank you Mars in Taurus 12H (12th House). ⁠

⚡Do I have passion in spirituality – um, YES!⁠
⚡Do I have passion in making my spaces beautiful – have you seen my home!? Yes!⁠

If you have prominent Scorpio in your brand like your Sun, Moon, Rising, Midheaven or Descendant, your brand is meant to do the deep transformative work, therapy, counseling, deep dives into healing taboos, and healing work around trust and self-worth. ⁠

And if you have Mars anywhere near those pivot points of your brand, I bet you are a fighter! A warrior, a go-getter. YES!⁠

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 How is Mars asking you to add a dose of passion to motivate the work in your personal brand and business? ⁠

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