Episode 83: Name Your Brilliance with Dr. Sweta Chawla

by | Jun 2, 2021

Dr. Sweta Chawla, with her Gemini Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the twelfth house of hidden talents shares her process of naming. It’s no wonder that she calls herself a Copywriter to the Soul as she’s able to help her clients reveal their brilliance by naming it. It is through this process of naming your brilliance that you are able to then live out your brilliance in your careers and authentic leadership. Secret: the path to revealing your brilliance isn’t based on logic. Listen in as Sweta shares her process and journey into entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sweta Chawla

Meet Dr. Sweta Chawla

Sweta Chawla PharmD, MS is a Former Professor of Pharmacy and Clinical and Residency Director turned Speaker, Author and Life & Leadership Coach. She has been called a “copywriter for the soul” and serves highly-responsible individuals and groups who want to step further into their potential without compromising their integrity and well-being. Since 2013 she has guided professionals and budding creatives & entrepreneurs to recognize what holds them back from playing full-out in work & life. She supports her clients to liberate themselves and helps illuminate how to bridge from reluctant or dutiful leader to a natural leader by supporting them to reveal their authentic brilliance. Dr. Sweta is author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…Now What? and contributor to the award-winning Anthology She’s Got This: Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On. She has published articles and essays in several journals, magazines and has spoken on many stages and panels, including the White House

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