Episode 127: Scorpio + Scorpio New Moon: Calling in Your Authentic Power in Your Business

by | Nov 3, 2021

It’s time to call in your Scorpio authentic power and intuition with the Scorpio New Moon. In this episode I share why Scorpio truth is so important in your business, how to tap into it using your natal astrology and how to call in a fresh intention with the Scorpio New Moon. It’s a powerful and info packed episode!

In this episode:

  • What is Scorpio
  • Why Scorpio is important in your business
  • What happens when you don’t use your Scorpio energy
  • Ways to unlock Scorpio in your brand
  • Scorpio by the Planets & Houses
  • New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

November 4, 2021 | 2:15 PM PT | 5:15 PM ET

Today I plant the seeds to trust my intuition and authentic power in my business and brand.

Do you use your intuition in business?

Our Intuition is our authentic power and for so many of us, we are out of touch with our intuition as it’s been systematically disconnected from the way we run our businesses.

We’ve been told our intuition is “dumb” or “crazy” or “irrational” for so long by society.

Hearing your intuition takes trust and listening.

Today, I invite you to ask yourself: how are you listening? How are you trusting? What decisions are you making with intuition vs fear?

When intuition communicates, it feels neutral; there is not a negative emotional charge like fear being passed on. If you do feel fear, can you dive deeper into what is below the fear —where things are calm— to access your intuition?

This act takes Scorpio stillness. Scorpio trust. It’s a dark characteristic, but it’s powerful to face your shadow. Trust in yourself. This is your authentic power.

When you can make decisions from this seat of trusting your power, revolutionary breakthroughs and magic happen in your business.

Decide today what quantum leaps you want to make when you trust your intuition and how you want it to guide you in your business, on your individual intuitive terms.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Today I plant the seeds, trust my intuition, and hold authentic power in my business’s:

1H: Personal brand with utterly honest leadership style
2H: Faithful values and loyalty to my customers
3H: Unapologetic communications and promotional messaging
4H: Safe spaces to hold vulnerable emotional security
5H: Pleasurable, creative, dramatic, power play
6H: Holistic operations that eliminate everything unnecessary
7H: Transformative partnerships with ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Deeply intuitive and mystical therapeutic abilities
9H: Divine knowledge and philosophy
10H: Highest visibility and delivery of spiritual truth
11H: Community and platform of other truth seekers
12H: Profound ability to make peace and surrender

Scorpio Archetype

What it is Scorpio

  • Water
  • Fixed
  • Polarity: Taurus – Worthiness
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Ruling Planet Mars + Pluto
  • Mantra “BE POWERFUL”
  • Rules the 8H

Why it’s important

We need Scorpio in our business!

  • Intuition
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Power and magnetism, sexuality
  • Deep emotions
  • Shadow work, healing
  • Research, fixed
  • Transformation, investigation
  • privacy, secrecy

What happens when you don’t use it

One of the places we collectively have wounding

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Taurus

  • Sins of money and greed
  • Over consumerism, hoarding of resources
  • Overindulgence
  • All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies
    • We don’t feel pleasure (there is a reason why tantric teachings link pleasure to creative force and prosperity)
    • We don’t appreciate what we have, including being able to see the value in our talents and offerings
    • We don’t feel worthy, deserving or loveable
    • We don’t have a sense of physical security

Abundance is a spiritual birthright

  • One that comes from a place of reciprocity
    Taking what we need
    Sharing and contributing back
    Building wealth and legacy but not at the expense of taking from others
    Appreciating what we have – VENUS

Ways to Unlock Scorpio in your brand and business

  • Strong Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Mars and Pluto on the Rising / MH)
  • Scorpio on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to create opportunities to harness your authentic power and intuition in your business
  • Scorpio wounds
  • Interceptions, chiron and Karmic energies
  • Scorpio by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use

Scorpio Brands

Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars + Pluto on Rising or MH

Scorpio by House

The area in your business you have the most energy to create opportunities to collaborate and create harmony in my business’s…

1H or ♏️: I lead and guide with my authentic power and intuition⁠
2H or ♐️: I build value with my authentic power and intuition⁠
3H or ♑️:: I promote and communicate with my authentic power and intuition
4H or ♒️: I root and belong with my authentic power and intuition⁠
5H or ♓️: I celebrate and create with my powerful intimacy and authenticity
6H or ♈️: I serve and practice with my authentic power and intuition⁠
7H or ♉️ : I connect and relate with my authentic power and intuition⁠
8H or ♊️ : I trust and heal with my authentic power and intuition⁠
9H or ♋️ : I believe and see with my authentic power and intuition
10H or ♌️ : I promise and deliver with my authentic power and intuition⁠
11H or ♍️: I impact and change with my authentic power and intuition⁠
12H or ♎️: I surrender and flow with my authentic power and intuition

Scorpio Wounds

  • intercepted – key is Libra
  • Coming a place of connectedness and relationships
  • Karmic Planets / Energies
    • Moon
      • Learning to trust self
      • Learning to trust others
      • Learning about power
      • Learning how to tap into own power
    • Saturn
      • Doubt to mastery
      • Constraint to responsibility
      • Learning to put boundaries in your intuition
      • Learning how to prioritize your intuitive needs
      • Learning how to be honest to yourself
    • Chiron
      • Wounds that may never heal
      • Yet become valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
      • Not connecting
      • Not safe to depend on others
      • Not safe to be in relationship
      • Wounding around collaboration
      • Wounding around keeping the peace
    • South Node
      • Moving into self direction and putting self first (Aries)
      • Not getting stuck in codependency

Scorpio by Planet

This is a gift that you must use with responsibility.

SUN: I create opportunities and radiate honest power and truth
MOON: I feel and want to be seen as intuitive
RISING: I lead others with honesty and respect
MERCURY: I express and comprehend with my intuition.
VENUS: I value and connect with other trustworthy people
MARS: I motivate and initiate with my inner captivating power
JUPITER: I expand and teach with intuition and trust
SATURN: I build and structure foundational trust and intimacy
URANUS: I innovate and individuate healing and intimacy
NEPTUNE: I dissolve deep secrets
PLUTO: I distill and transform trust and intimacy
NORTH NODE: I stretch and move into trusting my intuitive capabilities
SOUTH NODE: I release and let go of controlling others


  • See how you have Scorpio in your chart somewhere by house or by planet
  • How you need this energy to harness your authentic power in your business
  • Where in your life and business you need to connect to your intuition and rethink how you make empowered decision in your business.
  • Remember that this is a gift, and with a gift comes a responsibility to use, appreciate and share.

What will you do with your Scorpio energy?

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