It’s Sunday morning, and for the 3rd week in a row I’ve procrastinated and didn’t have my weekly love note to you written ahead of time. My intention is for these to land in your inbox on Sunday so you can enjoy this with your morning beverage.

And, since we’re all friends here, let me also tell you there are other big projects that I’ve been sitting on that could give me some much-needed progress.

Ugh, why so much resistance to doing important tasks!?

The procrastination.

The excuses.

The literal nagging in my gut aka anxiety from procrastination.

Can you relate!?

The more I resist doing the things that will move my business forward, even though they are challenging and not exactly in my zone of genius (but still need to get done), the more my gut nags and the more I stay stuck where I am.

My biggest anxiety producing project is my launch plan for the upcoming summer session of Crystallize Brand Coaching program.

Several weeks ago, I promised my accountability group I would finish my launch plan so I could strategize all the pieces of content, schedule when they needed to go out, and create/design all the assets I would need for a stress-free launch.

Coincidentally, if my launch plan worked as intended, it would be the biggest incoming generating project on my calendar.

Well, that promise was 4 weeks ago!

And while I have bits and pieces of it together, I for sure wouldn’t call it a plan and it’s for sure not going to result in a stress-free launch unless I get my shit together NOW!

Here are some of the things I’ve told myself:

  • I don’t have time for that (yes I do, it’s only going to take me an hour to plan it out and 3 hours to create the content)
  • I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work (that’s not true, I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work the last time, so I’m fine tuning it and trying something else out)
  • I’ve done all that I could (no I haven’t, I checked in with my coach and mastermind and they all gave me a bunch of ideas I could choose to integrate for more impact)
  • I just can’t do it (yes I can do it, it’s not comfortable, it’s scary, I have to work through some mindset reasons why I feel I can’t, but I need to try it, even if it doesn’t work.)

Why all this resistance? Why all my excuses?

As I sit with my own excuses, I can clearly see that my procrastination is telling me that there is some part of me that still wants to remain small.

And as I sit with my fear, I can see that I need to do the mindset work, that I am already brave and courageous to have made it this far. There will always be something ahead for which will induce fear. I need the tools to move through those triggers more quickly.

And by just writing this email I already feel better because I’m airing out and sharing with you these icky feelings that I carry.

I already feel better because I’m working through my internal roadblocks instead of thinking I’m flawed and giving up.

And I already feel hopeful because I have made a choice to fine tune and refine the things that didn’t work before instead of throwing it all away.

We only fail when we don’t learn and get up from our mistakes.

I’m not a failure. I know you aren’t either.

So what is it that you need to do this week that you’ve been resisting?

This one thing is hiding in plain site.
It’s the thing you know you need to do.
It’s the thing that keeps getting pushed to the back burner.
It’s the one thing that if you did it, you know that it would progress your biz forward. What is that one thing you are resisting? That’s your biggest gift.

What is that one thing you are resisting?

That’s your biggest gift.

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