New Moon in Gemini

by Dec 11, 2019Astrology

Full Moon In Gemini

I need to be heard and understood says Gemini Full Moon 🌕 reflecting the light of big vision Jupiter.⁠

This full moon asks, where are you being heard and understood in your brand? And if you aren’t being heard and understood, what are your obstacles?⁠

Now when I’m saying heard and understood, I’m not talking gossip and squabbles, I’m talking BIG IDEAS, BIG VISION, BIG BELIEF – as the Sun in Sagittarius declares. ⁠

In your brand and biz, if you’re being heard, celebrate and give thanks for that harvest.⁠

If you’re NOT being heard, what are your obstacles to being heard?⁠

🌝 Where are you not being clear? ⁠
🌝 How are you not speaking up? ⁠
🌝 Might you not be listening and engaging? ⁠

#fullmoongemini ♊️ coming up 12/12 at 12:12a Eastern | 12/11 at 9:12p listening and engaging needs to be on our minds. ⁠

The deepest desire of Gemini is to be heard, but a giant mistake Gemini’s can make is to be talking so much, to be so inside their minds, that they forget to listen. Or they forget to let others get a word in to, you know, converse! ⁠💁🏽‍♀️⁠

We all have Gemini in our charts, therefore our personal and business brands somewhere. And where ever Gemini falls, this is the area of your life or biz where you need to not only communicate to be heard, but communicate to engage!⁠

Engagement means conversation, dialog, asking, listening 👂 . And a brand that has mastered engagement, well, this is the ultimate prize! ⁠

When you do begin thinking about your Full Moon in Gemini ritual and your marketing/communication plan for 2020, what do you want to talk about? AND more importantly why would your fan/follower/prospect/customer want to join in on the conversation. ⁠

I’ll be having a Full Moon Ritual in my free Facebook Group, The Savvy Luminary, join us on 12/12 at 12:12p PT / 4:12p ET⁠

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