Episode 111: More Energetic Visibility with Less Social Media with April Monique

by | Sep 8, 2021

Virgo superpowered visibility coach & energetic healer, April Monique shares with us her story of deep identity healing. She shows us how using her toolbox of various energetic healing modalities, she first healed her own invisibility as a biracial woman then learned how to heal others. She also shares her journey of true visibility that started when she stepped back from being on social media. During this downtime, she learned to fine-tune, create boundaries and trust herself. All of this resulted in brighter visibility in her own terms. Listen in to learn how to wholly take care and show up for yourself (mind, body, and spirit) in order to serve other people in the highest way possible. All Virgo ideals!

Meet April Monique

April Monique is a Visibility Coach & Healer who helps soulful socially conscious women entrepreneurs expand their capacity for visibility so they can feel truly seen/heard, radically nurtured, and fully expressed. She offers private and group coaching & energy healing. She is Certified Neuroscience Coach, Certified Daring Way Facilitator™, Certified Radical Guide DNA Activation Practitioner™, Kundalini Reiki Master, and Licensed Professional Counselor.

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