Episode 53: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius – Rethinking Equitable Success in Your Business

by | Jan 31, 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is here and there is no reason to freak out when you know how to use this energy in your business. This is such a potent energy to rethink the future, specifically to answer the big questions around how you connect with your larger communities over shared values AND how you choose to empower others through your privileges to bring forth equitable success. I know, it sounds big, but you, spiritual entrepreneur are here to act on change!

In this episode:

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, what it is and what it means [ 9:07 ]
  • The big questions to plant so that you can get clarity over the next few weeks [ 25:21 ]
  • Mercury Retrograde House Activations [ 32:35 ]
  • Astrology of the week of 1/31 – 2/6 [ 36:35 ]

Redo, rethink, reorganize your business’s role in making change for the future

From January 30, 2021 – February 20, 2021 Mercury will highlight Aquarius 26° – Aquarius 11° so that you can rethink equitable success and your role in creating this new future.

As Mercury makes its first retrograde cycle of 2021 it will be activating all the Aquarian energy already there, Sun (creativity), Jupiter (vision), Saturn (structure) and Venus (values) giving us the energy to rethink our capacity to create a new future that we believe in with those who share our values of equitable success.

Sound big and vast?

Yes, but it is possible!

10 things to do in your business before Mercury Retrograde

  1. Backup your files
  2. Check your payments to cloud storage
  3. Back up local and external hard drives
  4. Set up autosave
  5. Prepare to slow down
  6. Check your work
  7. Turn off your mobile while driving
  8. Pad your next 3 weeks with extra time
  9. Clear your calendar for the day before Rx starts

Mercury Retrograde Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

What is Mercury Retrograde?

  • Cycle between Mercury and the Sun
  • From our perspective on earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards
  • Happens 3x a year as Mercury zips around the sun much faster than us – about 88 earth days
  • Mercury, a personal planet goes retrograde, it’s at its closest point to Earth and we feel it on a personal level
  • Generally Mercury transits are quick
    • Fastest and closest, that’s why we feel it so much
    • How we process info
    • Messenger to our soul, never far away from our conscious
  • Mercury ruler of Gemini and Virgo – In Gemini it wants to know everything and then moves it into Virgo our body to organize and act upon the information
    • In Retrograde, the process is reversed. Process in body to intellectualize

Why Mercury Retrogrades Are So Important

Our energy to receive and express information needs to reset 3x a year.

We are inundated with info so we get to give ourselves permission to slow down, recalibrate and re-do the things that need attention.⁠

We get to:

  • Redo
  • Reorganize
  • Reflect
  • Rewrite
  • Rethink
    Anything re-

Such a lovely way for the Universe to give us the energy to make sure we are on the right path. And if we’re not to pivot!

When Mercury is retrograde, our thought processes, communications, short distance travel may take a bit longer or misfire.

We may experience our ability to think and communicate in a different way than usual.

7 things to do in your business

  • Realize your privileges
  • Reiterate your social values
  • Reflect on your desired vision of the future
  • Reimagine your business as a role model
  • Rewrite your brand values
  • Reconnect with changemaking cocreators
  • Reignite your larger circles and communities

Mercury Retrograde House Activation

Which house is being highlighted by Aquarius 11° – 26°?
This house is the part of your business needs rethinking equitable success

  • 1H: Rethink your role as a changemaking leader and how you share that power with others
  • 2H: Reevaluate your social values, how they add value to your business, how you share that value with others
  • 3H: Refine and communicate your radical message to promote your business as an agent of change
  • 4H: Recreate your safe communities of diverse beings to create innovative inclusion in your business
  • 5H: Reignite future forward creative enterprises and causes that set your business and brand apart
  • 6H: Reorganize your innovative ideas of service through your business as being part of a greater whole
  • 7H: Rethink your collaborative partnerships in your business with other changemakers bringing in the future over a shared cause
  • 8H: Reflect on healing the past as a necessary part of healing the future in and through your business
  • 9H: Reimagine sharing your innovative vision of the future as a contribution to the wider world
  • 10H: Recommit to delivering your breakthrough innovation as a platform to creating equitable success
  • 11H: Reactivate your greater social networks of changemakers through humanitarian values and activism
  • 12H: Reveal what innovative reformations are needed to restore truth in and through your business

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