Saturn Doesn’t Mess Around: Mastery from Burn Out

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius means dismantling systems in your business

by | Jun 2, 2022

Hello! It’s been a long break and I’ve missed our astrology and Work conversations. I’ve needed to take a break because of massive burnout from the constant grind of content creation over the last 2 pandemic years AND a Saturn Transit. Saturn means business and instead of focusing on limitations and contractions, Saturn has shown me to prioritize, focus and commit to the important things. And this burnout has shown me how to deeply trust in this process without fear of missing out. This trust has given me crystal clarity on my next step forward with this podcast and business. Tune in and I’ll share the DL with you along with the timeline for this upcoming Saturn Retrograde.

In this episode:

  • Reflections from burnout
  • Trust the ultimate abundance
  • Saturn means business
  • Saturn Retrograde
  • What’s next in the evolution of this podcast


  • Reflections from Burnout
    • Just because you love your Work doesn’t mean it won’t burn you out.
  • Burn out causes
    • Constant grind
    • Delivering all the content
    • 2 episodes a week
    • Fully booked with AstroBrand sessions
    • Writing StarCasts and other forecasts for other groups
    • Not taking care of my body (aka sitting too much)
    • Not doing things other than work besides cocktails with friends
  • Trust
    • Burnouts before – happen on the regular
    • Eclipse season
      • Taurus New Moon eclipse gave us a glimpse of our wildest dreams
      • Scorpio Full Moon eclipse, slapped us with the truth of what we needed to heal to grab those dreams
      • Mercury Retrograde to rethink and reorganize our mindset
      • Saturn Retrograde, to dismantle old systems that no longer work for us to let in the new and change we want to be in the world
    • This time TRUST
      • 2 things
        • Not rushing to get out of the burnout
        • Not feeling FOMO. There is nothing that is meant to be mine that I am missing out on.
      • Saturn – 7-year cycles,
        • Contraction, limitation – to focus and master, to commit to our expertise7 years ago in April my dad passed away. At that time I chose to slow down intentionally, guess i didn’t slow down enough, broke my foot, committed to being with my emotions and for him, healthy living, day he died, I got pregnant – strangely enough, Moon was at Sag 6° – on my natal moon – this
        • astrology stuff, even if you aren’t trying to manipulate and plan timing with astrology, the astrology still happens
    • Again not rushing to get out of burn out
      • When you are in burnout, do not rush to get out. Spend time in the darkness exploring what clarity wants to come forward.
        • I see this all the time with my clients, wanting to get out of the discomfort. Be with the discomfort. The discomfort has so much information for you to gather. And you can only gather if you be with it.
        • The more you be with the burnout, the quicker you will get out without trying.
    • In the process of not rushing and not feeling FOMO, I had the opportunity to say YES to only the things that lit me up.
      • Conversations were still happening
      • I was still delivering on my work with pre-contracted customers
      • My team was designed to support me in this journey
      • I got to go to a retreat with zero expectations.
    • Trust is the ultimate form of abundance. Scorpio, sitting across the money sign of Taurus, is your spiritual gold. When you can trust yourself and the journey, no matter how dark things may get, you are truly abundant.
  • Saturn transits
    • Jupiter transits, sailed quickly over my natal Jupiter (jupiter return) and sun
    • Saturn parking itself on my Jupiter/sun
    • Saturn / Jupiter – making the most out of little
    • Saturn / Sun – focusing on your mastery – crystallization
    • I’m naturally Saturnian – with Saturn in my 1H
      • Traditionally White haired or older looking
      • Gratefully Gemini Rising so eternally youthful
      • Get trapped in
        • Working HARD – no pain no gain
        • Not knowing when to stop
        • Not knowing how to play
        • And my south node, extra trap
          • High expectations on expertise, mastery and being the best
          • Also a dose of self doubt
  • Saturn Retrograde
    • Like clockwork, my burnout began in March, the last episode was on March 13 and Saturn was at 20° Aquarius, 4 degrees away from my Jupiter/sun conjunction
    • First pass and for the last month Saturn drilling down on my
    • Have I mastered my expansion – how I want to grow spiritually and purposeally?
    • Have I mastered my creativity – what I choose to work on, create and repurpose?


Saturn Retrograde begins Aquarius 25°

2:46 PM PT | 5:46 PM ET

Revisit your systems and accountability

What old rules and systems need breaking?

Saturn is officially retrograde and appearing to go backwards in the sky from our place on Mother Earth now through mid-October. Over the last few weeks, Saturn, a slow moving planet, has basically parked itself on Aquarius 25°. For those of us that have any natal planets or angles at this mark, we have already been feeling the energetic squeeze.

Saturn is about contraction, limits and the long haul. Saturn doesn’t mean to be strict – Saturn instead teaches us how to turn doubt into focused mastery. Obligation into accountability. And skill into expertise and authority. Saturn teaches us to say no and commit to our actions through boundaries.

When Saturn is in Aquarius, his second home, something special happens. Instead of building up the structures and containers in which we learn our place in the systems to succeed, Saturn breaks the rules he built so that he can live free from social restraints and conditioning that hold us back through shoulds and duty.

It’s during the Saturn Rx, which happens once a year for about 4.5 months, that you are given a chance to restructure your social obligations through the systems you live and Work in.

In 2022, as we create social equity, part of this rule-breaking of Saturn in Aquarius is building businesses outside the systems of Capitalism and Patriarchy and designing equitable leadership (authority). The old Capricornian patriarchy and duty is dying. Breaking free can be scary for some, especially those that fear change or hold tradition at all costs. For the rest of us, this is the change we’ve been waiting for.

As Saturn ends the Rx cycle in October, this energy will be squared off with Uranus, a similar energy that put us on the brink much of 2021. What have you learned from the extremes of last year that you can dismantle this year?

As Saturn retraces his steps for half the year, it is time to reform your systems, responsibilities and structures in your life and business.

The last few weeks have already brought up the fracture points in your life and Work that are the easy breaking points. Don’t resist, get curious.

On a personal note…

Saturn has been sitting on my natal Sun and Jupiter. This is a big part of my burnout story for the past few months. The Saturn principle of contraction is sitting on my two most expansive energies, my Creative Source (Sun) and my Power of Belief (Jupiter). Instead of fighting this burnout, I have created boundaries to work only on what’s necessary and NOT create anything new. Instead, I have been looking at the business I have built and seeing where I can pare down (contract) to focus on my expertise by repurposing great content and streamlining my offers. Saturn isn’t always comfortable but crystallizes what is important. And I have definitely been learning that!


Personalize Saturn Retrograde

  • Mark on your natal chart Aquarius 25° and Aquarius 18°. Note if you have natal planets on those points or in between those points.
  • Discover which house contains these points. This part of your life and Work will need to be restructured for mastery and focus.
  • Detect angles that are impacted. If you have your Rising, Descendant, Midheaven or Imum Coeli near 18°-25° of Aquarius, notice how your identity and roles are shifting.
  • Reveal planets that want a rebuild. If you have planets near 18°-25° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), the processes these planets represent requires a restructure. If you have Sun or Moon here, expect bigger shifts.
  • Reveal restructuring allies. If you have planets near 18°-25° of air signs (Gemini, Libra), these energies are supporting your changemaking.

Saturn Retrograde Schedule

  • 6/4 Saturn Station Retrograde Aquarius 25°’
    What old rules and boundaries need breaking to create new, socially-equitable and self-responsible containers?
  • 8/14 Sun Opposite Saturn Aquarius 21°
    What illumination and new thoughts do you now have about structure reform in your life and business?
  • 10/22 Saturn Direct Aquarius 18°
    What new socially-equitable role and responsibility have you now created for yourself and what is your expertise?

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